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 we'll always have barcelona // summer && adrian; 30 december 2016 flashback

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PostSubject: we'll always have barcelona // summer && adrian; 30 december 2016 flashback   Thu Mar 24, 2016 4:38 pm

Ever since Summer met Adrian, she had done a good job of not thinking about the day she would be leaving Barcelona. Days before her flight, her clothes were still unpacked, her make up and perfume bottles a mess on the vanity table. There were photographs taped on the mirror, framing her face whenever she looked into it, and they were the last things Summer took down when she emptied the flat of her belongings. Soon, the flat would be without even just the tiniest traces of Summer—there would be no one opening the windows everyday, no one humming songs from Golden Hollywood films. It would be just another apartment for rent, clean and pristine and lifeless.

She had stared at one particular photo before sticking them all onto a book she had bought at a nearby arts and crafts shop. In the photo, Adrian was looking up at something, possibly a window or a bird taking flight, and from the sparkle in his eyes Summer could tell that Adrian had just seen something he wanted to capture. Unfortunately, Summer was holding onto his camera at the moment, so she felt it was her responsibility to capture that moment instead.

No photograph would have captured perfectly the look on his face when he saw Summer's photograph. He had studied it for a moment, before looking at her again, and as he stared at her face Summer found herself unable to look away. For a moment, nothing and no one mattered but Adrian—Adrian and his dark brown eyes, and the way they were so full of mischief sometimes. Adrian and his lips, which were often quirked into a smile whenever they took photo walks. At that moment, they were parted, and Summer wondered... then the sounds of the streets came back, and Summer found herself pulling away, looking down at her feet as if her hair could hide her flushed cheeks.

That night, sleep didn't come to her so easily.

She couldn't seem to stop replaying that moment in her head. It was like a film she wanted to analyse, to pause and see if anything in the background could explain just why her pulse had quickened, or how for once, she was at a loss for words around Adrian. In the morning, she realised that there was no need for words, or an explanation—all she knew was that she wanted to see him again, and that if he asks, she would jump at the opportunity to spend more time with him.

But now their time was over, and in a few hours, Summer would be on a plane leaving for Paris. Paris didn't seem so romantic anymore when Adrian would be staying behind in Barcelona, doing more law enforcement work whilst she would be attending her mother's exhibit and trying to figure out just what it was she wanted to do with her life. The first time she held Adrian's camera, it was a bit like love at first sight, but even as a romantic Summer knew that love often did not last. That was, after all, why Romeo and Juliet was considered to be a classic. Love often led to tragedies, and Summer wasn't sure if her newfound love of photography would lead to one.

With everything packed into her two luggages, Summer looked at her flat one last time then left. Downstairs, Adrian was waiting for her. Though smiling was the last thing she felt like doing, she still smiled upon seeing him and gave him a quick peck on the cheeks, like how Spaniards greeted each other. 'Hola, Adrian. ¿Vamonos?'


'Hola, Adrian. ¿Vamonos?' - 'Hello, Adrian. Let's go?'
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PostSubject: Re: we'll always have barcelona // summer && adrian; 30 december 2016 flashback   Thu Mar 24, 2016 5:37 pm

The photo sessions he'd been having Summer whilst she was in Barcelona had quickly become the highlight of Adrian's life. Not because he didn't have other interests, or things to do, but because they were the most fruitful. He enjoyed his time with Summer beyond anything else, and the more time they spent together, the better she was getting at creating photos, capturing moments.

There was still a lot of work to do, of course, not even Adrian was a perfect photographer but Summer was learning well.

And, of course, he'd made a friend, so on the nights where the muses were not cooperating and giving them good pictures, Adrian took Summer to dinner, or back to the small flat he rented (a retreat from his lavish lifestyle that Adrian had not fully shared with Summer) for coffee and to develop the pictures she had taken properly.

Adrian's favourite moment, however, was when Summer had shown him a picture of himself. It was, perhaps, one of the best pictures he'd seen of himself - without sounding self-centered. It captured the scene beautifully, and Adrian had been too overcome with emotions to know what to say. The elation had been very clear in his features, and for a moment, Adrian had considered kissing Summer to show how much it meant to him.

