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 All the Events Brought Us Here (Jameson Family)

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PostSubject: All the Events Brought Us Here (Jameson Family)    Mon Mar 28, 2016 9:21 pm


Naomira could hardly believe what her life had become. In the past three years, too many things had happened that she could scarcely believe. Not only had she found a home for her son and herself, a better more stable and certain father figure for her son, she found herself a real true and good love. She wanted to melt somedays when she thought about how good her life had become. She stared at the ring on her finger, toying with it with a small smile on her face. She loved the way it caught the sun's attention and secretly loved the way it caught her coworkers attentions too. It was marvelous to think that this was her life now; married, Overseer of the Department of Mysteries, and now she was pregnant too!

The doctors explained that the baby was to come any day now, so she took her maternity leave in stride. She hadn't needed to before, using her office as a safe haven and instead using magic to do her job; having her Patronous send messages to her coworkers. She'd been home now for the past four days, happy and fed. She absentmindedly rubbed her elongated stomach as she eased back into the couch. Theo attended a private school, a human butler took him to and fro. Their butler was kind and a parent of his own son, Nicholas Britiens was also just as trustworthy as it had been proven in the variety of tasks he did for them. She sometimes counted the hours until Theo was to return, not that she was lonely, but because she loved her son and they spent many a days bonding while she was home. She ran her fingers over the swell of her baby girl again; they were truly and utterly prepared. Well, maybe not for the responsibility, but in every other way at least.

They had a room prepared for her, all decked out in lavender and shades of purple. It was adorned with fine silks and gifts from her aunt, and other gifts from Jameson connections. Over the past two years, they'd come to accept her presence and they'd even grown somewhat warm to her with the impending birth of her baby. She rubbed her baby girl, giggling when she felt a single hard kick. She closed her eyes and dreamily thought of the good days to come.

Then she woke up to a sharp pain in her abdomen. She grunted as she sat up straight and tried to rise, only to feel a rush of liquids. She cursed and gave out a sigh.

"Mum?" Theo called out as he came running into the living room, his face turned red as he turned around, "you had an accident, mummy." He mumbled nervously. She laughed a little breathlessly before another contraction came along and jerked her to the side. She held onto the couch, wincing and panting. "Mummy are you okay?" He asked turning around again, Naomira smiled weakly.

"Darling, please get Mr. Britiens and ask him to bring the car 'round for mummy because your baby sister's coming and she's coming quite soon." She murmured as she sat against the couch again, panting. "Noddy!" She screamed out as another contraction rippled through her body. The House Elf came, and seeing the state she was in did two things in rapid succession; retrieved the Hospital bag and sent a letter off to her husband. She thanked the elf as Mr. Britiens ushered her to the car.

Now, she remembers Theo's painful birth that was twelve hours of pure agony. She remembers Henry being there the whole time and wincing and rocking, and actually making it worse for her because she couldn't take care of both her baby and her partner. She eventually pushed her perfect, beautiful son out, and held him close to her as she cried unto him because it was her baby. Her perfect, beautiful baby.

Now she was to have another baby all made of love. By the third hour, she was getting pretty close to 10 centimeters at 7.5cm which was far quicker than before. Despite all the pain, she vaguely feels proud because the anguish was much closer to being done. Finally at five hours, she was able to push out 8 pounds and six ounces, seventeen inches of pure gorgeousness gift. After they cleaned her up best they could and after she did her first bout of breastfeeding, they called Daniel in.

"Lookit her," she murmured playing with the dark curls, "such a big baby." Her lower lip trembled as she pressed a kiss to her forehead, the little girl continued to sleep peacefully. "And she's all ours." She looked up at Daniel, tears shining in her eyes and pure, utter joy radiating from her.

"Do you remember the name we picked?" She asked, as she averted her eyes back to the magnificent life in her arms.
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PostSubject: Re: All the Events Brought Us Here (Jameson Family)    Tue Mar 29, 2016 6:47 pm

Finding out that there was a second Jameson baby (Daniel did not see Theo as anything less than his own son. Anyone who tried to tell him otherwise was going to get a minimum of a verbal lashing, and, well, Daniel would not hesitate to reach for his wand if the other person was insistent on him not being Theo's dad) was the most wonderful news he'd heard. When Naomira had told him, Daniel had been overcome with emotions, cupping her face with his hands and kissing her with so much happiness that he had taken his time to pull away.

But when he had, a few errant happy tears had been sliding down his cheeks.

That had been... seven or eight months ago now, and the transistion from that time had been like nothing Daniel could describe. He'd watched Naomira's stomach swell, and he'd become more and more elated with the time that passed. Their baby was growing so quickly... he just couldn't get his head around it. What had been most beautiful, though, was the first time Naomira had taken his hand and placed it on her stomach, and Daniel had felt their baby kick against his hand.

That singular moment would be etched in to his mind for eternity, there was no doubt about that.

The months passed, and the doctors (Daniel made sure Naomira had the best care, that the baby - which they had found out was going to be a little girl - was perfectly healthy) continued to assure them both that both Naomira and their child would be fine. Daniel was still uncertain, though, of course because babies could always lead to complications. But he didn't show it, he was strong for Naomira, because she needed him to be.

It was a tedious day at the school, everything was eerily quiet in Daniel's office. Too quiet. He'd walked the halls, trying to find the reasoning for it, when a message came for him.


Without a thought for anything else, Daniel had flooed home, to find everyone already gone to the hospital. Apparating to St Mungos, Daniel had hurried up to the ward, but when he was asked if he wanted to go in, Daniel had shook his head. He was a Pureblood male - and he knew that he had to wait for the labour to be over. That was what they did...

Pacing the hallway, Daniel kept checking his watch. Theo kept asking him how long it would be, whilst Mr Britiens tried to keep him busy with many and more activities. Daniel was restless, anxious, and excited for what was to come.

After five cruel hours, Daniel had paused when the door opened, and a nurse came to tell him he could go in now.

Taking Theo's hand, Daniel gave him a reassuring smile. "Ready to meet your little sister?" Daniel asked, and Theo nodded excitedly as they were shown in to the room. Theo tried to hurry ahead, but Daniel kept a hold of him, not telling him off, because they were both excited. Instead, Daniel lifted Theo up on to the bed beside his mum, knowing it would be best to show their son before he hurt himself or Naomira by accident.

"She's tiny!" Theo responded the moment Naomira said she was a big baby, and Daniel couldn't help but laugh softly at his mistake. It was cute, but their daughter... looked quite big, for a baby.

"She's perfect." Daniel replied when Theo had moved back enough for him to see their daughter. "So perfect." He assured Naomira, leaning down to press a soft kiss on his wife's lips. "Are you okay?" Daniel added, the worry for her health clear in his eyes in that moment. Silently asking her if there had been any complications with the birth.

"Do you remember the name we picked?"

"Emélie." Daniel reminded her softly, perching himself on the edge of the bed and watching their youngest child sleeping soundly.
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All the Events Brought Us Here (Jameson Family)
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