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 Small Things (Chee Wye & Sumire)

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PostSubject: Small Things (Chee Wye & Sumire)    Tue Mar 29, 2016 4:26 am

Sumire pulled her hair into a loose bun atop her head, it was lazy just to match her attire of grey muggle sweatpants and a white off-the-shoulder sweater that was a few inches too short and exposed her black tank top underneath. She'd a long day of researching thanks to the upsetting discovery that the Veela transformation occurred at the age of 16; she'd mere months before her biology realized that she was of age. Sixteen was the average number; for the few males that existed they got their's rather late as late as 25, but some girls got their's as early as 12. There were other cases too, more unique, but she didn't plan on being half-vella half-Werewolf therefore she was merely trying to prepare herself for the Big Change. She planned on flying to Bombay, where she was born in order to see her father's family and for them to set up a land out in the open forests for privacy.

Plus it would be nice to see her mother.

All these thoughts swirled around her brain as she settled her head back into the couch; the room was fairly empty tonight what with Quidditch and exams coming up. Exams she was the least worried about, not having the most of friends resulted in plenty of her time designated to studying. As she was about to close her eyes more she noted another figure enter the Common Room. She smiled.

"Hello! I don't think we've met, but I'm Sumire." She gestured to the seat beside her, flushing a bit, "how do you do?"
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PostSubject: Re: Small Things (Chee Wye & Sumire)    Tue Mar 29, 2016 4:54 am

It had been a good day of classes, some of which he understood and some of which he hadn't, and Chee Wye was glad that things were beginning to wind down as he made his way back to the common room. He had made a couple new friends and been mocked by another few for his accent ("What accent?" he had wondered) and his choice of words, something he had just shrugged off. He wasn't mocking them for their funny way of speaking, so why should they be mocking him? In any case, it wasn't too big a deal, and Chee Wye was just glad that, in some way, he was fitting in.

Opening the door to the common room, he was just about to start towards his dorm when he heard someone speaking, and glanced around to realise that it was him being addressed. Taking in the female that had spoken, his eyes went wide. "Fuyoo," he muttered under his breath, so softly even he could barely hear his words. "This one real leng lui."
[Fuyoo is an exclamation like "Holy smokes/holy crap/oh my gosh". Leng lui = pretty girl.]

Noting her different ethnicity at once, he smiled as he walked over, racking his brains in the meantime for the few words in Tamil he knew. "Alo, thangachi," he greeted. "I'm Chee Wye. Me? I'm okay lah. Nienga?" [Translations; Alo, thangachi = Hello, younger sister. (It's a polite term) in Tamil. "I'm Chee Wye. Me? I'm not too bad." Nienga = and you? in Tamil.]
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PostSubject: Re: Small Things (Chee Wye & Sumire)    Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:15 pm

There were so many what if’s in life that Sumire wanted to someday explore. What if her birth mother was alive? Would she ever have moved to the states with her father? Constance and her baby wouldn’t exist that was for sure. It made her unnerved to think that she wouldn’t have the people in her life now. Her magic would go unexplored, she wouldn’t have gotten into acting… She still wished she could’ve met her mother at least once or at least in a dream. There was the what if of Sumire not being a Veela. This was her favorite what if beside the ‘what if Felix went to Hogwarts with her?’ If Sumire weren’t a Veela, perhaps she and Felix would still have a regular correspondence and a strong friendship. If Sumire weren’t a Veela, she’d have more time to socialize. She wouldn’t spend all her time trying to understand what her life was going to be after this upcoming summer. She wouldn’t spend all her time studying her biology; she would be more active in her community. Hell she might’ve even been a Perfect! She almost laughed at the thought though; she didn’t have it in her to be authoritarian. She was strict on herself and herself only, she couldn’t imagine being responsible for other students like she was responsible for herself. It was a ridiculous thought.

What wasn’t ridiculous was the truth of her thoughts: if she weren’t upcoming the big Transformation, she’d be making more friends. She’d be more vocal. She’d be more fun.

She continued smiling at the other boy, her knees tucked up to her chest as she studied him. He was handsome, of Asian descent, but where exactly? She couldn’t quite place it, but that was fine she thought as she played with a small hole at the top of her left knee. When he spoke again she looked up, surprised at the words she heard. Tamil! It was what Constance had been trying to instill in her since she was younger, she winced however, because she definitely wasn’t as fluent as she should have been.

Alo, anna,” she replied smiling brighter as she realized that he was speaking a language she had some clue about, “I’m afraid I don’t know much Tamil speaking wise, but I can understand most of it. I’m doing alright. Come sit with me? How do you know Tamil?” She ventured asking, patting the seat beside her as she did so. [Anna is the common way of saying 'big brother']
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PostSubject: Re: Small Things (Chee Wye & Sumire)    

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Small Things (Chee Wye & Sumire)
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