But before he'd thought that through, Summer had moved on to something else, and Adrian had been left with the 'what if' in his head for a number of hours afterwards.

The 'what if' had only become a bigger question as their time together grew closer, too. What if he'd kissed her that day - would she still leave for Paris, or instead stay with him? What if she found out about his magic, would she stay or would he lose his friend? What if, what if, what if?

Adrian had offered to drive Summer to the airport though. This was not a what if, this was something he had to do. So, as he had promised, Adrian turned up with his car at the alloted time. Seeing summer with her bags, Adrian could feel his chest ache a little. This was going to hurt, he knew it was, but he couldn't help but put himself through it all, to know that the chance was gone, forever.

"¡Hola! ¡Por supuesto! ¿Ha conseguido todo?" Adrian replied, smiling back at her as she kissed his cheeks. A friendly gesture, he knew, but one that he would accept again and again just to be close to the woman before him. "Mejor nos apuramos, no quiero que se pierda su vuelo." Adrian added, even if the exact opposite was true in that moment. He wanted her to stay, but it would be oh so selfish of him to request that much from her.

¡Hola! ¡Por supuesto! ¿Ha conseguido todo? - Hello! Of course! Have you gotten everything?
Mejor nos apuramos, no quiero que se pierda su vuelo. - We better hurry, I don't want you to miss your flight.
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PostSubject: Re: we'll always have barcelona // summer && adrian; 30 december 2016 flashback   Wed Apr 06, 2016 6:27 pm

It was difficult to say that Summer had gotten everything. She may have packed all of her belongings, but it still felt as if she had left something. The kiss that was supposed to be just a greeting made Summer all the more aware of what she would be leaving behind, and as she stepped away from him there was a heavy feeling in her heart.

She never knew just how important Time-Turners were until this moment. She had been dismissive of the magical item when she first heard about it. To go back in time was a sign that meant one was not living their life fully, so Summer always made it a point to live so that she would never need a Time-Turner. In that moment, though, she longed for one, to go back for even just a day. Or two. Or three. Maybe four months. One look at Adrian and Summer deeply regretted only meeting him a month before her flight to Paris.

Still, she managed to flash Adrian a smile. 'Si, I've got everything,' she said, motioning to the two luggages behind her. Her smile wavered as she turned away from him, and it took all of her willpower to stop her voice from cracking. She couldn't let herself get emotional now; it would be very awkward for Adrian to have to deal with her as a crying mess in the car. No, she would have to keep smiling. Barcelona and Adrian deserved better than tears.

Adrian didn't want her to miss her flight. Somehow, those words made Summer want to stop smiling and just leave for the airport on her own. Of course he wouldn't want her to miss her flight—it was too much trouble to book last minute tickets, and besides, it wasn't as if she had a reason to linger. Like stories, all holidays had endings, and Summer knew that life in Paris would be a new beginning.

There were a dozen replies she could think of in response to what Adrian had said. A dozen replies which may have been perfect if she knew where she stood. But the clock was ticking, the hands getting closer to the time of Summer's flight. With a sigh, Summer headed for the door, pulling her baggage behind her.

'Well, I've got faith in your driving skills.' She tried to smile at him again, but there was a little less cheer to it this time. 'But yes, we better hurry.'

With one last look at the building, Summer stepped out and pulled her coat tighter around her. It wasn't snowing in Barcelona, but it was cold, and the people walking around and laughing with their partners and friends seemed as if they were from another world, a world far away from her.
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PostSubject: Re: we'll always have barcelona // summer && adrian; 30 december 2016 flashback   Wed Apr 06, 2016 6:38 pm

Finding she had everything, Adrian took the bags from her as she tried to pull them along. Lifting them with ease, he moved to put them in the back of the car. His chest was heavy as he thought about how little time they had left.

Did he ask her for a way to keep in contact, or did he just let her go, not tie her down to... anything. There were too many questions flying around his head, questions he'd left too late to really think through. Too much to be said, and not nearly enough time to say it all to the woman who had brightened the streets of Barcelona for him the last few weeks.

