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 Are You Lost? (OPEN)

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PostSubject: Are You Lost? (OPEN)   Thu Mar 17, 2016 2:18 pm

Lost. Elleon was utterly and hopelessly lost. He'd heard there was an art room somewhere in this ridiculously ginormous building and had set out to find it without asking anybody first if they could direct him there. But it wasn't just that. The worst part was that Jelena wasn't with him. She'd wanted to go and see the lake and he'd thought he could play hero and wander the building without her.

That meant he had no means of communication. Well, not entirely true. He could read lips - sometimes, depending on the lips and the speed at which the other person talked - and he could speak. Sort of. He knew his voice sounded different when he spoke and it was why he spent hours a week at speech therapy but his teacher told him he was understandable if he talked slowly and made the effort to pronounce his words.

Now he just needed to find someone to get him out of here. He doubted that would ever happen. This was a pretty quiet floor and he hadn't yet come across anyone. Pacing back and forth, Elleon began to worry that Jelena would start worrying if he wasn't back at their meeting place. Getting anxious, he began looking for a way out, trying out different staircases but all he saw was unfamiliar corridors.

He sighed as he made his way back to his original spot. Sooner or later, someone would realise he was missing and would look for him. He only hoped it was sooner rather than later. He was getting hungry.
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PostSubject: Re: Are You Lost? (OPEN)   Sat Mar 19, 2016 11:01 am

There was something she had heard about from her parents, a secret room in Hogwarts that was not the Room of Requirements (which she had already found and loved to visit), and naturally, Kayleigh was all for finding it. Because her parents enjoyed giving her challenges, they had told her about the room but not where to find it, and so Kayle had been spending her free time looking for the mysterious 'Room of Rewards'.

She had narrowed it down from rumours and talking to other, older students (as well as ghosts and portraits) to being somewhere on the sixth floor. That was why Kayleigh found herself moving around the sixth floor, poking around and asking everyone she came across - which wasn't a lot - if they knew about the room.

Rounding around the corner, she startled, seeing someone a few feet away from her. "Hi!" she said, automatically. "Do you happen to..." She trailed off as she finally recognized the boy as a first year Hufflepuff. What was his name? A lion? Alien? Allen? Whatever the case was, she knew one thing for sure - he was deaf.

Moving so that she would be in his line of sight, Kayle offered him a wide smile and waved, not trying to say anything.
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PostSubject: Re: Are You Lost? (OPEN)   Sat Mar 19, 2016 1:52 pm

Elleon was beginning to think that it wouldn’t be until dinner time that Jelena came looking for him. Merlin knew that she loved the outdoors and could spend hours outside enjoying nature if no one brought her to her senses. Sure, Elleon enjoyed the outdoors too but only because nature provided one of the best landscapes to paint, draw and sketch. While most of his paintings doubled as his journal or diary, he did have some pieces that were inspired by nature. Still, if he had any idea he would get lost in this giant building, he would’ve asked for directions before setting out on his own.

He’d turned around to try and find his way out again when movement caught his attention. His eyes widened in recognition. The girl who tripped and kissed the floor in class. Kayleigh. Maybe she could help him find his way back to familiar corridors. Now, he just had to get his point across. No biggie right? His hand automatically went to his pocket where his pen was kept but he remembered in time he hadn’t brought his sketchbook or any form of paper along. Drat! And like the genius that he was, he’d left his phone in the dorm so that was gone too.

Elleon glanced at the girl, thinking that she would say something but was surprised when she just smiled and waved. He had two options available to him. He could speak and ask his way out or he could do a form of charades and make her understand what he was saying. The former would, of course, be quicker but then again, he was self-conscious of his voice and barely ever used it out of the speech therapy classroom.

He decided to go for the charade one first. He pointed to her and formed his lips into a ‘you’ shape, then pointed at his head, changing his lip shape a little to form ‘know’. He faltered a little, thinking of a good action he could use to act out ‘way out’. It would be easy if he were just to sign it but she wouldn’t understand. He put his left hand flat out in front of him with the palm facing upwards then moved his two right hand fingers over the left palm to show a man walking, ending with a lift of the shoulders and both his palms facing upwards in the universal sign for ‘what’ or ‘where’. Hopefully, she would understand. And if she didn’t, he would try again. His last resort would be to speak out loud.
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PostSubject: Re: Are You Lost? (OPEN)   

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Are You Lost? (OPEN)
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