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 Surprise, 'Jimmy'! (Circe & James)

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PostSubject: Surprise, 'Jimmy'! (Circe & James)   Tue Mar 15, 2016 10:21 am

James' head had a dull ache running through it that morning. They - Circe and he - had been to a club the night before, and James had had one too many shots. Not a terrible hangover, no, but a hangover no less. He'd planned on a well deserved lie in, truth be told, but at the flowery sound of his mum's voice, James had sat bolt up right in bed.

Circe was next to him, naked except for the sheets she had stolen during the night. Hurrying out of bed, James found a pair of sweatpants and hurried through to the lounge. Giving his parents a key to his flat had once again proven a bad idea.

Pulling the door to the bedroom closed behind him, trying to avoid his mum from seeing and Circe, and the other way around, James gave his mum a small smile. "Mum. I wasn't expecting you. You didn't say you were coming over from Ireland." James said to his mum, his tone softer around her, noticeably so.

"Of course not, Jimmy, that was the idea. I came over for a surprise. Your Da is busy working on his allotment, driving me bloomin' crazy that man! So I thought I would come and see my son for a few days. Now come on, come give your Ma a hug!" Felicity insisted, holding open her arms for him. James paused for a moment, before doing as she asked and giving his mum a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"You could have called, to forewarn me." James told her as he let go - how was he supposed to get through this - Circe was here, and his mum had no intention of leaving any time soon.

"I could have, yes, but that wouldn't be any fun. I'll put the kettle on, do you want one?" She asked, moving to the kitchen and making herself at home in an instant. "Have you been keeping well? Cleaning everything? Your clothes have been washed since I last came I hope? When did you last change your bed, Jimmy, would you like me to do a few things around the house for you?"

"No." James countered quickly, before realising his manners. "I mean, no thank you, I only just changed them. And everything is fine. Tea sounds great." With that, James sat at the breakfast bar, his head in his hands.

Merlin please let the ground swallow me up now, James though to himself.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprise, 'Jimmy'! (Circe & James)   Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:13 pm

It wasn't planned. Circe had not planned for this at all, but here she was, lying in James' bed again, after a night full of fun and drinks. Unlike James, Circe hadn't had too many drinks, so instead of a hangover, she only had a little headache. Something she would manage she was sure about that. But she was not ready to wake up yet. She was way too comfortable in the bed to even make a move. It was warm, and it did smell like James. It was comforting.

But at some point in the morning, Circe was almost sure she could hear a female voice, and then James was out of bed in an instant. But that couldn't be, could it ? James had never given a key to his apartment to a previous "girlfriend" of his, so who was that woman?

Groaning, Circe pushed herself up and out of bed and had a quick shower. Getting dressed in a pair of black leggings and a simple white tank top, she opened the door and got out, moving down the stairs towards the kitchen. She needed coffee fast.

But as she got near the kitchen, the voices became clearer. It was indeed a woman's voice along with James, but now she could hear that the voice was certainly not young. Which only meant one thing.

Opening the door, Circe slipped in, giving a big smile to the woman who was sitting there with James. She wasn't stupid. It was obviously his mom. And Circe had to stifle a giggle. Oh this was perfect.

"Good morning, Mrs. Balan! I hope I'm not interrupting something..," The younger woman said, before moving closer to the older woman, giving her hand to her. "I am Circe Mayer. It is very nice to finally meet the person James took all the good looks from."

Circe then moved towards James, kissing his cheek and messing his hair up a bit, before grabbing a cup and pour some coffee for herself.
She would have to play good, and watch the horror in James' eyes. This was going to be fun. For sure.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprise, 'Jimmy'! (Circe & James)   Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:26 pm

James had murmured a soft thank you to his mum as she placed his drink before him. And at the sound of his bedroom door opening, James looked to the stairs, trying to tell Circe not to come in to the kitchen, to please just not come and meet his mum. But Circe seemed to ignore any indications as she came in to the kitchen and greeted his mum much too happily.

His mum took Circe's hand and shook it - James noted it was weird seeing women greet each other like that - and her face lit up in a manner that James was not... happy with.

"Circe..." His mum tried the name. "As in the Greek mythologic goddess?" Felicity asked. "Of magic, if I remember correctly." Her eyes moved to James, the question of his own magic and whether Circe knew was evident. He nodded once.