With the baggage put in to the car, and Summer's comments on his driving bringing a small smile to his lips, Adrian opened the car door for her, waiting until she was inside before closing it carefully for her and then moving around the other side. "It's not my driving I'm worried about." Adrian responded with a small laugh, turning the ignition of the car that roared heartily in to action.

Pulling off slowly, Adrian headed for the main road to the airport, silence consuming him in that moment as he tried to fish for something to say. Something that wouldn't make it sound like he was asking her to stay, something that made it sound like he was happy for her, moving on to the next city, her next adventure. The next man.

"So, you're looking forward to your next adventure?" Adrian asked, glancing sideways at her for a moment before his eyes focused back on the road. His mind was pleading with her to say no, he was almost hopeful she would say no, then he could ask her to stay. They would have a chance of building something, perhaps, or... worst case, they could be friends, and build memories of that friendship.

He wanted to hear anything, except that she was very excited to be going.
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PostSubject: Re: we'll always have barcelona // summer && adrian; 30 december 2016 flashback   Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:25 am

The streets they passed by brought memories to Summer's mind. She couldn't help but smile as she saw some familiar places and faces, and her curiosity was piqued by those she had never seen before. But what Summer treasured the most was how, during these adventures, she had found a companion in Adrian, a companion who knew and fully understood her love of adventure. It hurt to think that in Paris, she wouldn't hear his comments on her photographs. He wouldn't be showing her magical fountains or hidden treasures in the lesser known areas. He wouldn't be there, walking by her side.

Depending on Adrian for companionship and understanding was dangerous. Summer had known that since day one, when she noticed his expensive clothes and gathered that he wasn't new to flirtations. And yet as the days passed by, she had found herself automatically seeking his company and looking forward to those nights spent walking around the city with him. Looking out the car window, she could almost see herself and Adrian walking down the city streets. Summer would be the holding the camera, and Adrian would be leaning close, teaching her about symmetry and negative space and neutral density. Through the camera, Summer would try to capture the magnificence of Barcelona, putting her soul and spirit into her work.

No, she wasn't excited at all to leave all of it behind. That much she knew. She wanted more of Barcelona, of photo walks, of Adrian. A part of her wished for heavy traffic, or an angry phone call from her landlord telling her that she owed him money. She could still tell Adrian to turn around and bring her back to the flat. But no, it wouldn't be right to impose herself on him. It was clear to her that they would remain mere photographs to each other—suspended in time, never ageing, only fading when many years have passed by.

'Yes, I'm excited,'
she eventually replied, willing herself to sound eager to see Paris. 'I can't wait to live in Montmartre. I could be like Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, going to bars with people reciting poetry and that sort of thing. It would be so much fun.' She was glad at least that Adrian was driving—with his eyes on the road, he wouldn't able to see that despite the energy she put into her words, her smile didn't quite reach her eyes, and if Adrian looked closely, he probably would see intense longing in them. And Summer was quite sure it wasn't Paris she was longing for.

Taking the chance to veer the topic away from her feelings, Summer asked, 'Are you excited for me? You did tell me before about how beautiful Paris is.' She knew it was a masochistic question to ask, since Adrian would of course be excited for her, but she couldn't bring herself to ask what she wondered about the most.

It was doubtful that Adrian would miss her, anyway. He was a charming man, and she was just a passing traveller.
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PostSubject: Re: we'll always have barcelona // summer && adrian; 30 december 2016 flashback   Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:54 pm

Had Adrian have known the woman longer, he'd have picked up more on the way she was looking out the window. Wanting more of it. Perhaps he might have noted her body language was not that of someone who was heading off on their next big adventure. Or, even, Adrian might have noted that the tone of voice was not quite right in that circumstance.

It would have been easier if he could concentrate on her, too, but with driving, he had to keep his eyes on the road, not the woman beside him. Tempting as the latter would be.

But, Adrian knew only little bits about Summer. He knew how she smiled, how she concentrated when he spoke, the relief on her face when he told her she had captured the moment perfectly. He knew the drinks she liked, and the food of Barcelona that she preferred. But he had never known her to be discontent, or sad. Because there had not been the time to experience these emotions.

