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 Crumbling Pieces [Elyah & Max][Mature content - Rape attempt]

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PostSubject: Crumbling Pieces [Elyah & Max][Mature content - Rape attempt]   Mon Mar 14, 2016 6:10 pm

"Do not touch me, Nathan!"

Elyah moved away from her boyfriend as fast as she could, wanting some time to herself, since talking with him seemed to end up in a war every time. How had she managed to get herself into something like this? When she had first met Nathan, he was not like that! He was a sweet guy and he had showed her so many things and treated her so good.. for the first couple of months at least.

The Hufflepuff witch had been in a relationship with Nathan Forbes, a Slytherin boy that had managed to capture her interest, for the past eight months. She couldn't lie by telling they hadn't had lovely times together, but after a couple of weeks, when Elyah finally allowed herself to do more personal things with Nathan, he started becoming rough, dominant and very demanding, completely ignoring what Elyah's feelings were.

He treated her like garbage, and even became abusing at times. Something that Elyah should have stopped a while back now, but she didn't. She cared about him too much back at that time, but now.. now she was ready to end this. And she would end this, one way, or another.

"Don't you dare turn your back at me, you little bitch!" Nathan screamed as he grabbed her arm, his nails digging into her flesh, making Elyah gasp in pain. There he goes again being the asshole he was hiding. She could not believe he had managed to fool her. And she could not believe she had allowed him to do that.

Kicking him in the stomach, Elyah started running, soon reaching the Black Lake and looking around. He was faster than her and she had no where to go. There was no use running. She just had to defend herself now. Oh if only she had told Nero about this, he would have crushed Nathan's bones and made him pay both in this life, and his next.

Sighing, she simply turned around, her eyes fixing on the very angry Nathan that was now just a few meters away, and coming towards her. "How dare you hitting me, you low life scum?"
Elyah glared at him and grabbed her wand, her arm extending to put some space between the two. He wouldn't come near her, not any time soon.

"We are done, Nathan. Fuck you, and fuck your lies! You are the low life scum! You couldn't find a girlfriend with that attitude of yours, so you decided to play the good boy. I was a fool to believe you even felt something for me!"
Watching him smirk, Elyah growled, not the slightest bit able to believe his reaction. He sure was an asshole.

"Well, you didn't seem to mind when you were on your knees before me, did you?"
A cruel laugh left his lips a few seconds later, and Elyah decided she could not have anymore. Lunging at him, her right fist hit his face with unbelievable force, making him stumble back a few paces. He was furious now.

Elyah's eyes widened as she saw the anger in his eyes, and immediately turned around and started running, but he caught on to her before she had a chance to leave. Pushing her on the ground, her wand got knocked away and Nathan was now on top of her, a sick smile plastered on his face.

"You didn't want to have sex with me but now... now I am going to take you right here, in the middle of the grounds during the night, and you will have no choice but to enjoy it, my precious little whore."

Elyah tried to scream for help, but Nathan covered her mouth, his hand going up her left thigh and underneath her skirt, as she was squirming beneath his body. She was kicking, trying to get free, but Nathan was well built. He wouldn't budge.

His fingers found her undies and pulled them aside, making Elyah tear up as she screamed more, trying to set herself free.
"Oh my little slut... don't cry.. I am sure you'll love it!"

Laughing at her, he slapped her across the left cheek, making the girl whimper as she gave up fighting. He was going to rape her, and she could do nothing about it. "Now, let's start," he murmured, and his lips found hers, forcing her to kiss him. Elyah bit his lip hard, the taste of blood touching her tongue. But instead of getting mad, Nathan laughed and pushed her legs apart, forcing himself between them.

"I like you rough. It gives this more of a thrill.."
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PostSubject: Re: Crumbling Pieces [Elyah & Max][Mature content - Rape attempt]   Mon Mar 14, 2016 6:32 pm

Max had grown up quirky. There was no other way to explain Max. He was still as absent minded as he was when he was a first year, as clumsy as ever, but he had a good heart. He'd matured, as well, and a small amount of control had surrounded his mind enough to keep him from jibbering on.

But he was far from perfect.

It had been in his fourth year that Max knew the important thing in his life. The important person. His best friend, Elyah. She was very important to him, and he... well, he hadn't known in his fourth year, but now, in their sixth year, Max knew his feelings extended past that of a friend. Max had, one evening when the two were studying, tried to tell Elyah how he felt about her, but he'd dealt a hard blow when Elyah had explained how she liked a boy called Nathan. Max's words of his feelings had never been divulged to Elyah after finding out that, instead he had encouraged her to follow her heart.

