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 Simplicity (Naomira, Daniel, + Theo)

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PostSubject: Simplicity (Naomira, Daniel, + Theo)   Mon Mar 28, 2016 4:56 pm

JUNE 2016

When Daniel proposed, Naomira knew that there were certain things to be done. Telling his parents had been hard; she knew they didn't approve of her in the slightest. Truth be told, she could see why. It was one of the things that kept her lying on her side in the guest room (which she no longer occupied). She flinched when they accused her of getting pregnant, but she denied Daniel's protection against the accusations and took a test to prove that she wasn't pregnant at all. Once that was confirmed, she further went on to explain that they were getting married for the pure reason that they were in love - that there were no two other people in this world who could love each other so much or so well. She even explained that Theo was to be their grandson by law someday, and any qualms against that should be shelved. She then apologized and said she needed to leave; which she didn't. She just needed to see her son's smiling face.

Speaking of Theo...

He was adjusting more than just a little well to the idea of Naomira and Daniel getting married. He loved the idea, truth be told! He exclaimed in a funny way, that they were supposed to be married anyway, cos they were soulmates. She then had a long talk about how he might've known what a 'soulmate' was, which resulted in a lot of laughter and tighter restrictions on her Netflix because no kid needed to be watching something like Dawson's Creek at such a young age. Luckily he hadn't watched the whole thing, just the last few episodes, but it was enough for him to feel knowledgeable on love. She rolled her eyes at the thought. Her son didn't need that kind of fodder in his head; love was ... complicated. It was more complex, she explained later on.

Another big change in the whole dynamic of life had been their sleeping arrangements. Sometime after the first three months of dating, she just took to falling asleep - amongst other things - in Daniel's bed. There was something soothing that nothing else could compare to when she fell asleep in his arms or woke up to his face. Even the scent of his pillows was enough to get her by. There was such a period of calm and contentedness, she completely forgot her other disabilities in the mental area and opted to not take any medicines for a few days. That was a terrible idea as it forced her to take two days off of work, but Daniel was steadfast in caring for her and making sure he could do all he possibly could for her.

As much as the past two years had been spent in tender love and affection, they'd also been years of change for her. Being in a relationship with someone who supported her and cared for her was empowering; it reminded her to be strong for everyone now that was watching her. It got her out of bed and ready for work quicker, in fact with all the progress she was making in her department she'd been told that if she so chose to stay she would be optimal for a promotion. When she asked what they'd be promoting her for, they cautiously explained that although thinks weren't for certain a guarantee they planned on upping her to Overseer of Department of Mysteries Activities, seeing as the position was taken by an elderly and they didn't account on him being around long enough. As Overseer she would be responsible for watching the ongoings down in the Department of Mysteries, but it also meant paying closer attention to not just the workings in the Hall of Prophecy but in all the halls. She replied that she'd love to take the job, but winced upon realization she'd have to explain to Daniel... Not that it was a bad thing, she just felt nervous about talk of more responsibilities. However she figured she could take it.

"Mummy," Theo whined as he snuggled closer to her side. She laughed a little bit although he hadn't shared a bed with her in two years, he did sometimes sneak into her bed to curl up against her in the earliest rays of the morning. "Why's the sun so bright?" The seven-year-old grumbled, it made her giggle. She slowly started to detach herself.

"Sorry baby, we gotta a big day ahead of us." She started to rise then, smiling down on her boy with her bum perched on the bed as she ran her fingers through his hair, he smiled up at her, "you know what day it is, right honey?" She asked softly. He nodded quickly.

"Mummy's getting married today!" He exclaimed as he quickly shot up from bed, "and mummy I get to wear my own specially tailored suit, like Uncle Danny." His chest puffed up with pride as he started for the closet. She grinned and watched him swagger around.