So, when Summer told Adrian that she was, indeed, looking forward to going to Paris, he took those words as the truth of the moment, and he couldn't help but feel like he'd been sucker-punched in the gut in that moment. Happy for her, yes, but still hurting with the impending notion that she would be leaving him.

Perhaps, forever.

"Prancing around the streets with mimes, too?" Adrian joked softly, the stereotypical Parisian coming to mind for a moment before he shook the idea away. Best not to think of such thing - jealousy would creep in, and Adrian really didn't wish to be sour with her leaving. Checking the clock on the dash, Adrian made a left turn -veering off course slightly, because he had time, and he wanted to use all of the remaining time he had with Summer to its fullest.

"Of course I'm excited for you." Adrian responded, letting out a soft laugh that showed he thought it to be a silly question. Not in a mean way, but in a way Adrian thought that idea to be obvious. "You're living your dreams. A new adventure. I'm jealous that you get to jetset off to Paris. You'll have loads of fun there." The Spaniard replied honestly, glancing across at her with a smile that showed he meant it, even if it meant losing his newest friend, he would not begrudge her the experiences.

"If I'm ever in Montmarte, I promise I'll look you up." He added, subtly showing he wanted to keep in contact, but not being so forward as to ask for her mobile number, or something like that. After all, it wasn't like he could send an owl with post to her, or something. And, Adrian had heard, postage in the Muggle world was quite expensive, and he didn't wish to put such things on Summer.
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PostSubject: Re: we'll always have barcelona // summer && adrian; 30 december 2016 flashback   Fri Apr 08, 2016 12:49 am

It wasn't the answer Summer wanted to hear, but Adrian sounded so sincere that she couldn't really begrudge him for being happy for her. That was the Adrian she knew and liked so much—open-minded, free spirited and generally well-meaning. He had even changed her opinion of both law enforcers and wealthy men. A man with so much power can become rather egoistic and snobby, but in the one month she had known him, Adrian had proven himself to be the opposite. It wasn't everyday that she met men like him.

The idea of prancing around with mimes made her laugh. It wouldn't be such a bad experience, though. She had read somewhere that there was an actual school for mimes, and that it wasn't as easy as it seemed. 'Well, maybe,' she grinned. 'I could wear a beret and a striped shirt, and make a complete fool out of myself. It'd be a laugh.'

Summer looked away from the streets and bit her lip. Having fun in Paris was the last thing on her mind. She couldn't bear to look at the road anymore, since for once she wasn't excited to get on an airplane and lose herself in a strange city. 'In all seriousness, though, I'll miss Barcelona. So much.'

Her tone was light, but there was a trace of melancholy she was sure Adrian would hear. She didn't care anymore if Adrian detected the double meaning behind the words. She was indeed in love with Barcelona, and to quote Shakespeare, parting is such sweet sorrow.

As Adrian drove and talked, Summer found herself staring at him. Perhaps they could keep in touch, maybe send each other e-mails once in a while. Deep down, though, she knew that it wouldn't do. Despite being a muggleborn, she rarely used muggle technology, and only Merlin knows how Adrian would react to receiving a handwritten letter through an owl. Besides, if they did keep in touch, the letters would eventually slow down, until one day they would finally stop. It was probably for the best, then, that they kept each other in their memories as that wonderful one-month friend in Barcelona, and not as that friend from abroad they're obligated to write to.

Still, it pleased her to know that Adrian would look her up if he ever found himself in Montmartre. She highly doubted they would see each other again, but perhaps fate wouldn't be such a scrooge. She didn't know how he'd find her unless she gave him her mobile, email or flat address, but it wasn't information she thought she could readily offer. Adrian was possibly just being polite, and the last thing Summer wanted to do was to make him feel obligated and tied down. She had no right to do that at all.

'Looking forward to it. I'll be glad to show you around the places I find,'
she replied, finally realising that she had been staring at him. As if caught red-handed, she decided to just look out the window again. Even if Adrian wasn't speeding, they were still moving too fast for her liking. Softly, she sang 'La Vie en Rose', and thought about the scene in Sabrina when Audrey Hepburn sang the song as Linus Larrabee, played by Humphrey Bogart, drove and talked about leaving for Paris.

