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 Not so Spacious (Aiko & Max)

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PostSubject: Not so Spacious (Aiko & Max)    Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:26 pm

After delivering the letter to the Owlery, Aiko headed back to her dorm and up to the library. The rooming situation at Hogwarts was ... tolerable. Nothing like her room at home, but she didn't really think anything could quite compare to her home. At her home she had her very own wing, her bedroom was decorated to her liking; all shades of purple and green, complimenting each other. She had a room for all her books, stacks upon stacks some magical and some non-magical. She had a room for her clothes. And her old playroom, unused now of course, but it was there for memories. One of her favorite dolls, the one that Saffa often teased her about for that was designed after her sat in that playroom. She smiled fondly as she thought about her home.

When she was younger they moved around a lot, from when she was born and raised in France to moving to Kyoto. From Kyoto they finally landed in Cobham. She can't recall if she made any lifelong friends at the time, but she doubted it. The only people she could consider friends were the photographers and the other little models in the companies she worked for. Now that she was at Hogwarts, she didn't make any doubts that she needed new friends. However, her "failings" in Charms, Transfiguration, and Defense Against the Dark Arts was highly discouraging ("A" Acceptable was not at all what she wanted, she needed to be Outstanding or Exceptionally Exceeding) and she spent much of her time re-reading techniques. She wondered how she'd be able to execute them, and even more so she wondered how it would be if she got a tutor instead.

Somedays she wished she was home; where in between shoots she could lounge around in the sun or enjoy the private areas of her own library. Well, she thought as she entered the Hogwarts Library with wide eyes full of admiration, this was definitely an upgrade. She smiled to herself as she picked out two History books, figuring she could just enjoy studying for the next exam instead. As she looked around, she frowned when she realized how many other people were occupying the tables. She found a nice little table, luckily, and took her seat at it, plopping herself down and plopping to the page that was most relevant.

She was making a good go of it too, but she was bored and longing for something a bit more entertaining...
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PostSubject: Re: Not so Spacious (Aiko & Max)    Tue Mar 29, 2016 8:08 pm

Max was not good at studying.

His mind grew restless with sitting still for too long, and words grew to be jumbled all around. No, Max was a hands on, outdoors kind of person. But he had homework. Elyah was off doing something else, so the Gryffindor didn't have company that evening as he grabbed a large history tome and moved to the nearest table. Only one person sat there, and Max wasn't very good at personal space.

And the book had gone down a little too hard on the table to be normal.

"Oops..." Max had said, giving the witch at the table a sheepish smile. "That's heavy. I'm really sorry, I thought I was closer to the table when I let go. But, don't let me bother you, I'm just here to finish my essay." Max explained in quick fire conversation. His talking was just as quick as his interest in most things left him. The Gryffindor sat down and pulled out his parchment, opened the book and paused.

"What are you doing?" Max asked, already distracted from his work by the other person at the desk.
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PostSubject: Re: Not so Spacious (Aiko & Max)    Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:49 am

Aiko thought of studying as a necessary evil. She was no Ravenclaw and thus needed to apply more of her intelligence into trying to comprehend and apply the learning she was being dealt. However she had the utmost confidence in herself that she could excel in whatever she did and studying was no different. She took tedious notes, met up with her teachers, and was pending for a tutor in her less than satisfactory classes (at least by her standards they were less than satisfactory). With all the hardwork she was doing, it felt needless to say but she also could have qualified for a Hufflepuff. Although, said hardwork was going into another goal completely. To say that Aiko wanted world domination was a cliché at best. Despite every novel ever telling her that life was just a series of clichés, Aiko had yet to experience one that applied thoroughly to her. Therefore, she figured that world domination wasn’t really her plan.

More like total monopoly over the ruling powers in the Ministry.

That sounded better and more achievable, she just needed to become a strong political figure. With her ambitions and her determination to not fail at this, she didn’t see where she could go wrong. Of course, she thought with a wince, that was just asking for bad juju to create something wrong to happen to her. Naturally that would end up being the most cliche thing to happen to her; she would swear off any bad luck, and she would get hit with the worst bad luck of her life. It was a typical movie scenario. Like in a horror movie whenever someone asks the stupid question with a stupid cocky grin on their face with the stupid arrogant tone: "What's the worst that could happen?" Everything terrible could happen, she always ended up screaming at the screen. Her father laughed and called her too animated for her own good. Told her to take up acting, it made her cringe. Although the life of an actress... It wasn't as selective as modeling. Anyone could act, but it took skills to make people feel without any words. She sighed as she realized she was thinking too deeply about something other than studying. She was broken from her reverie by a book that slammed unto the table. She looked up in shock.

It’s quite alright, is it the Potions essay too?” She asked conversationally smiling up at the young male. He was cute, but she didn’t have an open mind about relationships. Friends on the other hand, those were a necessity she was lacking in. When he pulled out his parchment she lowered her head back to the book before his voice brought her attention back to him. She could feel an aura of bouncing energy from him, and it was exhilarating to say the least. Refreshing at best.

Studying History,” she answered before lifting her hand for him, “Aiko Lemerciér, and you are?” She asked politely smiling now cordially.
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PostSubject: Re: Not so Spacious (Aiko & Max)    Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:05 pm

"No, not the Potions essay. Elyah helps me with the potions stuff. She's really good at Potions, you see. Actually, the first time we had potions together, I accidentally messed up my potion and ruined hers too. I didn't mean to, but she got really mad about it, so I had to get her some chocolate to... say sorry, yeah, sorry." Max explained, not really caring that this was more than too much information for the question he'd been asked. This was Max, a simple answer was not one he really gave. "I'm doing my History essay, actually, which is even more difficult than potions, because you have to be able to remember dates!"

The Gryffindor let out a sigh at this point, remembering key dated was both tedious and ridiculously hard, he didn't know how he was going to get through history, truth be told, but he knew he would find a way. It was a challenge, and he was a Gryffindor - therefore he simply could not back down from it!

"You're doing History too? Are you any good at it?" Max asked, not in the slightest trying to be mean as his excitement grew. Maybe the girl - Aiko as she told him a minute later - could help him.

"I'm Max, well, Maximillian, but everyone calls me Max, so you can call me Max too, if you want. But I really don't mind which you pick." The Gryffindor finished with a smile. He was a good kid, really, incapable of holding his attention on one thing, but a good kid.
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PostSubject: Re: Not so Spacious (Aiko & Max)    

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Not so Spacious (Aiko & Max)
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