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 You Seem.. Familiar [Gabriel & Genevieve]

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PostSubject: You Seem.. Familiar [Gabriel & Genevieve]   Sun Mar 27, 2016 5:47 pm

It was the start of the year. A new semester and a whole lot of new things to do. Well, some of them were going to be new but some where the same familiar things to Gabriel. Things he has been doing for the past 6 years or so. Teaching Literature was what Gabriel had always wanted to do, and now, now he was living his dream. He had made a name for himself, he was famous, smart, independent, the best. He had it all, someone would think.

But Gabriel had nothing, in reality.

Money and strength might be what provides you the best life, but Gabriel was empty. He was cold, only expressive when teaching. And even then, he was never.. emotional towards his students. He was a handsome young man, with women falling for him and he sure took advantage of that to fulfill his carnal needs, but it was simply that. Nothing more. Just a casual fuck.

Getting dressed in his suit, Gabriel smirked to himself as he thought of all these things. Surely, many of his female students would throw themselves at his feet, but Gabriel was not interested in mere students. Even if some of them were.. presentable, someone would say, he was not going to risk his career for them. There were many more women he could seduce.

Once he was ready, he grabbed his things and exited his office moving towards his class. He wondered whether this year was going to be better. But he had a feeling there would be something new.. something.. unique.

Walking into the classroom, Gabriel looked around, watching as the students started taking their seats, and going quiet. A smirk touched his lips at that. He was intimidating sure, but having that effect on people was.. good.

Placing his things aside, Gabriel got rid of his jacket and turned to the students. He hadn't prepared anything for their first lesson, but he was going to get to know them through a few things. A few questions actually.

"Good morning. Today I'd like to get to know you a bit. See if you are..," Gabriel made a pause, scanning the classroom with his eyes. "Fitting for this class."
A smirk touched his lips as he leaned against his office, crossing his arms over his chest.
"Terror made me cruel. I would like someone to tell me from which book this powerful quotes comes from. Along with your name."
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PostSubject: Re: You Seem.. Familiar [Gabriel & Genevieve]   Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:01 pm

Genevieve was new to university, after picking a Muggle university, she'd had second thoughts for a moment, before she'd gotten there. But upon arriving and taking in her student flat for the year, the young woman had known that she could make it through this. It would be scary, but she would get through this.

Her first lesson was going to be interesting, of that much Neve was sure. She'd made sure to pack a notebook, a couple of pens, and along with every essential a girl could need, she'd set off for the class. He hair flowed down to her shoulder blades, and Neve kept tucking it behind her ear, only for it to fall back alongside her face a moment later.

Neve was one of the first to arrive, and upon arriving, she gave her professor a small smile, not really taking him in properly as she took up one of the seats at the front of the class. Laying out he notebook and her pens, Neve had just written the date when someone moved past her and made her look up again. Another student, a guy a couple of years younger than her. He took up the seat beside her and Neve whispered a soft hello to him. Friendly and nothing more.

Then, he eyes moved back to the professor, and her breath hitched ever so slightly...

It couldn't be...


Her mind could not comprehend his presence, here. Last time she'd seen him... oh, it much have been six years... Neve kept watching him, trying to get his attention, so she could wave to the man she'd dreamed of meeting again and again. But he didn't look up and Neve looked back down at her notepad until he spoke.

His voice... oh she had missed it.

"Terror made me cruel. I would like someone to tell me from which book this powerful quotes comes from. Along with your name."

Raising her hand - was that was you did at university - Neve waited a moment before speaking. "The quote is from Wuthering Heights." Neve responded to his question with a confident smile. It was a classic, a must read, and a book she had, of course, read herself. "My name is Genevieve, Genevieve Florente, but I prefer Neve... sir." She added, hoping he might recognise her.
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PostSubject: Re: You Seem.. Familiar [Gabriel & Genevieve]   Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:24 pm

"The quote is from Wuthering Heights."

Gabriel's eyes shot up to the source of the voice, and he felt himself being drawn to the face immediately. Who was she? She looked so... familiar but he couldn't place his head around it. It was a young woman. Her brown curls framing her face and her eyes, oh the way they were looking at him. She seemed so familiar but he just couldn't remember.

"My name is Genevieve, Genevieve Florente, but I prefer Neve... sir."

The name reminded him of nothing, and a part of him was saddened by that. But he could not show that he cared. Oh no. He surely had never met the girl before, and he was not going to act like a lost puppy. Gabriel didn't do that.

Clearing his throat, he pushed himself off of his office and nodded once at the student. His face expressionless and a cold stare met her eyes.
"Correct Miss Florente, but you preferences on your name are none of my concern."
He was sharp and straightforward, not caring whether he had offended the girl or not. Being kind was not his job.

"Now, moving on. Who would tell me who was the author of Les Misérables."
Gabriel was getting bored already, watching his class knowing nothing. It made him sick. Why would people decide to study Literature when they had no idea about it?

"Wasn't that Victor Hugo, Sir?"
Gabriel turned to face the blond on his left, her bright blue eyes staring at him seductively in a way it made Gabriel want to throw up. She was dressed as a hooker -Gabriel was not going to comment on it any longer- and made him wonder what exactly she believed she would achieve by this.

"That is correct Miss..?"

"Oh, you can call me anything you'd like, Professor."

A cold, empty stare met her heated one, and Gabrielle rolled his eyes. She couldn't be this stupid, could she?
"You wouldn't want me to come up with a name for you. It wouldn't be pleasant, believe me. And next time you come to my class, you better be dressed accordingly."

Gabriel watched the shock take over the blonde's face and his smirked to himself. How low were they willing to stoop?
Turning back to the class, Gabriel asked.
"Why did you pick this class? What makes you think you deserve to be here?"
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PostSubject: Re: You Seem.. Familiar [Gabriel & Genevieve]   Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:42 pm

"Correct Miss Florente, but you preferences on your name are none of my concern."

Neve couldn't help but be slightly taken back by his words. They were so... sharp, and not anything like the man she had met all those years ago. It stung, slightly, to find that he name did not jolt any kind of response from the man, no inclination of knowing. Neve simply gave a small nod of her head at his words of him not being concerned by her name, thankful that she had at least got he question right.

As the next person spoke, Neve turned enough to see. She was... flirting with the professor, Neve guessed at her tone, and the way Gabriel shut her down only a moment later. Any other girl might have been glad of this, but Neve couldn't help but feel sorry for the girl in that moment. Yes, she was forward, but she had, at least, not been rude to their professor.

"Why did you pick this class? What makes you think you deserve to be here?"

The question filled the room, there was a muttering for a moment, and the Neve raised her hand once more. "I chose to take this class because I enjoy literature, as I'm sure most people here do. But, I've also come to learn the different styles of writing, their pros and cons, and the way people perceive the writing in comparison to what was intended.

"I want to go on to write professionally after the studies, so this class, mixed in with some creative writing lessons are going to be the way I get there. I'm here, because writing, poetry, words, they're the most important, no, most beautiful pieces of information in the world, and I want to know how to use them to their full potential.

"As to why I deserve to be here... at the moment, I don't know whether I do deserve to be here, but I know that I will prove, with time, that I deserved every moment of your time." Neve explained to the professor, focusing solely on him, even when people behind her were snickering at her words.

Let them laugh, Neve thought to herself, she knew what she wanted, and there was nothing to be ashamed of in that.
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PostSubject: Re: You Seem.. Familiar [Gabriel & Genevieve]   

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You Seem.. Familiar [Gabriel & Genevieve]
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