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 Respectful Requests (Aiko & Madison)

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PostSubject: Respectful Requests (Aiko & Madison)    Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:36 am

Aiko nervously fiddled with her fingers and then with the hem of her sleeves on her robe.

Aiko hated being nervous, but it seemed an emotion that frequented her life unfortunately. First the nervousness about the influx of work coming in for her led her to a few visits to the Hospital Wing, which also lead to a nice encounter with Chee Wye (that was nice, she thought with a warm feeling in her stomach). Second the nervousness of schoolwork and the approaching responsibilities she'd need to take over. Third was... well it was reminiscent of the second bout of nervousness she'd been feeling because it led her to here. She couldn't play any of the instruments in the room before her, but she wished she could. A girl didn't need to be anything but beautiful, her mother once told her, it shook Aiko to the core to think of life like that. To think that all she was could be defined by her outer appearance. It was disgusting to say the least.

Except there was plenty of irony in the thought because Aiko was a model for Circe's sake. Her whole existence had been defined by her physical appearance. She never thought of it like that, and it made her frown, she secretly hoped after Hogwarts she could pursure a different life. First however, she needed to excel further in her studies. First and second year had been breezes, and so had the first part of third year, but now they were tackling on the material to be done next year and it made Aiko uneasy because as it so happened, she didn't have a full grasp on the material presented. So she respectfully was given a tutor.

Upon seeing the name of her tutor however, she flushed and pondered whether or not she should request another tutor. However, the more conniving side of Aiko saw this as a different opportunity. This was a chance for Aiko to interact with Madison. Finley Allen was Madison's boyfriend and no Slytherin girl (unless they were dating a 'Puff) was a trusting force. Aiko wondered how to approach the subject, and settled for asking Madison to meet her in the Arts Room in the closing hours of the following day.

Now she was here, sitting at the piano with her feet dangling and her nerves almost getting the best of her as she played with the robe of her hem once more. She knew what she needed to say; she needed to make it clear that she had the utmost respect for Madison and would in no way make a pass at Finley. She merely needed to make it clear that she needed the extra help to pass, and as her boyfriend was the smartest (as was expected) Fifth Year in Hogwarts, Headmaster Jameson saw it most fitting that he attend to her. She knew how to pacify a snake when she saw one. Thus when she heard footsteps approaching, she lifted her head in the slightest (but not in confident or overpowering way).

"Good evening, thank you for meeting with me." She started as she stood and gestured to the chair beside her. "Would you like a seat?"
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PostSubject: Re: Respectful Requests (Aiko & Madison)    Wed Mar 30, 2016 8:38 am

Finley James Allen, fifth year Ravenclaw, prefect, but most importantly, hers. So when Maddie heard that some third year female was going to be getting tuition from her boyfriend, and upon learning said female was a Slytherin, Madison immediately did some checking up, and found that the younger witch was indeed beautiful.

Now, Madison was not the jealous type. Oh, no, there was no time or space in her schedule to feel things like that. However, she also knew that when it concerned Finley, she would so anything and everything to ensure that he remained hers. After all, she had worked her ass off to get to this point, and there was no way she was going to let Finley go so easily.

And if that meant destroying every bitch that came between them, so be it; she would enjoy the challenge of breaking whatever - and whomever - needed breaking.

Aiko was no different, and as soon as she knew that Finley was to be giving her one on one tuition, her interest was spiked, and she started making plans. If she would use them had yet to be seen, but there was no harm in planning. But then the note came from said younger witch, and Madison read the note with some interest, before deciding she would at least give the witch a chance to explain herself. One chance, and then Maddie would destroy her if she didn't like the explanation.

Stepping into the Arts room, Madison eyed the female there, giving a slight dip of her head as an acknowledgement of the words. "I'll stand for now," she replied, tone indifferent, taking on neither warmth or coldness. Shutting the door behind her, she moved towards the empty chair, standing in place next to it, and stared at the witch, a silent invitation to continue.
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PostSubject: Re: Respectful Requests (Aiko & Madison)    Thu Mar 31, 2016 5:34 pm

Fear wasn’t an emotion Aiko was accustomed to.

