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 Gabriel Emerson

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PostSubject: Gabriel Emerson    Sun Mar 27, 2016 10:35 am

Full Name: Gabriel Cain Emerson
Age: 33
Date of birth: 17th of July
Birthplace: Selinsgrove, Philadelphia
Current home: Nottingham, England
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Wand type: 9 inch oak with phoenix feather

Hair colour and style: Brown, rarely messy looking
Eye colour:Blue
Height: 6'3
Body type: Muscular
Dress sense: Expensive, Elegant, Professor-like. Mostly suits
Birthmarks: N/A
Tattoos: N/A
Scars: N/A
Piercings: N/A

Likes: (3 minimum)
 - Women
- Sex
 - Cocaine (used to)
 - Drinking (will get rid of it)
 - Literature
 - Poetry
 - Reading
 - Books
- History
- His job
- A girl whose name escapes him (He met her back at his hometown)
- Dante
- Art
- Museums

Dislikes: (3 minimum)
 - Smoking
 - Silliness
 - Cheap things
- Cocaine
- Alcohol

Strengths: (3 minimum)
 - Poetry
 - Literature
 - History
- Good in bed
- Treat a woman right (One specific woman, exceptionally right)
- Good Professor
- Loving
- Lying

Weaknesses: (3 minimum)
 - No serious relationships
 - Unfaithful (Except for one girl)
 - Cold
- Moody
- Secretive

Positive traits: (3 minimum)
 - Responsible
 - Reliable
 - Self-discipline
- Forgiveness

Negative traits: (3 minimum)
 - Arrogant
 - Flirtatious
 - Jealous
- Moody
- Sarcastic
- Selfish
- Stubborn

Gabriel grew up in a brothel since his mother was a whore, addicted to alcohol and drugs. He was made to see things that scared his life, and made him despise his mother. He had been hit, abused, but thankfully, he was saved before he was sexually harassed.

At the age of six, after he was saved, he was placed in an orphanage in which he remained for four years, before he was finally adopted. His new mother, Ece, had told him there was something about him that made her unable to stay away. This was the main reason why she adopted him. Because he had something different, something unique.

During the years he spent with his new family, he was a little troublemaker. But also, he was in love with poetry and Literature, especially with Dante. He sometimes got into fights with Seth, but he loved him and Rachel, even though he would never ever speak of it. He loved Ece too, but Gabriel was a secretive and cold person, rarely able to express his feelings. Especially feeling like these.

During his studies, Gabriel fell into drugs and got addicted to Cocaine. His scars were on the surface and his life had been all over the place. No serious relationships. Gabriel simply fucked and moved on with his life. His good looks made it easy for him to maintain this sort of lifestyle.

During that time, back at his Family's house's Orchard, he spent the night with the most beautiful girl he had ever seen his whole life. They had never met, since he was studying away, but he felt his heart skip a beat, even if it was the first time he laid eyes on her. He was high on cocaine, and was talking to her in a language she probably didn't understand. Italian.
One thing he didn't know though was that the girl that had stolen his heart that night, was his sister's best friend, Genevieve. She was his Beatrice.

They ended up falling asleep together, but in the morning he was long gone before she woke up. He never saw her again since that day, and never learned her name.

One more thing he didn't know though, was that he was a wizard.

Once he finished studying, he became a Professor, and is now teaching in the University. He was no longer addicted to drugs and had managed to make a name for himself. Though one bad habit he had, was he found women to satisfy his needs, but never the same ones. He fucked and that was it.

It was a simple life, really. He was rich, he had his job and a name for himself. And he was living it all.

Adoptive Mother:
   Name: Ece Clark
   Age: 54
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Housewife

Adoptive Father:
   Name: Owen Clark
   Age: 56
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Retired

   Name: Seth Clark
   Age: 29
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Searching

 Name: Corina Clark
   Age: 27
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Kindergarten teacher

   Name: Void
   Age: 4
   Living or Deceased:Living
   Blood type or Species: Eagle Owl

Gabriel doesn't know much about his real parents, neither about his current one.

His mother was a whore, addicted to drugs. Gabriel was taken from her and was put into an Orphanage at the age of six.

His current parents, and the only people he actually considered a family were loving. They were both kind people who already had two other children. Gabriel was the older of the siblings.
Ece and Owen loved them all equally, and provided them anything they could.
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PostSubject: Re: Gabriel Emerson    Sun Mar 27, 2016 3:39 pm

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Gabriel Emerson
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