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 Mentoring (Aiko & Finley)

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PostSubject: Mentoring (Aiko & Finley)   Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:24 pm

Professor Jameson had gone well and truly mad - it was the only explanation for what was going on. First, the Headmaster had made him a Prefect, which Finley had thought to be the most stupid thing in the world. Him, Finley Allen, a Prefect? What good could ever come of Finley being a Prefect? He had no confidence, and his peers would likely never respect him enough to actually listen to him.

But, Finley's belief that the Headmaster was mad was only reaffirmed when he had been sent a note about helping a classmate of his with her studies. Yes, Finley was very good at theory, but he doubted he would be much help with the practical aspects of their lessons. So why on earth did Headmaster Jameson think this was a good idea?

However, there had been a noted time in which Professor Jameson wanted him to meet someone in the Study Area, to help them, and Finley simply could not say no to the Headmaster. It would be rude, and Finley could not cause trouble in such a manner.

Which was why Finley was sat in the Study Area, with his current book open before him. An autobiography called A Piece of Cake, it had been recommended to him, and Finley was engrossed by the life of person in the book. So much so that he had almost forgotten what he'd actually come here to do.
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PostSubject: Re: Mentoring (Aiko & Finley)   Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:27 am

Aiko had somewhat of a pep in her step.

A lot of the nervousness she'd had before the tutoring session had gone away. For one thing, she felt as if she had a true, solid friend or person on her side in Chee Wye who came and visited her in Hospital Wing. Not that she was in it for long, so it really meant something that he came and found her just to make sure she was fed. It also made her feel somewhat childish because she was almost fourteen, she needed to learn to take care of herself. But this was a good reminder that she needed to. It warmed her heart inside at the knowledge that someone was looking out for her, after her little feast in the Hospital Wing and her little lost girl moment in the dungeons, she felt well-rested. After her meeting with Madison, she felt even more confident. Mostly at the fact that she didn't have to worry about the Bishop plotting her demise so much as other would need to.

In approaching Madison, she couldn't ignore how very Gryffindor the move was. Confrontations weren't Slytherin. They weren't very Slytherin at all. They were dangerous. But, Aiko was smart enough to know that a little bit of danger and risk had a better pay-off than anyone could ever expect. With that in mind, and the fact that she didn't have much to worry about if her lessons with Finley went accordingly, she had a little skip in her step as she walked through the hallways towards the Study Area where they were to meet.

Aiko was no prideful woman; she had confidence, but not arrogance. She knew where she failed as a person, and she knew her shortcomings. This year she was coming short grade wise with what she was producing. Not that either of her parents really knew much about it; Hunter was the only person she could talk to in her biological-ish family. Other than that she wrote her letters to Saffavina. Saffa tried to convince Aiko to try for an Auror, join the Quidditch team. Then Aiko pointed out that so long as she was her father's daughter there was not a chance in hell that she was playing a sport that could be detrimental to her physical state. Modeling was a great thing; it was her pride and joy really. She did want to explore other modes of being a witch, but she knew the cost of that. She would have to give up her career as a model. The rewards were worth the risk, though, she thought. She'd done her research: there'd never been a female Muggleborn Minister of Magic before.

She wanted to be the first one.

Said ambitions needed to be met first by the requirements of good grades and outstanding positions in the school community. So she needed to be a star child of excellence if she wanted to get anywhere in this world. With that in mind she approached the table with the brunet she recognized as Finley from the time he spent with Madison.

"Hello, Finley correct?" She asked extending her hand with a cordial smile, waiting for his answer before replying with a :"I'm Aiko LemerciƩr, I believe you'll be my tutor from here on out?" She asked with a brighter smile. "I'm excited to learn from you."
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PostSubject: Re: Mentoring (Aiko & Finley)   Thu Mar 31, 2016 7:36 pm

Finley's brow was furrowed in that moment, trying to comprehend how anyone could let the current events of the book happen to a child. She was only a girl...

"Hello, Finley correct?"

Jumping - something that was not uncommon when someone disturbed Finley from a book because he always got too engrossed in it - at the sound of his voice, the Ravenclaw put the book down and looked up, giving a small, hesitant smile. "Y-yes, I'm Finley." The Ravenclaw replied after a moment he took to compose himself. He really did need to learn not to do that when he was waiting for other people, because it was embarrassing to say the least.

"Nice to m-meet you, Aiko." Finley added after she'd finished explaining who she was and that she was excited to get learning. She almost sounded like a Ravenclaw, but Finley decided not to act on stereotypes in that moment. Instead, Finley focused on the teaching that he was going to need to do. "P-Professor Jameson didn't say w-what you needed help with..." Finley continued, hoping the witch before him would be able to give him something he could work with to make this whole thing a success.
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PostSubject: Re: Mentoring (Aiko & Finley)   

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Mentoring (Aiko & Finley)
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