Before he realised what Nathan was like.

Max soon found out - via rumours, Elyah's talking and his own observations - that Nathan was not as nice as he'd first seemed. His words of worry though had been met with Elyah laughing it off, telling him he was jealous in an effort that forced Max to change the subject. Because he wondered... for a moment, if she was right. That he was jealous of what she had...

That night, Elyah was with Nathan. Max didn't mind, he'd had homework to do. But, midway through a very boring Arithmancy essay, Freddo had pounced on to his hand, spat at him - which was vividly out of character - and then moved off. Max - with year of experience - got up right away, following his white and ginger cat through the castle and out in to the grounds.

"Freddo." Max hissed, checking the coast was clear before he followed. "I swear to Merlin, if you get me in trouble. Freddo!" He shouted, tearing after his cat that had now broken in to a run. Why did Freddo always have to do this... and... why was he running this time...

A coldness spread through Max as he hurried across the grounds, towards the lake-

Two figures came in to view quite quickly, and before Max could even register the situation he saw Freddo pounce on to the person on top - the male. Clawing at his face menacingly. The second shape came in to focus a moment later, and Max felt a surge of anger rip through him.

Max was not considered big for his age - well, he was tall, but very slight. Lightly toned, perhaps, but nothing much in comparison to Nathan. But, with Nathan preoccupied and Max running flat out, the Slytherin went flying across the ground in a moment. Scrambling up from the boy, Max turned back to Elyah, putting himself between them as Freddo was flung a good ten yards away.

Max fumbled for his wand, before realising it was left in his bag with his studies. He swallowed, but did not cower away. "Leave. Now." Max demanded of the Slytherin, his tone firm as he raised his hands in fists. If he had to fight, Max would, so long as it gave Elyah time to get away.
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PostSubject: Re: Crumbling Pieces [Elyah & Max][Mature content - Rape attempt]   Mon Mar 14, 2016 10:02 pm

Elyah was crying. She was broken, she was lost. Nathan was not going to let her go until he got what he wanted and then he would throw her away like a used toy. He never felt anything for her. The only thing he wanted was physical pleasure. If only Elyah had known, she wouldn't have done anything with him.

And thankfully, she hadn't given herself to him. Even though he had pushed her about it before, Elyah had told him, multiple times, that she didn't feel ready about it. And truth be told, she just didn't want Nathan to be her first. Especially for the last couple of months, she just didn't feel anything about him anymore. His attitude had killed every little feeling she had for him. She despised him now.

And truth be told, she had grown in love with someone else. Someone who had been there her whole life, annoying her to death but caring more than anyone else had ever cared about her. Max, her best friend, her.. her crush for the past couple of months or more. Honestly, she liked Max since their first year, she always got jealous when he was surrounded by other girls, but she was just a girl, she knew nothing about this stuff.

Then, when she had the chance to be with Max, she chickened out and instead, decided to be with Nathan. A boy out of her league that seemed to like her. How stupid could she be?

Yet Max was still there for her, and supported her through everything. She knew that he had caught on to the fact that Nathan was an asshole, and abused her, but she always tried to shrug it off and change the subject every time he brought up the conversation. She just couldn't worry him more. He was already worried about her.

But now here she was, thinking that she had been a stupid girl for never speaking to Max about Nathan. He knew, she was positive he knew a lot of things, but he surely didn't know he would take it this far. Even Elyah didn't know Nathan would take it this far..


That was who Elyah was thinking about while Nathan was trying to take the last piece of innocence from her. The last piece she was keeping for Max, along with her heart.

Nathan had already stripped her down to nothing and Elyah had stopped fighting him. It was a lost cause. Nathan was going to take what he wanted and she could do nothing. Her body was tired of fighting him. He would beat her if she fought back, and her body was already bruised. He had hit her enough already.

So as Nathan was ready to enter her, Elyah allowed a sob to leave her throat as she closed her eyes. She didn't want to look at him she just didn't want too. She despised herself and she despised him. But she never felt the pain, since her hymen never broke.

Instead, the only thing she hears was meowing and Nathan cursing as his was no longer on top of her. Elyah quickly opened her eyes and looked around, trying to focus on what was happening. Her eyes landed on the only person she had hoped she could see. Max. He was there, he had come for her and she couldn't be happier about it.