"And please, call me Felicity. Mrs Balan is so old fashioned and I truly try not to be." The older woman explained, watching fondly as Circe moved to kiss James' cheek and ruffle his hair.

His jaw had set in frustration at Circe's movements, and his mother tisked at him. She need not say a word, and James knew he was in trouble.

"Jimmy didn't say that you were here, otherwise I would have made you a drink too, my apologies, dear. So are you two..." Felicity made a motion between the two of them, her eyes growing with that hopeful look once more.

Fucking? Yes. James replied in his head, because he still wasn't sure what all of this was. Getting caught like this was not what he'd planned, and he just wanted to crawl back in to bed. Instead, James raised his mug to his lips, avoiding the conversation completely.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprise, 'Jimmy'! (Circe & James)   Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:46 pm

As Circe poured a cup of coffee for her, she smiled as she listened to everything James' mother had to say. She was really beautiful, something that Circe was not going to admit under any other circumstances. But here she was, facing the mother of the man that had been destroying and rebuilding her life for the past what? Five months now?

Circe had grown accommodated to living with James, and it was all now a part of her life. They weren't together no, but she couldn't live without him, and he couldn't either. Else, they would be far away from each other before any of these had happened. Circe did believe they were somewhat meant to be, but life was being a bitch and James was certainly not making this any easier for both of them. They still had a lot of things to work on and it was quite obvious.

"As in the Greek mythologic goddess?"

Circe let out a small laugh and moved back towards the table, sitting opposite of James and next to his mother. "Yes, indeed. You are correct about the magic part as well," she added, sipping some of her coffee. James' mother seemed to be a very clever woman and somewhat happy to see her. Which surprised the younger girl dearly. Wasn't the mother-in-law supposed to be mean to the bride?

"Jimmy didn't say that you were here, otherwise I would have made you a drink too, my apologies, dear. So are you two..."

Circe almost choked on her coffee as this sentence left the woman's mouth. Jimmy? Really?
The smile that touched her lips was obvious, and James would know the cause of it once he laid eyes on her, she was sure, but she managed to keep in the laughter before things got out of hand. It was obvious he was mad already, but Circe was enjoying this way too much,

So why not torment him a bit more?

it didn't take long for the question everyone was expecting to pop up, and Circe bit her lip, taking another sip from her coffee, buying herself some time. She was not going to answer this question just yet, and by the look on James' face, he was far from willing to answer too.

"Well, I am sure the man of the relationship would be delighted to answer this question!"
Placing her cup on the table, Circe let out a small giggle and looked at James with a small smirk. Oh he was going to be so mad at her by the end of this day.

"But allow me to ask. Will you stay with us for a couple of days?"
That would mean no sex around the house for him, and Circe was going to make sure he wasn't going to get any inside the bedroom either. It was going to be his worst nightmare.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprise, 'Jimmy'! (Circe & James)   Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:59 pm

The smile that touched Circe's lips at the sound of his nickname from his mother made him glare at her. It wasn't funny none of this was funny, but Circe looked like she was having the time of her life. She was going to pay for this, he was going to make sure of that much.

"Well, I am sure the man of the relationship would be delighted to answer this question!"

"I'm sure he wouldn't." Jame shot back, somewhat childishly in that moment as Circe threw the spotlight on him.

"James." His mother warned - using his full name was a clear indication of his mother's displeasure in his tone of voice, and for a brief second he gave her a sheepish smile to redeem himself.

"Well, like Circe said. Relationship." James responded, grinding his teeth a moment later because he didn't like the taste of those words, or his false being pretended not to, anyway.

"A serious one, at last?" Felicity asked, smiling to herself. "Jimmy has always worried me. Bringing home lots of girls when he was younger, but never the same one twice. But you've broken through!" She continued, letting a soft laugh. "I don't think I'll ask how, but well done dear." Felicity added, patting Circe's hand to show she was happy with this arrangement.

"But allow me to ask. Will you stay with us for a couple of days?"

"Of course I will! Jimmy wouldn't let me stay anywhere else, would you dear?" Felicity asked.

