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 Chrisy Lynn

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PostSubject: Chrisy Lynn   Tue Mar 08, 2016 11:48 am


Full Name: Chrysanthemum ‘Chrisy’ Lynn
Age: 16
Date of birth: 13 April 2002
Birthplace: England
Current home: Hogwarts
Blood Status: Half-blood
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Wand type: 9 inches, unicorn hair, Willow


Hair colour and style: Black hair that has hints of brown in it, when the light hits it at the right angle. She usually has it tied in a pony tail or, sometimes, plaits it. It’s always neat and tidy.
Eye colour: Dark brown.
Height: 5 foot 6 or so.
Body type: Slim, and somewhat fit, since she exercises often
Dress sense: Neat and casual, but always up to fashion.

Birthmarks: None she cares to admit to
Tattoos: None
Scars: None
Piercings: She has pierced ears and often wears earrings


- Being liked and noticed
- Reading books
- Art (painting and drawing, mostly)
- Lakes, oceans, and other scenery that she can paint
- Being outdoors and in nature
- Her older brother

- Studies
- Exams
- Her older brother
- Constantly being compared to him

- Art; she is an excellent artist despite never really having taken any classes
- Grasping abstract concepts; since her mind thinks in pictures and art, she tends to get things that others might find difficult to comprehend
- Magic; she has a flair for spells, since she is good at visual things and picturing what she wants in her mind

- Theory and left-brain things (like maths and numbers)
- Her brother; she is always compared to him constantly
- An opportunity to paint or draw; she will get caught up in her actions and lose all concept of time
- Homework
- Studying

Positive traits:
- Gentleness; she is a gentle soul and can easily put herself in other people’s shoes
- Friendly, although it takes time for her to open up
- Humble
- Kind-hearted
- Genuine

Negative traits:
- She tries too hard to be like her brother
- Pushover
- Insecure


Born as ‘Chrysanthemum’, because, as her parents put it, they saw her as ‘their precious flower’. Rose, Lily… These names were too common, and she was ‘one of a kind’, and so Chrysanthemum was given her rather unfortunate name without a choice. She was born to a rich family and a four year old brother who had already established his worth in the eyes of their parents; he was somewhat of a genius. He never bullied her - in fact, the two are friends, and have been close - but as they grew up, it was clear that he had enough brains for the two of them - and she had none.

Once she was old enough, she started asking to be called Chrisy, and she was obliged by her parents who were already slightly disappointed in her; she was a late blossomer, not learning to walk or talk at the same age that her brother had. Thus, comparison was born, and for a long time growing up, she heard the words, “Why can’t you be like your brother?” far too often.

Raised with the expectations of her parents looming overhead for her to be the perfect little girl, she never really had a chance to run around outside or get dirty, but was rather introduced to dollhouses, dress-up, and things of that nature. She was only bought blouses, dresses, skirts, and the rare pair of jeans for when it wasn’t suitable to wear other things.

Jason went off to Hogwarts when she was only 7, but she heard all about the good things he did - sorted into Gryffindor, acing all his classes, getting praises from Professors, becoming president of different clubs, and the like - and by the time she was 11, already knew she had large shoes to fill.

And, indeed, she proved to fail in every aspect her parents wished for her to succeed.

She was sorted into Ravenclaw, but questions were raised when she failed to pass History of Magic, and her written assignments came back with many red markings. The truth was, Chrisy had a different kind of intelligence - she was artsy and had more skill in the arts than many people who studied it - but none of that mattered to her parents.

The first three years of her life in Hogwarts was miserable. Her brother would try to help her, but she pushed him away, and their relationship has been strained since then. Unfortunately for her, her parents and teachers alike committed the sin of comparison, and Chrisy believes till now that she is inadequate and incompetent, when in actual fact she is a remarkable witch.

After her brother left Hogwarts, he went on to study to be an Auror, much to the delight of his parents. Chrisy, however, still struggles in school. Every so often she receives reminders from them of how disappointed they are in her and how they wish she would try harder.

Chrisy has a few friends, but she doesn’t mix around much, still fearful from living in the shadow of her older brother.


Name: Leonard Lynn Age: 44 Living or Deceased: Living Blood type: Halfblood
Name: Bella Lynn Age: 43 Living or Deceased: Living Blood type: Halfblood
Name: Jason Lynn Age: 20 Living or Deceased: Living Blood type: Halfblood

Family Background

Leonard Lynn met Bella in school. They were both Gryffindors, and their romance took some time to sprout, for they were both stubborn and set in their ways. Both were from old money, their parents having been in trade, although not to the extreme wealth of Pureblood families. They married shortly after finishing school, and very soon had Jason.

They were delighted to find he was a genius, and doted over their son. When Bella fell pregnant again, their hopes for a daughter came true - unfortunately, she proved to be of lesser intelligence than her brother, and they were disappointed.

Strict parents, they do not believe that Chrisy has much to offer to the world unless she passes her exams with flying colours, and push her to do as such.
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PostSubject: Re: Chrisy Lynn   Tue Mar 08, 2016 6:39 pm

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Chrisy Lynn
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