Realising that she was bare naked, Elyah quickly tried to cover up herself, while Freddo was busy clawing on Nathan's face. That would surely leave him permanent scars and she couldn't be more happy about it.

Max stood in front her, separating her from Nathan. She knew he was not going to allow Nathan to touch her, even if it meant they would get in a fight. But Max was nowhere near as strong as Nathan and Elyah was simply not going to allow Max to get hurt. No, she would never.

"Leave. Now."

Elyah watched Nathan get to his feet, fixing his clothes and gathering himself as a menacing laugh escaped his lips. Oh this was not going to be good.
"Well, if it isn't Prince Charming. Came to save your little whore from the Dragon?"
Another laugh escaped his throat and Elyah growled, pushing herself up and pressing her naked body flat against Max's backside.

Her arms wrapped around his chest, holding him to her as she whispered a couple of words in his ear. Quiet enough for his to hear, but Nathan wouldn't be able to.
"My wand is next to your feet, Max. He's unarmed."
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PostSubject: Re: Crumbling Pieces [Elyah & Max][Mature content - Rape attempt]   Tue Mar 15, 2016 7:59 am

"Well, if it isn't Prince Charming. Came to save your little whore from the Dragon?"

Max's eyes narrowed at those words. He would take a lot of things in life, Max was easy going and took offence to very little. But, calling his best friend a whore? No, that was not something Max would let anyone get away with. Especially when that someone had just tried to force Elyah in to such... such things.

No response came though, and as he felt Elyah move to shelter behind him, he knew that Nathan was going to have to pay for what he'd done.

The lack of response seemed to fire the Slytherin up more though, Max could see that much. The whisperings from Elyah might have been helpful if he'd had more time as well, but he had only enough time to sweep her back with his right arm before Nathan ran full on at him.

Max waited a heartbeat, swinging his right arm back round, hand balled in to a fist, determination on his face. It collided with the Slytherin's jaw, and Max was sure he'd heard a crunch. His eyes had closed in the instant he'd made contact with the other boy, and when he opened them again, Max saw the Slytherin sprawled out on the grass, dazed.

"Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch." Max repeated, bringing his hand that hurt a lot in that moment to his chest. He peered over the Slytherin, but it seemed he was out for the count... Turning to Elyah, Max paused. She was naked. Cheeks flushing very deeply, Max pulled off his jumper which would be more than longer enough to cover her body. He hesitated for a moment, and then put it over her head, helping her in to the jumper without a word.

He turned back to Nathan, and moved to collect Elyah's wand - giving Nathan's body a firm kick in the ribs. Okay, that was probably not the best of ideas, but Max... well, he was angry. "Come on. Let's get out of here before he wakes up." Max told Elyah, gently taking her arm with his left hand and moving back towards the castle. Max didn't ask questions. He didn't know where to begin...

But she was safe now, and that was all Max cared about.
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PostSubject: Re: Crumbling Pieces [Elyah & Max][Mature content - Rape attempt]   Tue Mar 15, 2016 10:09 pm

Elyah didn't know what to do. She was scared, naked in the middle of the night, more cold than ever, and it was obvious since she was practically trembling both from the cold and the panic she was going through. Though she loved Max way too much to even allow him to get hurt because of her. After all, it was her fault she couldn't deal with Nathan in the first place. But how did Max end up out here?


The cat Elyah loved to hate, or more like, hated to love from now on. She had grown accommodated to the little kitty, who had grown up along with them over the past few years. It always followed her around, and he had been doing so since their first year, when she despised him. But without that little devil, Elyah might have never met Max. Or well, maybe they would have never bonded they way they had.

But now they were both in danger and Elyah just couldn't even imagine Nathan touching Max. She would sacrifice herself if it meant that Max would be safe. But she had no time to think of that as her eyes landed on Nathan, and the push that followed afterwards by Max caused her to stumble back a few steps. He was doing this to protect her but her eyes widened as Nathan lunged at him.

"MAX!" Elyah screamed, but a hard punch followed afterwards, the sound of breaking bones echoing into the night, then Max's moans of pain. But it was not him who had broken anything. He was fine. Nathan was the one with more severe problems. But Elyah simply didn't care about that Slytherin jerk. She only cared about her best friend. Her crush. Her hero.

Turning around to look at her, Max's eyes went wide, and that was when Elyah understood she was still naked. Bare in front of the only person she wanted to bare herself to.
But Max did not pay attention to that and instead took off his jumper, placing it over her head and helping her into it. It was warm and it smelled like him, which was really comforting for the Hufflepuff witch.

