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 Lucifer "Luc" Browne

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PostSubject: Lucifer "Luc" Browne   Sun Mar 06, 2016 10:19 am

Full Name: Lucifer "Luc" John Browne
Age: 14
Date of birth: 29 February 2004
Birthplace: Canterbury, England
Current home: Hogwarts during term time - Home in Canterbury, otherwise.
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual, but aromantic.
Wand type: 9 3/4, Cherry, Dragon Heartstring

Hair colour and style: Light brown and short, normally styled in a spiky manner.
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5 foot 8
Body type: Luc is probably deemed just under average in his body type. He is not skinny, and yet not 'average' either. There is a light tone in his body from a work out routine no one ever sees. He might look like nothing impressive to some, but if provoked, you will soon note that his body is a lot more muscular than it looks.
Dress sense: Most of the time, Luc is found wearing a smart shirt and trousers. He's not one for casual fashion, truth be told, and the money of his parents is always spent on the latest, most expensive clothing.

Birthmarks: None.
Tattoos: None.
Scars: On his left hand, Luc has a burn scar on his palm.
Piercings: None.

  - Watching fire. The flickering of flames is quite mesmerising to Luc, and helps him to calm his mind.
  - Inflicting pain on others and watching their face contort with pain. The screaming, or the pleas for help are what drives him on more, though.
  - Collecting. In the Muggle world, Luc collected coins from across the world, with varying dates. And kept them neatly in his room. The house staff knew not to touch the collection, and anyone who knew anything also knew to keep away from them. Since entering in to the Magical world, Luc's attention has been taken by the collecting of chocolate frog cards. So far his collection stands at 50 nonidentical cards, with a mountain of duplicates. His favourite card is that of Merwyn the Malicious.
  - Potion making.
  - Watching Quidditch - though he doesn't play.
  - Being away from people.
  - Attention and praise.

  - His little sister. She gets all the attention from their parents. If Luc could understand his own feelings, he would be able to see that he held jealous feelings towards her. But, as he cannot understand them, he simply believes he hates her.
  - Untidyness, but not in the logical sense. Luc's room is pristine, but if anyone were to move something, it would be deemed untidy, and all hell would break loose. And, Luc knows, if something has been moved even a fraction, he knows.
  - Being told what to do. Luc likes to make his own decisions (or at least believe he made his own decision) so when someone tries to dictate to him, they better be ready for a revengeful action to come their way.

  - Manipulating the weak minded in to doing what he tell them to.
  - Planning - Luc rarely does anything without a plan being carefully and thoroughly thought through first. On most occasions there is at least one back up plan, too, to make sure he cannot fail in what he intends to do.
  - Self-preservation. How has Luc not yet ended up in a psychiatric ward? Self-preservation. He knows when the doctors came to assess his mind, the answers they wanted, and the answers that kept him away from an institute. Faux tears, forced 'I love you's' to his parents. Everything to keep himself where he wanted to be.

  - Arrogance - overestimating what he can do (and get away with) is often something that Luc can be found guilty of.
  - Social instincts. Whilst some people may get embarrassed with certain subjects, or shy, Luc could talk about anything without realising that it is not deemed 'normal'.
  - Understanding feelings. The notion of love is not something Luc understands at all. This is not through lack of trying on his parents behalf, though, he just doesn't know how to deal with it. Signs of affection, such as hugs and kisses make Luc very awkward and uncomfortable, something his parents have now stopped doing to avoid a reaction.
  - Happy-go-lucky people.

Positive traits:
  - Superficial charm - Luc can be smooth, engaging, charming and verbally facile if he chooses to be, which means he can work situations really well for his own advantage.
  - Cool under pressure.
  - Focuses on the positives - negativity is lost on Luc, so he's good at finding a positive when needed. That isn't to say he can't see the negatives at all, sometimes they are unavoidable, but Luc will aim to find a positive, even if it is highly illogical to others.
  - Very good negotiator.
  - Good at leading, though his ideas are not to be swayed from.

Negative traits:
  - Lacks remorse for his actions.
  - Doesn't know how to show empathy for anything.
  - Impulsive. Luc will not stop to think of consequences for his actions before acting.
  - Luc always needs a lot of stimulation. If he is allowed to grow bored, or not given enough attention, he acts out in very negative ways to gain the attention he wants.
  - Pathological liar - where he has been, what he's been doing, why he did something, Luc will lie about all of that to keep the truth of the situation away from those who don't need to know what he's been up to.

Lucifer was born in to a family that was very wealthy, very loving, but also very absent. For the first year of his life, Lucifer was looked after by the staff of the family. His mother had married his father for the money and the rich and glamorous lifestyle. At that age she had not been interested in her son, leaving him at home with nannies to instead live a life of partying.

His father was also absent with the copious amounts of business he did to keep the wealth he had earnt at a high level.

When Lucifer was two, another child entered in to the fray. But this time it was different. A girl. His mother was besotted with the small bundle of blankets that kept his sister warm, and the indescribable feelings towards his sister begun.

No amount of tantrums could get Lucifer the attention he wanted. Only nannies ushering him away to quieten him so he didn't wake baby Lyra. No amount of gifts he made for his mother made her like him as much as she liked Lyra, either. It was from these early years that Lucifer knew he hated his sister, and it was from there that strange things began to happen whenever they were left alone.

Falls of indescribable methods came in to being. Lyra was branded with scars where no source could be found, and she couldn't explain. The doctors had no logical explanation for it. But Lucifer knew the cause. His hatred for the witch made strange things happen. Things moved on their own, Lyra was tripped by seemingly nothing as she wandered around the house.

Their parents had Lyra tested for some kind of illness that affected her balance, but the doctors insisted she was fine.

And still, Lucifer did not get the attention he wanted from them. Everything was about Lyra, as always.

It wasn't until his eleventh birthday that things made sense. When a strange (that's what his parents had called him, Lucifer thought he was interesting) man came to their house. He wore clothes that Lucifer hadn't seen before, and as the young boy listened to the explanation of his abilities, things seemed to fall in to place. Everything that had happened to Lyra was because of his magic.

"Magic is not to be used outside of Hogwarts, though." The man had told him, and his parents eyes had turned to Lucifer, questioningly. Lucifer had not shown any sign of noticing what they'd been doing, but they had accepted the man's words and promised to get him ready for the new world.

Though, the next day, a Healer had come from a place called St Mungo's, and asked him lots of questions about his feelings. Lucifer hadn't liked that man, he talked down a lot to him. But nothing seemed to come of the meeting, because he never came back.

Lucifer, however, knew that the magical people weren't to be trusted.

  Name: Katy Browne
  Age: 36
  Living or Deceased: Living.
  Blood type or Species: Muggle.

  Name: John Browne
  Age: 55
  Living or Deceased: Living
  Blood type or Species: Muggle

  Name: Lyra Browne
  Age: 12
  Living or Deceased: Living (unfortunately).
  Blood type or Species: Muggleborn

Family Background
The Browne family have been in the oil industry since it began. Owning the largest oil company in the United Kingdom, and one of the top oil companies in the world has made them one of the most wealthy families in the world. With turnover in the billions, and profits not much shorter than that, their power is beyond the reach of the usual law.

With the company booming, the Browne's have everything they need. Immunity from the authorities, privileges beyond your wildest dreams, and a future that cannot be tarnished.

Or, at least, that is what Katy and John thought they would have when they married fifteen years ago.

That dream, however, would come to be something of a childish hope when their eldest child, ironically named Lucifer, grew to fill the name he'd been given.
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Lucifer "Luc" Browne
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