In the film, Linus Larrabee had said that Paris was a city for lovers, but in Paris, Summer would be all alone.

At least, she had created something for him to remember her by. In her hand carry bag was an orange notebook filled with some of the photos she had taken and reflections on life as a half-Spanish traveller in Barcelona. It was no A Moveable Feast, but she hoped it would be good enough to remind Adrian of the wonderful times they had. Smiling to herself, she hugged her bag and tried to focus on the good memories. Barcelona was already beautiful in itself, but it was Adrian who made it a place she would always treasure.

She would save her gratitude for when they are finally in the airport. For now, she wanted to cherish this one last car ride. 'I think I only truly understood what art is here in Barcelona,' she said. 'Art. And beauty. No, really, I'd move here if I could. I'm so envious of you.'
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PostSubject: Re: we'll always have barcelona // summer && adrian; 30 december 2016 flashback   Sat Apr 09, 2016 9:17 am

"That's the fun in life, making a fool of yourself whilst having the fun you want." Adrian replied, imagining Summer in the outfit she'd played out as a small smile touched his lips. In a way, it would suit her, but he knew, deep down, that even if he could imagine it in his head, seeing Summer in that attire, making a fool of herself would only be worth seeing in person.

His imagination would never do her any justice.

"Maybe the first week you're there, you'll miss it, but Paris will open new doors, have new distractions." Adrian responded - though he did note her tone - he didn't want for her to hold back from the experiences of Paris, it would be a waste of her time, and wasting time was not something Adrian would ever wish for anyone whilst they travelled around.

The promise to show him around - Adrian believed, even if it was an empty promise. How could he not believe the woman beside him. They were friends, after all, fast friends. Even if she made his heart flutter more often than not with the little things she did, Adrian knew they could be friends at least. But, he didn't respond, instead listening to her singing softly. The movie that the song was from escaped him, as did the lyrics, but to listen to Summer sing... Adrian was simply content with that, and as they drove, it filled the gap in conversation nicely.

The comment of art and beauty made Adrian let out a soft, small laugh. "Ah, pero si usted vive en este caso sería la belleza no se pierde?" Adrian asked, slipping back in to Spanish by accident in that moment. "Beauty recedes upon its common occurrence on your eyes..." He insisted, looking across at Summer once more, before correcting himself. "In most cases, anyway."

The last comment was added fondly, before Adrian's eyes fell back on to the road, indicating off of the road and in to the airport driveway and along the terminal buildings.

Their journey nearly at an end as Adrian pulled in to the parking space outside the door for her. Too late to turn back now, Adrian thought to himself as he got out the car, hurrying around to Summer's side and opening the door for her. He would make sure the memories were all positive for Summer before she left, because Barcelona had to stay beautiful, forever.

Ah, pero si usted vive en este caso sería la belleza no se pierde ? - Ah, but if you lived here would the beauty not be lost?
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PostSubject: Re: we'll always have barcelona // summer && adrian; 30 december 2016 flashback   Wed Apr 13, 2016 4:29 pm

The sad thing about distractions was that they weren't really what she was looking for anymore. Months in Barcelona had shown her that, as nice as it was to be an adventurer without a to-do list, she needed a semblance of direction in her life. Summer merely smiled at Adrian's comment, not wanting to contradict him on their last day together.

It was easy for Adrian to think of distractions as a good thing. With his job as a law enforcer, he certainly needed them in order to avoid turning into a cynical misanthrope. Perhaps that was why he loved photography so much—it was his way of preserving the beautiful things the world has to offer.

She doubted Barcelona would lose its beauty if she had lived there. It had an urban charm that mixed well with the older buildings. As someone who grew up in a small town, cities never ceased to amaze her. Even the grimy areas of London had their charm, although Summer would never linger in those areas. Perhaps, in a way, Adrian was right—for Summer, Barcelona was a new, unexplored place, and it was the process of getting to know the city that made it so beautiful.

