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 Zoya Alexandria Morte

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PostSubject: Zoya Alexandria Morte   Thu Jan 01, 2015 5:50 pm

Full Name: Zoya Alexandria Morte
Age: 20
Date of birth: 5th July, 1993
Birthplace: London
Current home: London
Blood Status: Half-blood
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Wand type: 11 inches, Phoenix feather core, Blackthorn wood.


Hair colour and style: Dark brown, almost black. She doesn't style her hair much and washes it way mroe frequently than she should so it remains frizzy messy and very unmanageable.
Eye colour: Grey
Height: 5'8"
Body type: Skinny, slightly curvy. She has a toned bod due to her sports interests but has never maintained it. That, and her eating habits keep her in fluctuating shape.
Dress sense:Due to her playing habits and mates, her clothes used to remain invariably dirty and muddy and her hair, though naturally in waves, appears messy due to her lack of attention. This is her appearance even during her adulthood. She simply has not inculcated the basic mannerisms that avoid getting clothes stained and for her messy hair, she blames her genes. Her being a klutz doesn't help either.Her few obsessions are heels and necklaces and she owns quite a lot of them. To her other clothing however, she rarely pays much attention except when she goes out with the specific purpose of hooking up, or clubbing. Then, as in at all moments of her life, she must outshine everyone around.

Birthmarks: A perfect pale brown circle below her elbow.
Tattoos: None.
Scars: Assorted scars cover her body courtesy her klutziness.
Piercings: One in her ears.


Likes: (3 minimum)
Machines - Zoya had always been good at breaking down her toys and more often than not managed to put them together too but after her accident, she has spent more time in the muggle world and realized her talent. Buying junk from muggle shops and trying to put it together is now one of her passions and she finds it a very calming activity.

Being the best - Zoya noticed from an early age that people at the top received everyone's admiration and were the cause of everyone's envy. They seemed to have a good life and never seemed lonely. It seemed like outshining everyone was the solution to all of Zoya's problems and it helped fuel her constant need for approval and attention.

Heels and jewelry -  Heels make her seem taller than everyone else and instantly make her stand out. They are one of her few 'girly' guilty pleasures. A bracelet is the only birthday gift she has kept over the years and she isn't even sure which one of her family gave it to her but she knows it was the birthday before her parents fled for divorce and she likes to keep it around to remind her to never trust someone too much and that all relationships end in hurt.

Dislikes: (3 minimum)
People who try and get too close to her - She is immediately distrustful of anyone who tries to overstep his or her boundaries and would cut off all ties in such a case.

Situations that she cannot control - In her experience, situations that spiral out of her control rarely end up well fro her.

Cheaters - Zoya flirts around a lot and has a string of casual relationship but she is very clear about her preferences and the future (or lack thereof) of any of her liaisons. She detests two-timing bastards and has never double dated.

Strengths: (3 minimum)
Talking her way out of things - Ever since she was small Zoya has found that the easiest way to get out of punishments when caught is to try and talk your way out of it. That plan backfired terribly whenever any of the adults lost patience but the times they hadn't she was almost always able to weasel her way out.

Dramatics - A natural drama queen, deception and drama comes easy to her though she does veer into the grounds of overdrama sometimes. Her affinity for theater helps with her Charms as well, particularly those that assist with disguises.

Directions - Zoya is great with maps and has a good direction sense Doesn't help her general misadventures due to her brashness but its a handy skill.

Weaknesses: (3 minimum)
Low regard for others emotions - Even the emotions of those around which she can guess relatively well, she is so concerned with appearing to look unconcerned that she can hurt others even when she doesn't want to.

Fear of being alone.

Is not a good listener.

Positive traits: (3 minimum)
Brave - to the point of being rash.
Will do anything for her friends - even if she hates letting it be known.
She doesn't let anything affect her too negatively, which works both ways. Its an unhealthy thing to do but she likes to fight against things rather than sit down and watch.

Negative traits: (3 minimum)
Doesn't let anyone near her.
Is too afraid of being hurt.
Is very selfish.


Hogwarts Years: For the first two years of her school like, Alex was determined to be good. She wanted to make her parents proud, wanted to see them come to cheer her on on important School activities. Together. She was by no means quiet, but kept the more troublesome aspects of her character under careful check and played close to none pranks. She still had no trouble forming friends, but keeping them was still hard work but this time, Alex tried hard to be a good friend and even managed to make a few friendships that looked like they could last. That all changed the year her parents filed for divorce. No childhood speculations of kiddish imagination could convince her that everything would be okay. Everything had changed and Alex found herself changing to cope up too. The worst was, that she wasn't even in control of it anymore. From her third year onward, it seemed that Alex's personal mission was to break all the rules in Hogwarts, participating in all kinds of heists from the mundane class disrupting, to those that could cause serious harm. Breaking into dorms, deliberately misplacing stuff of others, wild parties, accidental and accidentally on purpose fires, vandalism, betting, it seemed that she would stop at nothing until one decisive incident in her Fourth year.

