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 Taste of Home (Stephen and Finley)

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PostSubject: Taste of Home (Stephen and Finley)   Sun Mar 27, 2016 3:36 pm

The UK was nice and all, but there was just one thing that Chee Wye missed. Okay, two, but one he could deal with and the other was just not acceptable at all - and that was the food. Malaysian food was the epiphany of life, what with so many varieties. And right now, Chee Wye was craving a nice plate of chicken rice.

Slipping down to the kitchens, he wondered if the house-elves there would know how to make that. He had heard how to enter the kitchens, and that was by tickling the pear. Shaking his head, Chee Wye did just that, wondering what his friends back home would say if they saw him standing outside a door rubbing a finger over a picture of a fruit. "Sure send me Tanjung Rambutan," he muttered.
[Tanjung Rambutan is a mental hospital.]

But, the door opened, and Chee Wye stepped inside to see the house elves running around. One approached him and bowed. "Eh, boss, can have one plate chicken rice ah?" Chee Wye asked, and the only reply he received was the house elf leading him to an empty table and telling him to sit. So, he did, crossing his fingers and hoping that he would get what he was so desperately craving.
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PostSubject: Re: Taste of Home (Stephen and Finley)   Sun Mar 27, 2016 3:51 pm

Finley had spent the evening with Madison, again. His O.W.L.S. were coming up, and Finley was honestly beginning to panic. Well, he'd been panicking for a while, but it was building to be noticeable now. As always, though, Madison had helped him through all of his work, being patient as he practiced the spells non-verbally and making slow progress.

He'd just walked his girlfriend back to her common room (a habit Finley had formed already) when his stomach rumbled quite loudly. Letting out a sigh, Finley checked the coast was clear and hurried up to the portrait of the pear. Being a Prefect, he was allowed to come down here from time to time, and right now, well, he definitely needed to abuse his rights as a Prefect.

Slipping through the door, Finley was met by the House Elves, as usual, and he smiled, wondering for a moment what he would like. The house elves asked him again and again, before Finley noted the other boy in the room. Oh.

"Uh... I. I'll h-have the same as. As h-him." Finley said, and the house elves left him to hurry to prepare the food. Merlin he hoped the other boy was eating something good. "H-Hi." Finley finally greeted the other boy in the room, giving him a small, nervous smile.
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PostSubject: Re: Taste of Home (Stephen and Finley)   Sun Mar 27, 2016 4:03 pm

Chee Wye was looking around the kitchen, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells in amazement. If the house elves could make him what he wanted, this could very well become his favourite place in the whole of Hogwarts. It was also right next to his common room, which was an amazing benefit.

Truth be told, Chee Wye didn't much care what house he was in, as long as they were nice people and he wasn't treated as an outsider, despite his obvious difference. There was a lot to get used to in the UK - with their accents being one of them. How could people only speak in one language? It was so dull, especially since there were so many words that wouldn't and couldn't be captured in English.

The sound of the door opening made him turn, and he watched as someone else entered, watching in integument as the boy also ordered. At the greeting, he glanced over his shoulder. "Talking to me ar?" he asked, then, nothing nobody else was responding to the male, decided that it had been him. "Hello, hello," he replied, then noted the uniform the boy was wearing. "Eh macha, you a prefect right? Am I allowed to be here?" he asked, suddenly realising that it might be a restricted thing.
[Macha is the Tamil word for 'male friend', and is used like 'bro', in a friendly way. Basically, he's saying, "Hey, bro, you're a prefect, right?"]
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PostSubject: Re: Taste of Home (Stephen and Finley)   Sun Mar 27, 2016 7:16 pm

When the boy asked if Finley was talking to him - though it seemed he missed the end of the sentence, though Finley really couldn't talk about speech impediments - the Ravenclaw nodded to affirm that he had been. When the boy said hello, Finley gave him a smile - well, at least this time he'd stumbled upon someone they were friendly. Too many times he'd stumbled across the not so nice students of Hogwarts and regretted it.

"Eh macha, you a prefect right? Am I allowed to be here?"

The first couple of words threw Finley completely - they weren't English. Well, maybe the first word was, but the second wasn't, and Finley didn't know any other language than English to be able to hazard a guess at what language it actually was. Catching himself after too long a pause without saying anything, Finley did a mini jump from his thoughts (visible to the boy before him) and shook his head.