Kneeling down softly, Elyah motioned for Freddo to come to her, and he happily jumped into her arms, ready to leave along with the couple. Elyah was going to treat this cat a whole lot differently from now on. Because without this little demon, she would have gotten hurt. And it would last forever.

"Come on. Let's get out of here before he wakes up."

Elyah nodded, holding the cat to her body with one hand as the other held on to Max's tightly. She wouldn't let go of him. She couldn't, and she didn't want to.

Instead, as they moved closer and closer to the castle, Elyah pushed herself closer and closer to Max. She wanted him there for her, she needed him now more than anyone else. And they had to discuss how they were going to handle Nathan, and what exactly they were going to say to her dad. Because he was far from stupid. He would understand something had happened.

"Don't leave me alone tonight, Max. Don't leave me alone again.."
Stepping inside the castle, Elyah softly placed Freddo down, and calmly hugged Max tightly. She had held on strongly so far, but now it was time to let it all out.
The first tear rolled down her cheeks, and Elyah was soon a crying mess into the arms of Max.

"He would have raped me, Max... But you came.. you saved me.. Thank you so much, Max.. I will never be able to repay you this.." She hugged him tighter, trying to savor this moment. Try to hold on to this as much as she could. Because tomorrow day, he would be away, and she would have to face reality.
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PostSubject: Re: Crumbling Pieces [Elyah & Max][Mature content - Rape attempt]   Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:12 am

The plea - was it that, Max thought it was - for him to stay that evening, and not leave her alone again pulled on the feelings he had for her, and served as a reminder that he had almost let her down. For not insisting more firmly that Nathan was not right, for allowing her to change the subject each time. His stomach rolled with discomfort in that moment, and the word sorry kept echoing around his head, even though it would never, ever, be enough.

"I'm not going to leave you." Max promised softly as she hugged him tight. He held her close with one arm, his other still smarting a lot from the punch he landed. It was going to bruise, he was sure of that much, but that didn't mean he'd made up for his mistakes.

It was the shakes of the tears that alerted Max to her crying, and Max felt his heart grow heavy. "It's okay. You're safe now." Max whispered to her, his hand rubbing circles across her back to try to soothe her. "You don't have to repay me for that. Honestly. Come on. We'll get caught by the prefects if we loiter. And we've had enough trouble for one night." Max said, leading her towards the dungeons.

He knew where the Hufflepuff Common Room was, and he knew how to get in - Max thought the Hufflepuff security was lacking, but maybe that was the point? Tapping the barrel as Elyah had taught him a few years ago, they were permitted access. The common room was empty - something he was thankful for, and Max hesitated. If he got caught in here...

But the Gryffindor inside of him pushed courage to the forefront. Who cared if he got in trouble. It was Elyah who needed him. "Would you like me to stay?" Max asked the witch beside him. He knew the answer already, but he wanted Elyah to ask him to stay, so that he knew - by her words - that it was what she wanted.
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PostSubject: Re: Crumbling Pieces [Elyah & Max][Mature content - Rape attempt]   Wed Mar 16, 2016 11:03 am

"I'm not going to leave you."

The words on their own were enough for Elyah to calm down. He was soothing her pain away, and she was so thankful for that. Max had always been there when she needed him. He had always been there even when she didn't need him. And he had helped her through everything, cared for her, supported her. He was what her boyfriend should have been. Or maybe, it was him who should have been her boyfriend in the first place.

But Elyah was not overly regretting her choices. Because now, she knew a couple of things more, and if she ever managed to have Max as her partner, she would make sure he would have fun in the relationship. She was going to make him feel the way he was supposed to be feeling. She was going to show him things he had never felt before, never experienced. And together, they would experience something new. Because Maximilian was the only person Elyah trusted enough to give her virginity to.

"It's okay. You're safe now."

"Only because of you... I should have believed you when yo had told me he was not the guy for me, Max. I made a mistake, but I know better now."
Elyah did not release the wizard from her arms, instead, she kept holding on to him for as long a she could. Nuzzling his chest with her face -since she was that short, yes- and smiling a bit to herself. He was the only one that could keep her safe like that. That could make her feel... home.

"You don't have to repay me for that. Honestly. Come on. We'll get caught by the prefects if we loiter. And we've had enough trouble for one night."