The wedding wasn't to be anything elaborate; it was a ceremony with just her, Daniel, and Theo and a few witnesses. Just some work friends like Stasia, Mick, Brendan, and Cressa; Cressa and Stasia pleaded for a bigger wedding, but she feared a big wedding would be too much of a hassle. Here in Dorset at Bournemouth, on the nice coast with a pretty set up too fancy for her to handle, she would be wed to Daniel Jameson with the sunset at her back and the sand under her feet.

She couldn't wait for eternity.

Dressing was easy as was doing her hair and accessorizing. A majority of the day was spent with her and Theo just spending quality son and mother time. As much as she loved Daniel and the time that the three of them spent together, she equally needed days just for her and Theo. Except with the influx of work, what with her impending promotion she couldn't really find time for that. Today was their first day in Bournemouth, and a small honeymoon meant the three of them spending their time together just the three of them. Naturally, she requested from her fiancé that she just get this one day for her and Theo, especially since it was their actual wedding day and he wasn't to see the bride anyway. They had until four, when the witnesses would arrive to primp and prime her up, and around four Theo would go be with Daniel in his dressing room.

When the wedding rolled around, Naomira felt her heart beat out of her chest. She wasn't afraid though; her panic attacks had lessened as she came to the realization that Daniel made no plans on leaving anytime soon - or ever that was. As she walked down the aisle, on her own some figuring there was no real father figure in her life, she held her head high and a smile her face, genuine and true, soft and tender. At the end of the aisle was the Officiate, Daniel, and Theo at his side, proudly fixing his tie with his head high and an even prouder grin on his face as she approached. She smiled at them both.

Throughout the ceremony, with her hands in Daniel's she had never felt more safe or more sure of anything in her life. From time to time she'd glance at Theo, see him humming a song and nodding his head (she hadn't expected him to pay all of his attention to the words being passed between them) but he was happy and that's what she knew was important. She couldn't stop smiling; utter and pure joy had filtered throughout her body because this was her forever right here.

And when their lips touched as they were pronounced man and wife she knew it to be true; infinity was in her fingers and eternity with Daniel was certain.

"I love you," she whispered after they pulled away, her smile smaller but softer and more sincere.
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PostSubject: Re: Simplicity (Naomira, Daniel, + Theo)   Mon Mar 28, 2016 8:15 pm

Proposing to Naomira was the easiest, and most difficult, decision that Daniel had ever made. Easy because he could not think of a more perfect woman he could be with. No, Naomira was not perfect in the normal sense a man might believe a woman to be, but to Daniel, she was the perfect that he wanted. But, it had been difficult because he knew that in proposing to Naomira a lot of things would change. A lot of problems would arise. And he wondered whether putting her through that was too much to simply change her last name.

But, Daniel had known that, whatever could and would be thrown at them, there was no other choice in the world but to ask.

And, Naomira had said yes.

Which meant Daniel was the happiest man in the world in the brief moment that he asked and she'd said yes. In that bubble, nothing else existed. But reality existed, and came crashing down around them when Daniel had made the announcement to his parents with Naomira. They had accused her of trying to push him in to marriage by falling pregnant - something they had both been careful about, because whilst Daniel liked being intimate with his, now, fiance he wanted them to be married before a child came in to the picture. To make sure Naomira knew he was not leaving before he brought another child in to the relationship.

His parents had insisted that he was tarnishing the family name, that they would disown him. But Daniel had pointed out that he was all they had, and unless they wanted an even bigger scandal, that they should simply accept that he had chosen love over duty. They had quietened for a time, but Daniel knew that they were not happy, and it would be bubbling in the background until the knot was tied, and maybe some time after.

Daniel did not care, though, he had his own little family, and he was going to marry the woman he loved. Nothing could stop him.

Nor, it seemed, could anything stop Naomira as she earned herself a promotion that Daniel encouraged fully. She worked hard, she deserved it, and Daniel was proud of her. And he'd told her that many a time since she'd shared the news with him, because it was important that she knew again and again. To keep her from dipping, because he hated seeing her like that.