Up until then, her studies had never really suffered much because of her excursions, Whether it was because - as the general teaching staff suspected - she managed to somehow cheat her way through exams and bully juniors into doing her homework, or because she was just genuinely concerned about her studies and actually managed to stuff in time for it (It was really a mix of the two), but when a prank involving one of the teachers went a little too far and as a result, she was suspended for a month and almost got thrown out. Only her parent's position, her academic track record, and the memories that the staff retained of the young eleven-twelve year old Alex that saved her. It was during this phase of her life that she first brushed against alcohol, and picked up her more seedier talents.

After this hiatus, she sobered down for most of her Fifth Year, throwing all of her focus into scoring well in her O.W.Ls. In her Sixth year however, Brielle entered her life and she relapsed into her old party-loving self, but this time, she actually managed to keep up some semblance of balance and managed to pass with scored decent enough to scrap into being accepted as an Auror.

Adulthood: Being an Auror, wasn't something she consciously worked for, but after careful deliberation and analysis, she realized that her talents and interest both lay in the field. Regardless, she likes to retain the image of her careless attitude, and asserts that it was only on a whim that she joined the Auror force.

Her mother, after the divorce lives a free life from which she barely takes time out for Alex, instead she is busy pretending to be young and happening once again with a string of casual relationships. To some extent, Alex follows her mother on this path, as is shown by her numerous one-night-stands and casual relationships, but no long lasting serious ones. Her father, on the other hand, married Ariadne Ellingham from whom he has another daughter, Alex’s half-sister, Brielle. Alex is extremely jealous of the girl, both for her privileged upbringing wherein both her parents showered her with stifling attention, and for the fact that Brielle is a pureblood and therefore, the star of the entire Morte family, though the official heir remains Alex.

During one mission, when she was scouting for defectors which turned out to be a trap, she was hit by an ‘Obliviate’ curse and as a result her memory has been wiped out. The 'attack' seems suspicious from the start and Alex is unsure whether it was from the dark side targeting her for her half-blood status, her family for the same reason or her mother for the blank slate she would want in order to manipulate Alex. She sustained a lot of injuries in the attack and for the past month has been in intensive care over at St. Mungo’s. Now, however, she has been declared fit and finally released, although technically, she still has to participate in weekly psychiatric check-ups as her memory still hasn't returned. Until she gets a fully medically fit certificate, she cannot get reinstated on active service and is, at the moment, relegated to desk jobs and basic missions.

There is an unknown 'wannabe fiancé' in her life, whom she has never met and who her mother wants her to marry. Her mother believes that a return to the 'pure-blood' line will better Alex's prospects as heir of the Morte family. Technically, she is the sole heir being the oldest, but her half-blood status makes her position shaky and unsure. Alex however, is dead set against the idea, especially after her recovery, and has never even seen the guy or known anything about him, including his name.

Also, she is still under some degree of surveillance by St. Mungo's and actively seeks revenge and details about her lost memory.

Name: Kiara Rookbird
Age: 39
Living or dead: Living
Blood status: Muggle-born
Species : Human

Name: Aaron Morte
Age: 40
Living or dead: Living
Blood status: Pureblood
Species: Human

Name: Brielle Marwolathe
Age: 4 years
relation: Half-sister
Living or dead: Living
blood status: Pureblood
Species: Quarter Veela

Spouse: N/A
Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Partner: N/A
Children: N/A
Name: Snitch
Age: 1 year
Living or dead: Living
Blood status or Species: Golden Retriever, dog.

Family Background

Kiara Rookbird and Aaron Morte were young, in love and delusional. They believed that their love could withstand the pressures of the society that come when a UK-famous model and a successful healer marry. It didn't help that it was a half-blood marrying into a pureblood family. Obviously, they turned out to be wrong, and even the birth of their daughter couldn't help matter and when Alex turned 12, they filed in for divorce, ending their 14 year marriage. The beginning of Alex’s third year commences their legal battle for the right to her custody, which neither of them want. This has cut her up a lot inside, but her refusal to talk to anyone about it, or even mention the thing is making it extra hard.Even before the divorce, her parents were cold and hostile towards each other and barely took notice of their daughter. Alex grew up being neglected by both of her parents, instead, the servants took care of her. She used to oscillate between periods of trouble-making extremes to academic and behavioral excellence, all in the hopes that her parents would notice. When she turned eleven, then finally her parents took a little time out of their busy lives to argue about which school Alex would go to. Her father wanted Drumstrange, while her mother wanted Beauxbatons. Sick of them and their arguments, Alex instead enlisted herself in Hogwarts, a decision which she sometimes regrets.

Lately, after her mother's realization that Alex is her only child, she has begun to take an active, intrusive interest in Alex's life, intent to secure her as the face of the Morte family, even if she was a half-blood.Her family has always been very conscious of their image in the world and were devastated by the ‘fall’ of their 'reputation' when Alex joined the Auror force. They threatened to disown her if she went through with it and though she did go through with it, they didn't disown her. Just stopped all communication with her and banned her from their house, not that she visited them all that much anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: Zoya Alexandria Morte   Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:18 pm

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Zoya Alexandria Morte
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