Elyah knew he was right. They both didn't want to get caught, especially after everything that had happened. Elyah was not in the state of mind to explain how her now ex boyfriend had tried to rape her in the middle of the Grounds. If she could keep this hidden forever, she would. And plus, Max would get in trouble too, something Elyah was not content with. She needed him with her, and if they found them out here, they would take him away.

No one would take him away from her.

Arriving at the Portrait, Elyah smiled as Max expertly used the information she had given him to their advantage and led them inside the Common Room.

"Would you like me to stay?"

Elyah nodded once, taking his hand and leading him towards the sofa, where she made him sit, before she too sat in his lap and curled up into him.
"Yes. Please, Max. Stay with me."
She needed him to hold her, because Elyah was positive the nightmares wouldn't take long to visit her dreams and disturb her. And that was when she needed him there to hold her and show her that everything was fine. Because he was her hero.

"But before we do anything else.."
Elyah took Max's right hand, the now bruised one, and held it into hers softly, before looking into his eyes.
"Try not to scream much."
Then, she crushed her lips against his as her grip tightened as much as she could against his, crushing his hand between her. Elyah turned it a bit as well, wanting to make sure that she heard the bones breaking, her lips never leaving his, in a furious kiss.

Once the process was down and the witch was sure his hand was definitely broken, she pulled back with an apologetic look and grabbed her wand, mumbling a spell she had been taught a while back, and fixing his hand in an instant.
"I had to break it in order to fix it. I am sorry, but at least now you'll only be sore for a little while.."

Curling back up into a ball, Elyah closed her eyes and smiled, nuzzling his neck with her face like a little cat. She was a tiny little girl, that carried a big strong heart.
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PostSubject: Re: Crumbling Pieces [Elyah & Max][Mature content - Rape attempt]   Wed Mar 16, 2016 11:24 am

Max nodded a little as she asked him to stay. He had known, of course, that she would want that, and he wouldn't deny her that much. It was only fair, after letting her down, that he stayed now to right all the wrongs that had happened to his best friend.

As Elyah settled on him, Max wrapped his arms around her protectively, and rested his head on top of hers.

"I'm sorry I didn't get there quicker." Max apologised softly after a moment of silence had passed. He'd only just stopped the worst bit, but he could have gotten there before any of this had happened.

But his self-loathing was paused.

Paused as she took his sore hand in to hers, softly, and spoke about how she needed to do something before they could do anything else. "It's okay - I'll go to t-" But his insistence that Elyah not worry was broken by the kiss that came to his lips. A deep kiss that he had not expected in the slightest in that moment. A kiss that he would have enjoyed, if he had only a moment longer before she squeezed his hand, turned it forcefully and the sound of his bones breaking met his ears.

He tried to scream, it was excruciatingly painful, but Elyah's kiss stopped him from making a sound. Instead his eyes watered with the pain, and he looked at his best friend with complete bewilderment as she pulled away. Her wand came out a moment later, and Max felt the bones refuse in to place.

"I had to break it in order to fix it. I am sorry, but at least now you'll only be sore for a little while.."

"Had to?" Max asked, flexing his fingers that were now less sore than they had been a few minutes ago, but still tender as he moved them. "You're the craziest person in the history of crazy!" Max told her matter-of-factly as she curled back in to his chest once more. "But, thank you, for fixing it." Max added, pulling the blanket off the back of the sofa and draping it over Elyah's bare legs - to keep her warm, and provide her with a little bit more of a safe feeling.

Max allowed a quiet to fall over them again, though he was not at peace. He was angry, and he was plotting some kind of revenge on the Slytherin. No, Max was not violent, but he was not going to let anyone get away with this. "We should go to the Headmaster in the morning. Tell him what happened. And, we need to write to your dad, he'll want to know what's happened. We can't let him get away with this. We'll ruin him, for trying to do the same to you. Not that you would have been ruined, but... you know what I mean. He wasn't going to stop, so we're not gonna stop until he's nothing."
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PostSubject: Re: Crumbling Pieces [Elyah & Max][Mature content - Rape attempt]   Wed Mar 23, 2016 1:36 pm

Elyah hadn not intended to hurt her friend. Her best friend.
Hurting Max was far from what she wanted to do, and the look of pain he gave her broke her heart into million pieces. Maybe it was stupid of her to want to fix his hand, especially the way she chose to fix it. But she only wanted to do this to save him time. Now, he wouldn't have to worry about going to the nurse, neither would he have to stay there with a bruised hand and in pain.