"No, I m-mean yes. Ummm." Finley paused, getting his brain to focus on what he did know the boy had said. "Y-yes I am a prefect." Finley corrected himself. "And you... you are allowed h-here." The Ravenclaw finalised, making sure the boy knew he wasn't here to make trouble, for himself, or the other boy.

"W-what did you say, though?" Finley asked, still trying to work it out, that was more important than introducing himself at the moment.
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PostSubject: Re: Taste of Home (Stephen and Finley)   Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:27 am

The conflicting answers confused him, and he frowned slightly as he tried to figure it out. What was it with western people and their style of answering? It was so simple, really: yes was yes unless it meant no, and no meant no. In this case, the boy had said both a yes and a no, and Chee Wye couldn't figure out whether the yes was the no or the no was the yes.

Things were so much easier back home.

Nevertheless, the boy eventually did correct himself, for which Chee Wye was glad, and he nodded, leaning back into his seat in that moment. He wasn't going to be in trouble, and that was good enough news for him. "Eh, sit sit sit," he invited, motioning to the chair opposite him. "Waiting for what? Leng lui to appear issit?" he joked, grinning as usual.
[Leng lui = pretty girl. Translation: "Come take a seat. Why are you standing around? Are you waiting for a pretty girl to appear?" in a teasing manner.]

"W-what did you say, though?"

Chee Wye blinked, not quite sure how to answer. He had already been given answers. "Har?" he asked, in return. "You already got answer me, leh. Why you ask what some more?"

{Translation: "Huh? You've already answered me, you know; why would you ask me to repeat myself again?"}

Last edited by Leong Chee Wye on Tue Mar 29, 2016 4:07 am; edited 2 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Taste of Home (Stephen and Finley)   Mon Mar 28, 2016 9:20 am

When the other boy told him to sit, Finley did so, he wasn't very good at saying no to people. And instructions were instructions, which meant they were to be followed. However, the boy was talking again, and Finley's brow creased with confusion. "I-I'm not waiting f-for anything..." Finley responded to the boy, though what else the boy had said, he had absolutely no clue.

"You already got answer me, leh. Why you ask what some more?"

The English of the boy before him was terrible, but Finley was not judging him. No, Finley was trying to decipher what in Merlin's name was going on. Had he fallen asleep? Subtly pinching himself, Finley felt pain and realised this was not a dream. "Har?" He repeated, trying to work out the word. "W-what does that mean?" Finley asked, the Ravenclaw was of course curious, but also starting to get very confused by all the extra words and the changing around of normal sentences.
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PostSubject: Re: Taste of Home (Stephen and Finley)   Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:32 am

Smiling widely as the boy sat, Chee Wye leaned back in his seat, relaxed. The day was going well, considering he was hopefully about to get good food, and he was making new friends. The male before him seemed nice and decent, someone he wouldn't mind being friends with, although much more polite than he was used to. And what was with the stutter? Chee Wye didn't think he was that scary a person, although many westerners had told him he was too loud at times; the Hufflepuff honesty did not really understand this, though, with it being a norm back home.

At the comment, Chee Wye let out a loud laugh. "Joke only lah!" he said, shaking his head.
[Translation: "Don't worry, I was only kidding!"] Did the male really believe that Chee Wye thought he was waiting for someone pretty to come? How shallow were the people here? Or perhaps, Chee Wye told himself, the poor boy had social anxiety (he had heard about that from a friend) and the idea had startled him.

The question confused him, and he spent a couple seconds thinking back. What did he say that was so confusing? Perhaps his phrasing had been not clear? Trying again, Chee Wye said, "I asked, why you ask me to say again? You oledy answer me."
[Translation: "I asked, why did you ask me to repeat myself? You have already (pronounced oh-lay-dy) answered me."]

Smiling amiably at the boy, Chee Wye decided that if the poor thing had social anxiety, the best thing was to be his friend and show him that it was okay to mix around with people. "Oh so you know, my name is Chee Wye," he added, realising they had never really been introduced. "You leh?" [Translation: "And what about you?" The 'leh' softens it and makes it more endearing, showing genuine interest in the person.]
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PostSubject: Re: Taste of Home (Stephen and Finley)   Mon Mar 28, 2016 11:42 am

Finley's lips twitched in to an uncertain smile when the boy said it was a joke - or, that's what Finley decided the boy had meant - though he had absolutely no clue what 'lah' meant in that moment. Except that it was a singing word, thing, to get your pitches right - Merlin he hoped the boy wasn't about to break in to song, Finley definitely wouldn't know what to do.