"Course not." James replied, his tone put out (because of Circe) but caring, because he was talking to his mum. He didn't want this to happen, of course he didn't but he had little option now Circe had offered. He didn't even have work that he could make excuses to go to because he'd chosen a job of minimal effort in the first place.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprise, 'Jimmy'! (Circe & James)   Tue Mar 15, 2016 1:17 pm

"I'm sure he wouldn't."

An innocent smile took over Circe's face as James' mother spoke up, warning him with her tone of the displeasure she was feeling because of his behavior. Circe was almost positive that his mother had no idea what James had become after he left their house. He sure loved his mother, and Circe would never play with such a thing, no. But he had turned into the one thing no mother would ever want for her daughter.

A manwhore. And a very good one, truth be told.

But for Circe, James was not simply that. He had managed to get her attention, which seemed he was worthy of that much at least. And also, keep her interested in him. They bonded the way she had never bonded with anyone before. And it was not love that kept them together. Nor just the sex. Don't get her wrong, the sex was pure magic, but it was not what held this, whatever the hell it was, together.

"Well, like Circe said. Relationship."

"It is quite alright, Felicity. James finds it kind of difficult to be expressive, sometimes, I am sure you know that better than me."
Circe gave the woman a small smile, then looked back at James.
"But this is how he is. And I fell in love with him. I get the whole deal. Good and bad."

Cheesy, something neither of the two young adults would ever say or like to say in the first place, but that was exactly what a mother would like to hear. And who was Circe to deny Felicity such pleasure? Oh no, no. She was going to be the good girlfriend for as long as it would take. Because Circe would make sure James remembered her. One way, or another.
And it would teach him not to mess with her too.

"A serious one, at last?"

"Well, aren't you surprised?" Circe laughed slightly, grabbing her cup once again and taking a few sips of her warm coffee, listening carefully as his mother explained how James would always bring multiple girls at home, but would never stick to one.
Well, he hasn't changed much, don't worry, Circe thought but did not dare to voice it. Oh no, that would have been a total disaster.

Though as Felicity congratulated her on managing to keep him faithful, Circe smiled and shook her head, placing her cup on the table once more.
"Nothing would have happened, if he hadn't chosen it. It was James who actually asked me out, Felicity. Oh he was the sweetest! Such a gentleman! He took me out for dinner, and we had a beautiful night. He then took me home, he wanted to make sure I got home safely, and that was how it all started."

A little lie here, a bigger lie there... It didn't matter. As long as Felicity was pleased with what she was being told, Circe wouldn't mind making up stories. Especially if they made James want to throw up.

As Felicity agreed on staying with them, Circe smirked and picked up her cup, taking it to the sink and washing it, before placing it carefully aside.
"I will have the Guestroom be prepared accordingly, Felicity. It will be great having you here."
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PostSubject: Re: Surprise, 'Jimmy'! (Circe & James)   Tue Mar 15, 2016 1:34 pm

Felicity let out a soft chuckle. "His father is the same. Short answers for the most part, and when you can get him to open up, he doesn't shut up. I think it's a boy thing, or at least a Balan boy thing in any case." His mother explained fondly.

James however, was simply sat looking at Circe as if she had ten heads. But not nearly how... horrified he looked when she said she loved him. In front of his mum? Really? James couldn't help but shake his head at her, his eyes asking her why she was doing this to him.

If ever there was a time where James wanted to tell someone to shut up, it was then. As Circe made up a lie in respect of their first date. How could she? Really. Something as unbelievable as him being... like that. But what made it worse was that he could see his mum taken in the story, lapping it up like an over eager kitten at a milk bowl.

"I think Circe is over romanticising what really happened." James added at the end, but he didn't correct Circe's story, because he doubted his mum needed to hear that he'd picked Circe up in a bar down the street and brought her home after only a brief chat to have sex on the table just to their right. No. He wouldn't do that, but Circe was pushing him, and he hated it.

But his mum wasn't listening, instead nodding along as Circe said she would set up his guestroom for her. "Good idea, good idea. I'll go down to the shops, collect us some food and make something for dinner tonight. You look like you've lost weight, again, Jimmy, I'll make your favourite. Yes." She said, moving herself from the breakfast bar to check the fridge (that was never very well stocked) for what was on hand.

"I'll be back in a jiffy!" Felicity assured him, eyes sparkling with something he'd never seen there before. With a kiss on the cheek and a called goodbye to Circe, his mum had left, temporarily. James let out a sigh, running his hands over his face and trying to destress, but that was not going to happen for a while, he was sure.