The day of the wedding had come around much quicker than Daniel could ever anticipated. They had kept the whole thing small to avoid any 'bad press' for his family, but also for Naomira's sake. He didn't need anyone more than Theo and Naomira for the wedding, and so he had asked only the two of them. They needed witnesses, though, so Daniel had asked his best friend, Codey, to join them.

The three (Codey, Theo and Daniel) had gotten ready together, and Daniel had slipped a small envelope in to Theo's jacket pocket. "Now, Theo, when the ceremony has finished, and your mummy kisses Uncle Danny, I want you to present your mummy with this envelope, you think you can do that?" Daniel had asked, and Theo had nodded fast, showing he understood. "Good! Thank you!"

At the time of the wedding, Daniel had taken Theo's hand and shown him to the ceremony and they stood side by side waiting for Naomira. When she had arrived, and glided (there was no better way of explaining it) towards him, Daniel couldn't help but smile. She was more beautiful today than he'd seen her ever before. Maybe because the reality of what was coming had brought her out in a new light, maybe what she was wearing, or simply because she looked... truly happy - something he hadn't seen, to this extent, in a very long time.

By the time she'd arrived before him, Daniel was, a little choked up, truth be told, a small sting of happy tears in his eyes, but none feel. When he started his vows, his voice shook, but by the time he'd said 'I do' he was confident, sure in his words, and they were spoken from the bottom of his heart.

With the kiss that Daniel held for a moment, a smile breaking it up because Naomira Fujioka was now Naomira Jameson. His wife, his everything.

"I love you,"

"I love you too, Mrs Jameson." Daniel responded as softly, his smile growing at the ring that came with her new name.

"Mummy, Uncle Danny asked me to give you this, now." Theo interjected, but Daniel didn't mind, half turning to Theo who stood with the envelope held out to her.

"Open it." Daniel insisted softly, letting go of her hands for a moment.

Inside the Envelope:
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PostSubject: Re: Simplicity (Naomira, Daniel, + Theo)   Thu Mar 31, 2016 7:25 pm

Naomira felt a sense of serenity.

She thought about her witch but with a b instead of a w of a mother and how she told her once that she’d never find someone to put up with her. She thought about how her mother deceived her and tricked her into thinking she wasn’t good enough for anyone or anything. How her mother made her feel unworthy of love and pathetic. Made her feel terrible about herself. And then, she thought about how she’d broken free of her mother’s tyranny. How she’d found Aunt Yuni and a niche in the world. How she’d found a best friend, an eventual lover, and now her husband. She even though about how she’d found Henry…

How things at first felt so good, felt so sure, felt so promising. How things felt better than they had before. But with those thoughts came the ones about how bad they went. How bad they really were. How bad they became. How he ran from her and her perfect son. How she felt lonely and sad.

And then Daniel.

And Daniel being her protector, Daniel being her savior, Daniel being her lover too (she flushed as she thought that it was how they got there in the first place). How Daniel was an anchor when she was drifting away. How Daniel was helping her just by existing by her side and making her feel like she was something valuable. Something she’d never felt before, and how it was new. How Daniel made her feel… secure and safe. How he made her feel wonderful. Like she was a human. Like she was worth it. Like she was beautiful.

It was the kind of feelings she’d never experience with Henry.

And here she was, marrying him - married to him. As she opened the envelope, her face flushed and her eyes filled with tears. She threw her arms around his neck, and embraced him tightly, relishing in the feel of him holding her just as tightly while she buried her face in the crook of his neck. “Thank you, thank you, thank you so so much.” She smiled down at her baby boy as she contemplated lifting him up, but settled for bending to his height and hugging him tightly instead. As she laced her fingers with Theo and then Daniel’s as they headed to reception area, she couldn’t help but think:

This is my family; this is my home.
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PostSubject: Re: Simplicity (Naomira, Daniel, + Theo)   

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Simplicity (Naomira, Daniel, + Theo)
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