"I k-know I answered." Finley responded to the boy's broken up English sentence. He was patient, at least. "But, y-you keep using... umm... f-funny words. Not English w-words, and I d-don't know what they mean." Finley explained, his cheeks hinting a light pink because he didn't say this to be mean, he simply wanted to understand what the other boy was trying to say.

At the introduction, Finley realised he'd been rude. Telling himself off in his head, Finley smiled back at the other boy. "I'm F-Finley. Finley Allen." He supplied, thinking that Chee had given him his full name. An innocent mistake - Finley had never met someone with a double first name!
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PostSubject: Re: Taste of Home (Stephen and Finley)   Mon Mar 28, 2016 12:54 pm

At the clarification, understanding dawned on Chee Wye, and he let out a long, "Ohhhhh," and then paused for a second before adding a, "Cheh. Why you never say earlier?" [Cheh = A sound made usually when dismissing something someone said in a light-hearted manner - the word can be dragged for more effect - and is more or less like "it's just that?/that's it/pshh/pfft?". Translation: "Oh, that's it? Pshhh. Why didn't you tell me that earlier?"] In all honesty, it wasn't that Chee Wye was purposely confusing the people around him or trying to do that - it was that he just did not see the differences in which language he used. To him, it was 'Malaysian', and it was all he knew to speak.

"I'm from Malaysia," he said, thinking this in itself was a good enough explanation. "Next time hor, stop me and I can explain, cos I also dunno if you don't understand."
[Translation: "Okay, next time, stop me and I can explain myself, because I won't know if you don't understand otherwise."] It wasn't something he minded, mostly because of the sheer limitations of westerners only speaking one language. It must be miserable for them, he decided.

"Wah, such a long name ah?" he inquired, surprised that an ang moh would have a name like that. Usually they only had one, not two, but there were many things Chee Wye knew he had to learn about these Mat Sallehs, and this was apparently one of them.
[Wah is an exclamation of something that impresses you/shocks you. 'Ah' is like, 'really'? Translation: "Wow, you really have a double name?" Ang moh/mat salleh is basically terms for 'white people'.]

Realising that he was doing a lot of talking and hadn't ordered a drink, and out of habit, he made a kissing noise. "Eh bos, air kosong one!" he called out, then paused, realised where he was, and then had the decency to flush. "Eh, sorry, I forgot I wasn't at a mamak... Boss, one glass of water please!" he corrected, looking towards Finley after he ordered. "You want a drink?" [Translation: "Excuse me, boss, can I have one water ar? Oh, sorry. I forgot I wasn't as a street-side restaurant (which is called 'mamak' here; it's a name, like 'cafe'). Can I please have a glass of water? Would you like a drink?" It's a common thing (and not a rude thing at all) to call over the waiters at mamaks using the kissing noise.]
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PostSubject: Re: Taste of Home (Stephen and Finley)   Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:00 pm

Finley didn't respond to the question of why he hadn't asked earlier - it would likely be deemed rude if he pointed out that he had, in fact, tried to get the boy to explain himself. But, it didn't matter now, Finley decided. Instead, the Ravenclaw gave Chee Wye a small, apologetic smile to show that he had acknowledged the words that had been spoken.

"M-Malaysia?" Finley asked, his eyes going quite wide. "That's a-a long way f-from here." He added, frowning for a moment as he tried to remember the schools that were known. Which one was the one in Asia. "So... w-why didn't you go t-to Mahoutokoro School of M-Magic?" Finley asked, not trying to be offensive in the slightest, he was curious why someone would come to Hogwarts, rather than somewhere closer to home.

"It's n-not a long name..." Finley responded, once again with a look of confusion touching his features. "That's all of m-my name." Finley explained - not saying his middle name because that was private.

"I'll h-have a pumpkin juice." Came the Prefect's response. "What's m-mamic... mamak?" Finley asked, not quite getting the sound of the word right the first time he tried. He gave an apologetic smile at the first mistake, his eyes more curious than they had been in a long time. The boy before him was awesome - confusing, but awesome!
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PostSubject: Re: Taste of Home (Stephen and Finley)   

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Taste of Home (Stephen and Finley)
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