It was sort of like getting to know a person. There was a heady rush to discovering what one liked and disliked. She glanced quickly at Adrian before looking away again, as it sank in how this was her last chance to get to know Adrian, to try and take a peek into his soul.

They reached the airport just as Summer thought of a question. Reluctantly, she stepped out as he held the door open for her. A wave of sadness rushed over her as she headed for the trunk to get her baggage. 'I'd like to know then,' she started, turning away from Adrian lest he saw the somber expression in her eyes, 'what you find beautiful. How you still find Barcelona so beautiful. You are a photographer, after all, and I saw through your photos how much you love the city.'

She considered giving him the book before deciding against it. It would probably be best to give it to him just before she walks away to check in. She was scared of his reactions, scared to see the potential of rejection in his eyes. For a moment, she wondered if her parents had named her too perfectly. She was Summer, just a holiday, a passing season who would be unwelcome if she overstayed.

When she finally gathered the courage to look at Adrian again, she turned to him with a smile. 'I don't know how I can ever repay you,' she said. 'You've made Barcelona such a wonderful place for me. If I can do the same for you... someday...' She bit her lip as she tried to control her expression. It would be best for Adrian to remember her smiling, not a crying mess who was overly sentimental. 'I would be really glad to return the favour. And I mean it.'
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PostSubject: Re: we'll always have barcelona // summer && adrian; 30 december 2016 flashback   Wed Apr 13, 2016 6:11 pm

The question was... strange, but in a good way. Adrian paused at the question, wondering what on earth would be an adequate answer to that? Stalling for an answer though was not something Adrian thought wise in that moment, so he gave a casual shrug - something that showed he was comfortable around Summer because his family frowned on such things.

"I find many things beautiful, for different reasons. There is not a singular definition of beauty, in my eyes." Adrian responded, meaning the words, he found things beautiful that some people couldn't see, and yet that didn't make him wrong. "But, for me, Barcelona is beautiful for the details of the architecture, the position of the sun that is not the same in any other city in the world, the feeling of being home, and the familiarity of... everything. Except the people. The people of Barcelona..." Adrian paused, his eyes lingering on Summer for a moment, his eyes taking her in in that moment, one last time, perhaps. "The people that come to Barcelona, for long periods, or a day, they are what makes Barcelona beautiful." Adrian explained, though if you looked in to his eyes, you would see that he was struggling with those words.

The beauty of Barcelona was on the brink of leaving, and he had no way of making her stay.

With the topic moving to repayment, Adrian shook his head, a small smile on his lips. "It was I who had to repay you, so... you owe me nothing." Adrian replied, meaning it completely in that moment. The picture from the day he had first set eyes on Summer would be one that he treasured for a long time, of that much he was certain.

Then came a pause, which Adrian allowed himself the time to unload Summer's bags, and close the boot of the car. And still, he knew what was coming.


Adrian didn't want to have to say goodbye to Summer, she was his new friend. Someone he wanted to know more than he already did. To spend more time with, to explore more of Barcelona, and possibly other cities together. But, their time had been cut short, and this was... this was goodbye.

"Summer..." Adrian said softly, his Spanish accent making the single word sound more beautiful than the English word could ever be in it's native tongue. He paused, though, doubting himself for a moment as he took a very small, awkward step closer to the girl before him. "I..." But the words failed Adrian, instead, leaning down just a little to meet her lips with his own. It was a very soft kiss - not at all how he'd imagined kissing her the one time before when an almost kiss had arisen. No, this kiss was different because he was sure he was too late, but he couldn't help but want to show Summer he cared for her as one hand moved to gently cup her face.

Adrian held it, for a few moments, his eyes fluttering closed after only half a second, and opening a moment after he'd pulled away from the kiss. "You... you need to go, or... you'll miss your flight." Adrian whispered, his hand still lingering on her cheek as he gave her a small smile.

You only have to say no. You only have to say you don't want to go... He thought, as he slowly moved his hand away, and waited for her to turn. To turn, and leave him behind, forever.
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PostSubject: Re: we'll always have barcelona // summer && adrian; 30 december 2016 flashback   

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we'll always have barcelona // summer && adrian; 30 december 2016 flashback
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