Slipping off the stool, James moved to the guest bedroom, to where Circe was already making up the second bed. "What the hell was that, Circe?" He asked, motioning to the kitchen for answers. He wasn't happy, but in the life of James Balan, that was nothing new.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprise, 'Jimmy'! (Circe & James)   Tue Mar 15, 2016 2:04 pm

Preparing the guest bedroom was nothing difficult for the young witch. Wand in hand, she started moving everything out the way, making sure everything was comfortable for Felicity before deciding to make her bed the muggle way. No wands needed for this as she grabbed the sheets, and started making the bed. She felt like a real housewife, it was extremely weird. She didn't know whether to feel happy or sad, but she sure as hell wouldn't like it. She was not the type of woman to become a servant for a man.

Though as she was almost done with the bed, a presence appeared into the room, and Circe knew this was going to be the big discussion. Turning around, she was faced with none other than James, who looked mighty mad and was ready to explode. Maybe she had pushed things a little bit too far, but it was so much fun to resist doing so. And his mother was a lovely lady, she couldn't stay away.

But what hurt her the most was that he was mad she had come to meet his mom. She couldn't believe James was so ashamed of her, that he didn't even want her to meet his mother. Was she so bad for his standards? What was he looking for?

"What the hell was that, Circe?"

Crossing her arms over her chest, the smirk that was on her lips vanished. She was nowhere near happy now, and she sure as hell wasn't having fun. Yes, he was mad, because maybe she had pushed things a little too far, but why was he reacting like this? What had she ever done to him?

"Oh, you mean you would prefer telling her that there is a naked woman in your bedroom, whom you met in a club and fucked her on the table next to her? Or would you tell her that we don't even know what we are, but we still live together, fucking all the times like animals, and how you almost got me pregnant? Hm? Oh, yes, I am sorry then. It was my mistake I was trying to be what your mother wants for you!"

Pushing him out of the way, Circe shook her head and grabbed all of the pillows she had set aside, placing them on the bed and fixing everything one by one. He was being a total jerk, and he knew it. But he still didn't want to see the bright side of things.

"Don't you want to see her happy? She loves you more than her life, James! All she wants for you is to be happy, maybe have a family like most people and live your life happily! You've never offered her that!

"Didn't you see how happy she was today? I might have lied to her about most of it, but at least I was being more honest with her than you have ever been since the day you left home. Are you ever going to tell her what you've been doing all this time? Because I am sure she knows nothing!"

Sighing, she grabbed a pillow and threw it at him.
"You're such an idiot..,"
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PostSubject: Re: Surprise, 'Jimmy'! (Circe & James)   Tue Mar 15, 2016 2:24 pm

James' jaw set for the umpteenth time that morning as Circe gave him what she could have said - the truth of the situation. They both knew she had done the right thing - loathe as James might be to admit that - but the fabricated story that Circe had created for his mum was so... unlike him. So... stupid.

"Believable would have been better." James growled as she pushed him out of her way and continued on with making the bed. She was so calm about this, he couldn't get his head around it all. And she was fine. That was what was angering James more, the blase nature of his... of Circe.

But as Circe continued, talking about what his mum wanted for him. What would make her happy, James frowned to himself - thankful Circe was more concentrated on the making of the bed in that moment. Was it just what his mum wanted?

"You're such an idiot..,"

Catching the pillow that came his way, James put it down on the bed. The thought of throwing it back had occurred, but James had stopped himself. Instead, he waited for her to finish with the pillows that she was arranging. When she'd straightened up, James caught her wrist, turning her towards him before pushing her against the wall. "Let's say I'm an idiot." He told her softly, still a hint of unhappiness in his tone in that moment, but slowly ebbing away.

"Let's say you're right." James continued, his voice still strong but hushed as he brought his lips to hers, firm but different again. Not rough like their first encounters, not passionate like the night he'd chosen Circe rather than being with multiple women. Firm, sure, and... verging on something more. Verging on the idea of a word James didn't know he could say yet.

"Be the woman my mum wants you to be." James insisted, his voice dropping again as his lips moved next to her ear. "Be mine, Circe. And stop fucking with my head." The words came out as only a tickle against the skin, but loud enough for Circe to have heard.

