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 Our Future (Amethyst & TJ)

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PostSubject: Our Future (Amethyst & TJ)   Sat Mar 26, 2016 11:38 am

As the summer came in to being, the weather grew warmer, and both TJ and Amy had been prepping for their NEWTS. TJ wasn't too worried about his own, for deep down he knew that even if he got all Outstandings in his classes, the likelihood of getting a job with them was small. Nobody really wanted a werewolf around, and he'd already resigned himself to that.

But he kept those thoughts from Amy, because he knew she would tell him it was okay, that they would work through this.

And, though he liked to hear those words, this time, he knew he was right, and reassurances were not the way forward. Today was another of those days, though TJ had suggested getting some fresh air rather than staying cooped up in the library whilst they studied. Which was precisely why they were out by the Black Lake, sat on a picnic blanket with their books and a few snacks, revising for their upcoming exams.

Except, TJ wasn't one hundred percent focused, because he was worrying about what happened after their exams.

"Amy." TJ spoke waiting for her to look up from her book before he spoke again. "What are your plans for after Hogwarts?" He asked, though he knew she planned to further her education, TJ had never asked what they would do after this year. TJ wasn't going in to further education because he simply didn't know what would make spending so much money worthwhile. "With us, I mean, what do you want to do?" He clarified, because he certainly didn't want Amy to think he hadn't listened when she'd told him about her studies before.
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PostSubject: Re: Our Future (Amethyst & TJ)   Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:20 pm

The weather was getting warmer as the Summer approached. For once, the blonde Hufflepuff witch was not dressed in her usual warm sweaters, neither did she have a scarf around her neck to protect her from the cold wind. It was rather warm, and Amethyst was enjoying it as much as she could.

Today, she was out with TJ, enjoying the warm sun as they both sat by the Black Lake reading their books quietly. Truth be told, TJ had been awfully quiet today, and a feeling of worry had taken over Amethyst for a couple of minutes, but she relaxed, thinking it was because his book was just interesting enough to have his full attention. She had not bothered to ask him what he was reading, but it sure had to be something he liked, or else he wouldn't be sitting so quietly.

Amethyst was too reading a book about Potions that she had bought over Christmas. It was quiet interesting, she might say, and it kept her busy enough so not to think about what has been bothering for the past month or so. Amethyst and TJ were a couple. A real couple, now that they had also started a sexual relationship. And that meant, at least to Amethyst but she doubted it was any different for TJ, that this relationship was serious.

What she hadn't taken into consideration though, was that they were both in their Seventh Year, and the end of the year was approaching faster than she had imagined. What was going to happen to them after this was over? Were they going to break up? Was this just another 'High School Romance' , as one had said in a Muggle book?
Amethyst just didn't want to think about this right now, since their NEWTS were around the corner, but she could not run away from it for the rest of her life.


Her head snapped up immediately, her eyes focusing on TJ who was now looking at her, kinda worried she may add. She wasn't sure what was wrong, and for a moment, she thought he was reading her mind. But before she had the chance to ask him why, spoke up.

"What are your plans for after Hogwarts?"

Amethyst looked at him confused. They had talked about what she wanted to be after Hogwarts a few times, and she had mentioned that a becoming a Professor was on top of her list, but she was scared that the students would treat her badly and that she wouldn't be able to teach. TJ always calmed her down, saying that he was sure she would have her way of handling them.

But it seemed that this was not exactly what TJ meant, since before Amethyst had a chance to answer his question and explain what she had in mind he spoke again, further explaining what he had intended to ask in the first place.

"With us, I mean, what do you want to do?"

Amethyst closed her book, averting his eyes for a moment, hoping that this conversation was going to take a bit longer to pop up. But he had asked her and she wanted to answer, even if it was difficult. She had to tell him how she felt.
Placing her closed now book aside, Amethyst bit her lip and moved closer to TJ, pushing herself into his lap and looking up at him with a small smile.

"Well, you know.. I might have dreamed about us uhh.. About us having like.. a nice house and doing umm.. things." Amethyst made sure to emphasize the last bit with a small smirk before continuing. "And then there were little children running around that house.. the little boy was just like his father. Just like you, TJ."

Leaning in to kiss his lips, Amethyst finally allowed herself to speak freely. "I don't want to lose you. In fact, I can't even imagine breaking up with you. I want us to be together after school, and.. and have a family even.. I wanted you to be my first but I also want you to be my last."
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PostSubject: Re: Our Future (Amethyst & TJ)   Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:47 pm

TJ had been worried about this conversation, despite his heart telling him he already knew the answer. His head played havoc constantly, truth be told, he was not enough, there was always someone better, someone with more to offer. But, deep down, TJ knew that they both loved one another, so it wasn't likely Amy was going to leave him just because school had finished.

But, that didn't stop the nerves when he'd asked her.

As she moved to his lap, TJ wrapped his arms around her, and gave her a small, apologetic smile at the question. Maybe he needn't have asked, but at least this way he knew without having to make a list of assumptions.

TJ's smile appeared when she spoke of a house together though, and a soft chuckle left his lips as she spoke of things. The idea of children was one that TJ - probably unlike many people his age - was open to and he nodded briefly before she said their son would be just like him. "Maybe not in every way..." TJ whispered softly, he didn't want his son to have his condition, and though he knew it wasn't genetic, he wanted to know that their children would be safe with him around.

The soft kiss confirmed everything Amethyst had just told him, and TJ kissed her back, in agreement with all that she'd said. "I wanted to check... that this, all we have, and will have, is what you want." TJ responded softly, leaning in to kiss her again. "Though, I hope we have a little girl who's as beautiful as her mummy." He added, smiling fully now as he held his girlfriend close to him.
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PostSubject: Re: Our Future (Amethyst & TJ)   

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Our Future (Amethyst & TJ)
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