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 Confections (Sumire & Finley)

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PostSubject: Confections (Sumire & Finley)   Tue Mar 29, 2016 4:41 am

Sumire hummed a pretty little tune she'd heard on the radio this morning while getting ready. She opted for a simplistic outfit; just a pale pink summer dress with a white denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up and light pink slip-on flats. On her wrists was a pink jade bracelet, a gift from Felix. Surprisingly, her fiancé and her's correspondences had gotten quite infrequent and dull. His replies were short, and full of the kind of voice that said he was avoiding her. It frightened her. Not just because it felt as if her future husband was slipping through her fingers, but because she was losing such a big part of her life. Her father was far too vague to be in the dark about Felix's reason for changing so quickly either. He told her that it had something to do with growth and distance.

But Sumire knew better.

She sighed as she pulled her hair into a high-ponytai; no use getting upset over it, she thought as she applied a pink lip tint over her lip balm adorning lips. She could only hope that someday Felix would come to his senses, and if anything else they could at least go back to their friendly state. She felt unnerved that things were changing, and a little anxious to be quite honest that in just a year - sooner or later at least - she was to undergo a transformation of her physical, mental, and magical self. It gave her shudders to think that the way she was now, wasn't to be the same as it would be. So was the way of life, her mother wrote to her, change was the world's greatest inevitability.

Well if one thing wasn't to change, Sumire thought as she waited by the Secret Entrance to Hogsmeade, it was her friendship. Upon spotting Finley she grinned brightly and waved without caution.

"Finley! Over here!" She exclaimed, ignoring the odd looks from the upper and lower classmen. If one thing wasn't to change about her crazy life, it was her friendship to none other than Finley Allen.
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PostSubject: Re: Confections (Sumire & Finley)   Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:16 pm

It was one of those days where Finley didn't have plans with Madison. He had told her he was going to spend some time with Sumire - which seemed to be okay with his girlfriend, though he wasn't the best at reading when people were dropping subtle hints of dislike. Sumire and he had both been busy with their own studies, and with Madison now a big part of his life, Finley had not been the best friend in the world.

But, he could make up for that today.

Hurrying along to their meeting spot, Finley smiled as he noticed the witch he'd come to meet. "H-hey Sumire." Finley responded as he got closer to her, not even slightly surprised that she had been waving at him without a care in the world. He liked that about Sumire, she was... very easy going, and it helped him a lot with his confidence to know she wasn't going to judge him.

"How a-are you?" Finley asked once he'd stepped out of the way of the other students moving up and down the hall. Many friends might have exchanged a hug in greeting, but Finley was still not overly comfortable with that, something anyone who knew a tiny amount about him would understand, and, normally, appreciate.
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Confections (Sumire & Finley)
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