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 Where Those Don't Go ( Lux )

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PostSubject: Where Those Don't Go ( Lux )   Sat Mar 12, 2016 3:12 am

Tristan had been trying to find something to do ever since his classes has ended for the year. Which meant Tristan had to explain to his parents for why he had slacked off a little. Since his parents wanted him to do good in school and not be a slacker. Even though he had tried to work his butt off.

The fourteen year old had began walking up to the entrance hall and he had began to think through what he would tell his parents, before they got mad at him and he would try his best to get himself out of trouble. Then soon Tristan had been in the entrance hall and he had managed to look around just a little bit.

Soon Tristan had made his way to a bench in the entrance hall and began thinking about what his summer would bring and that he would probably need to work on his Quidditch skills as well as studying which his parents would simply expect.

Then soon Tristan began to wonder if anyone else was in the entrance hall.
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PostSubject: Re: Where Those Don't Go ( Lux )   Sat Mar 12, 2016 3:40 am

Classes were over for the day and Lux was beyond bored. She'd done all her homework and studied everything there was to be studied. Thinking that it was high time to play with some innocent victims, Lux took off her uniform and searched through her closet before deciding on layering two tank tops, one black and one blue paired with black ripped skinny jeans and her studded black ankle boots. She slipped on her eyebrow and nose piercing and accessorized with layers of black leather bangles.

Nodding decidedly at her reflection, she set out of her dorm, her footsteps firm and hinting at future danger to the first person she laid eyes on. The smart people had their gazes stuck to the ground while the not so smart people stared wide-eyed at her. Lux returned their stare with a cold-blooded gaze that sent shivers down their back and made them look away. She grinned with satisfaction.

It wasn't long before she found herself in the entrance hall. It was empty save for one lone boy sitting down on a bench. Poor thing. Let's make you more miserable, shall we? Lux pondered for a minute, staying where she was and knowing that he couldn't see her. She knew he was a Slytherin and knew that his name was Tristan - she made it her business to know everybody. To her, he didn't deserve to be called a Slytherin. An idea popped into her mind and her lips curled into an evil smirk.

Sauntering up to the boy, Lux put on a sweet smile, though her eyes said otherwise. "Well, look who we have here. What're you doing all by your lonely self?"
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PostSubject: Re: Where Those Don't Go ( Lux )   Sat Mar 12, 2016 3:57 am

Tristan had been lost in his train of thought, and he had wondered what exactly would his parents say. Then before he knew his thought process was cut short when someone had came up to him saying look what we have here and was he doing her all by his lonely self. This was not what Tristan wanted, and he looked up and he said.

" I am only here to take time to think what my parents would say my grades and my Quidditch status. " said Tristan nervously as he looked at the girl. Since he was not looking for trouble and he hoped this girl would not proceed to be mean to him.

" I am Tristan by the way. " said Tristan nervously once again hoping that maybe this girl would be nice to him, even though he was confused whether she was being nice or just trying be mean to Tristan.

Tristan soon looked and he said. " This is a good place to gather thought. " said Tristan with a nervous grin.
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PostSubject: Re: Where Those Don't Go ( Lux )   Sat Mar 12, 2016 4:28 am

Lux let out a chuckle at his reply. What a pathetic guy. Did he have no courage? Or wit? Or personality of any sort? Absolutely not deserving of a Slytherin title. How he got sorted to this house was beyond miraculous. She'd never met a Slytherin this...pathetic. Here he was, worrying about what his parents thought of him. Did he really have nothing better to do or was it because he was too weak to stand up to his parents. Lux scoffed mentally.

"Aww, look at you, poor baby worrying about what his parents think," Lux scoffed. "Grow some balls and man up or you'll remain a baby forever tied to his mama's apron strings. What a loser."

Lux crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow when he introduced himself. Did he think she was that dumb as to not know his name? They were in the same house for Merlin's sake! And if he didn't know who she was then he was in big trouble. Students, especially the younger years, all knew who she was. She had a reputation here, a fearsome one and everybody knew to do whatever she said or there would be hell to pay.

"I don't care Merlin's dung what your name is," Lux retorted. "And you have seriously something wrong with your brain if you think this, the entrance hall is a good place for thinking." Really, who went to the entrance hall to think where there were people entering and exiting the building and where you were in full view of everyone? It was a disgrace to the Hogwarts name to have a loser be the first sight when you entered the building and the last when you left.
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PostSubject: Re: Where Those Don't Go ( Lux )   Sat Mar 12, 2016 3:28 pm

Tristan had began to feel as if he was reliving the past, which was being bullied by others. The fourteen year old looked at the girl and he listened as she called him a poor baby caring about what his parents thought, and how he needed to grow some balls and man up or he would be a baby forever, and tied to his mother's apron.

Tristan shook his head and he said. " Okay the reason for why I actually worry is because if I do poorly in school, my heir title to my families company will be striped from me, and I actually want to be the one in charge, since having a slacker as a CEO is not good for business. " said Tristan hoping this girl would leave him alone.

Then soon to his dismay the girl had told him that there was something seriously wrong with him if he thought this place was a good place to think, and soon Tristan looked and he said. " Okay than I will just go someplace else like an tower and gather my thoughts. " he said as he got up hoping this girl would let him go and enjoy some solitude.
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PostSubject: Re: Where Those Don't Go ( Lux )   Sun Mar 13, 2016 1:27 pm

Lux chuckled even harder as the boy explained himself. This was hilarious. Oh, she was having so much fun! He actually thought he had to explain himself! What a joke. It took a few seconds for her to catch her breath before she could speak.

"Oh you poor dear," she cooed as if talking to a baby. "Let me make this crystal clear so your puny brain can comprehend me. I don't give ant's pee about your problems and you're deluded if you think you're capable of being in charge. You can't even be in charge of this conversation. I'm tearing you apart and you can't even stand up for yourself the tiniest bit. What makes you think you can be in charge of a company? Your employees would riot against you within the minute. Dream on, mister!"

Lux watched him get up, knowing that he wanted to leave. She crossed her arms and grinned. "Look at you. A poor pathetic coward who can't even stand up to a mere girl. Chickens are braver than you. One-legged chickens forced into a war with bloodthirsty dogs are braver than you. If you wish to have any hope of solving your problems, stand up and fight for yourself instead of letting me push you around. Be worthy of being called a 'Slytherin'," she challenged him.

He would probably run away, big baby that he was and Lux wasn't going to use physical means to force him to stay. No. That wasn't her method. She issued the challenge to see if he could protect himself, give him a chance to redeem him name. Even though she wasn't inclined to be that kind to him by giving him this chance, she couldn't let him taint the Slytherin name.
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PostSubject: Re: Where Those Don't Go ( Lux )   

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Where Those Don't Go ( Lux )
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