Elyah would do everything in her power to make Max feel good. To protect him and make him smile. Something that she should have done a while ago. Before all hell got loose.

"You're the craziest person in the history of crazy!"

Elyah gave him a small sad smile, the remorse already obvious in her eyes. She hadn't meant to hurt him this way. The only thing she wanted was to help him. But then the Gryffindor boy thanked her and Elyah simply pulled him closer, hugging him tightly as he pulled the blanket over them, making her feel warm and safe.

Truth be told, she was bare naked and she was freezing. She couldn't be more thankful that the fireplace was on and she also had Max here with her. Oh how she thanked Merlin he had come to look for her. She just couldn't believe what had just happened. She was almost raped. Almost. But she was still scarred.

"We should go to the Headmaster in the morning. Tell him what happened. And, we need to write to your dad, he'll want to know what's happened. We can't let him get away with this. We'll ruin him, for trying to do the same to you. Not that you would have been ruined, but... you know what I mean. He wasn't going to stop, so we're not gonna stop until he's nothing."

Elyah shook her head, pulling back to look ta him carefully. She didn't want to involve more people into this. It was dangerous and Nathan was a Pureblood Slytherin. There was going to be way too much trouble, and Elyah wasn't prepared. She couldn't do this to her dad. She couldn't hurt him this way, could she?

"No, Max. We should just forget this ever happened. I don't want to involve the Headmaster into this. We both know damn well how powerful Nathan is. I am not going to fight him.. Only hope he will find someone else to play with and forget about me. Though he will surely never forget about you, after the punch you delivered to him."
A small smirk appeared on the Hufflepuff's lips, showing how proud she was Max had acted that way.

People thought that Max was the quiet little boy, who wouldn't harm a fly. And truth was, he was exactly what they thought he was. But, Max was also a fierce lion. Something she had come to understand a couple of years ago. That was why he was rightfully placed into Gryffindor. Because he was brave and wouldn't back out especially when someone he loved was in danger.

Someone he loved...

Elyah furrowed her brows, not able to believe what she was thinking. Yes, Max loved her but as a sister. As a friend. Though her heart was hoping for something more. Something stronger.
Max was what she needed in her life. He was exactly what she deserved.

"Plus, I can't do this to my father.. He would feel so.. dirty, you know? Thinking his daughter might have stooped so low. I don't want to worry him over nothing.."

Elyah chewed on her lip, giving him a small saddened smile. She had let down so many people in one night. Her father, Max and herself. She had been so stupid, not understanding the mistakes she was making. But now, it was all coming to the surface.
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PostSubject: Re: Crumbling Pieces [Elyah & Max][Mature content - Rape attempt]   Wed Mar 23, 2016 8:08 pm

At the sad smile after his comment on her being crazy, Max could see it hadn't had quite the right effect. "Hey, come on, I'm okay. You hurt me, but I've had much much worse!" Max told her, hugging her close. "Not as if a midget like you could hurt me, is it?" He teased softly, meaning it only as a joke in the hope Elyah wouldn't look so sad. It was, of course, a given in this situation, but he didn't want her to be sad because of him.

He was fine, more than fine, but it wasn't him he was worried about.

At the comments of letting Nathan get away with it, Max bristled. "Who cares if he's powerful, Elyah! So is your dad! You can't let him get away with what he did to you! And what if he tries the same on someone else, and their friend's don't get there in time? What if they're not as lucky as you were tonight? We can stop him, Elyah, but you have to tell the Headmaster!" Max insisted, not believing that his best friend was going to get away with something so horrible. Yes, it would mean he would get in trouble for fighting, but he would sit through a hundred detentions for what he'd done, because Elyah was safe now.

"Plus, I can't do this to my father.. He would feel so.. dirty, you know? Thinking his daughter might have stooped so low. I don't want to worry him over nothing.."

"Dirty?" Max asked, frowning at that comment. "You think your dad will think you want this? Because it's not what you wanted! Elyah, you're... you're being silly. This is important!" Max insisted, but he could see the worry in her features.

"I'll come with you, if you're worried, I'll sit with you through it all, and fill in the part when I arrived, you wouldn't have to do it alone, Elyah. I wouldn't let you do something like that alone. But if you don't do it, Nathan is going to get away with this..."
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PostSubject: Re: Crumbling Pieces [Elyah & Max][Mature content - Rape attempt]   

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Crumbling Pieces [Elyah & Max][Mature content - Rape attempt]
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