He was sick of her making him out to be something he wasn't. Accusing him of not being man enough to do this, indirectly or no. James would show her he was done fucking around in every sense of the word.

"Be my girlfriend."
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PostSubject: Re: Surprise, 'Jimmy'! (Circe & James)   Tue Mar 15, 2016 9:43 pm

Circe meant her words. James was being a thick headed idiot, and she was the only one who was this brutally honest with him. All of his girl always told him how hot and smart he was, how good he fucked and all these kind of things, but they were never truly honest with him, because they never stuck around to get to know James the way Circe had.

Because life kept bringing them back together, and after a while Circe just gave up trying to stay away from him. Instead, she now had a new goal. How to stick next to him. Because James was the most difficult person to understand, though for Circe, he was exactly what she had been asking for. What she needed in her life. A strong, handsome man, who was rich, good at his job, and good at fucking her. It was simple really, and he had it all.

So as he placed the pillow she threw at him back on the bed, she didn't bother questioning him how come he didn't say another word, or why he didn't throw it back at her like he would normally do. Instead, not having anything else to say, she turned around ready to leave, when James caught her wrist, pushing her back against the wall before she even had the chance to register what was going on.

The look on her face showed how displeased she was by what he was doing, and she was ready to start squirming to get away, but James finally spoke up, and Circe finally shut up. He had her full attention now.

"Let's say I'm an idiot."

"Of course you are," Circe added right afterwards, but his tone noted that he was still displeased at her as well. Something that didn't help the situation since they were both stubborn and stupid. Something that didn't mix well together.

"Let's say you're right."

Circe raised an eyebrow, ready to ask him what the hell had happened to him and for a slight moment, Circe believed she might have hit him a bit too hard with that pillow. But for Merlin's sake, it was just a pillow it couldn't have done that much damage to his head, could it?

But his lips found hers in a fierce kiss, not too passionate but not too needy either. It was something completely new, something that James had never expressed before through his kisses, and Circe decided she wasn't going to pay much thought to that. Instead, she kissed him back, her own emotions being poured into the kiss. Her anger, her want, how much she cared for this idiot something of hers.

"Be the woman my mum wants you to be."

His lips next to her ear caused shivers to travel down her spine as her eyes closed, but her mind was reeling. What did he mean by those words? Was he asking her to marry him? What she said downstairs might have been a little too much, but it was simply to mess with him. He couldn't be trying to get back at her like that, could he?

"Be mine, Circe. And stop fucking with my head."

No, he was not messing with her. The tone of his voice, the way the words traveled against her skin, tickling her, proved how much he wasn't messing with her. He was being totally serious, and Circe was the least, shocked. She didn't know what to do, where to focus what to say. He was truly asking her to be his, only his. He was committing himself to her and he was being serious about this. He wanted it.

"Be my girlfriend."

Circe's eyes went slightly wide, and her mouth fell open just a little bit. She couldn't hide the fact that she was shocked by what she was hearing. Just a few seconds ago he was talking to her about how wrong of her it was to make up such lies and make them seem committed. A few weeks ago he wasn't even sure he could commit to anything. And a couple of months ago, no one would believe that James Balan would have a girlfriend. A girlfriend that would last for more than couple of hours.

It was only a whisper and even Circe wasn't sure she had heard herself. Was she ready to make such a commitment? She had to be! If James had finally manned up enough to ask her to be his girlfriend, if he had gathered up the courage to act up to his mother's -and her- expectations, then she could do. There was no question about that.

"Yes," she repeated louder, a gigantic smile touching her features as she looked into his eyes. She was happy, she felt happy. It was the best of her life, and Circe could swear her heart was beating so fast it would jump out of her chest. James Balan had official asked her out. And Circe Mayer was officially his one and only girlfriend. Only his.

"Fuck yes, James!" Circe yelled wrapping her arms around him, her lips finding his once more as she threw herself into him, maybe a little too hard, as they ended up on the floor a couple of seconds later, since Circe tripped over.
Landing on top of him, Circe started laughing like a twelve year old, rolling next to him on the ground and laughing even harder.

She was happy. Circe was happy.
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PostSubject: Re: Surprise, 'Jimmy'! (Circe & James)   

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Surprise, 'Jimmy'! (Circe & James)
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