There was general paranoia and anxiety; she knew those things very well. She had felt them shake through her body and leave her immobilized with nervousness, before her father would find her curled up somewhere and lift her softly up. He’d hold her against his chest like she was a toddler again, and tell her that everything was going to be alright and he was right beside her whenever she needed it. She hadn’t had as many panic or anxiety attacks as when she was out of Hogwarts. In fact, in most ways, she was more at ease in Hogwarts. Magic was more than a familiar face in a crowd to her; it was her best friend. It wasn’t just a breeze that sifted through her hair, it felt like a tornado inside of her. It was a storm that wanted to be released from her wand, from her head, it was insanity that rattled against her skull and ricocheted though her soul. It was utter calm and calamity; it was beauty and hideousness; it was glory and shame. It was many contradictions shaking her from the core.

But it felt… it felt like home.

When she was home, she had no fears. Only love.

Here at Hogwarts, she did have some fears. There was no use denying it. Having to confront someone, it left her fearful. Confrontations were too … unpredictable for her. She couldn’t analyze the situation into enough depth if she had to confront someone because truth be told, every option was better than confrontation. Except this wasn’t a confrontation, she reminded herself as she noticed a loose thread in the sleeve of her robe, this was an explanation. So she wouldn’t have her head bitten off. She couldn’t explain why she was slightly frightened by Madison; it wasn’t that she was scary outwardly. But Aiko was smart. She could read people. She did read people. The most horrendous of storms started with the calmest, the sweetest, the most trusting of winds and breezes before it punched you in the face (literally and metaphorically).

Aiko nodded at Madison's expense, and tried not to stutter.

I asked to meet you, b-because,” she took a deep breath, “I’m going to be tutored by your boyfriend, Finley. I ju-just want to clarify that it’s only tutoring. I’m afraid I’m not doing very well in Charms or-or Transfiguration, or Defense Against the Dark Arts,” she winced as she thought about those things, “and Headmaster Jameson was the one to recommend him. I didn't seek him out.” She added, stepping back, holding her breath, her heart thrumming a fearful melody in her ears as she considered what could happen next. Her mind was racing and she was trying her hardest to push off a panic attack, an anxiety attack, anything to prevent her from freaking out in from of Madison.
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PostSubject: Re: Respectful Requests (Aiko & Madison)    Sun Apr 03, 2016 4:12 am

There were but a few things in life that Madison wasn't sure of, and those were the things that she tread very carefully around and treated with the most caution. Finley had been one of them, considering that she had somehow obtained feelings for the male that had started as a game. It had been a very important lesson to her - that she should be vigilant in her analysis of things - that she had taken to heart.

So, standing in front of the younger witch, Madison knew a few things. Firstly, that she was vastly more powerful that Aiko. Secondly, that Aiko was nervous. Thirdly, Madison would not let a timid or fearful act cloud her judgement (after all, she herself knew full well that emotions could be faked). Lastly and most importantly, Maddie knew what she would do if - and this was a very big if - she had been mistaken.

The moment the stutter escaped the witch's lips, Madison let out an audible sigh. She had tolerated it in Finley in the beginning since it had been her goal to 'fix' it, and now it was more of something she used to gauge if something she said or did was ... peaking his interest ... but in anybody else it was annoying and unnecessary. "Speak, Aiko, not stammer," she said coolly, keeping the irritation at bay. That was not the right time for that. Instead, her voice was still in that neutral tone, speaking of neither approval nor disapproval.

"I’m going to be tutored by your boyfriend, Finley."

"I know," Madison said, interrupting the girl with those two words, but then fell silent and let her finish. Everything she was told, she already knew - with the whole Headmaster Jameson thing to the subjects she would be tutored on. And even the 'clarification' wasn't very convincing; anyone could say anything. Madison needed the girl to prove that there were no hidden agendas, no underlying motives, or, if there were, Maddie needed to show the witch why it was a very, very bad idea to maintain those ideas.

"See, here's my problem," she started, as soon as Aiko had finished. "People can say many things. You're giving me information I already know. That makes me think you're trying to skirt around something." She paused, sitting herself on the armrest of the chair and placed her arms on her lap. "Frankly, I don't care what Daniel says; if I feel you're hiding something from me, you're not going near my boyfriend."

She gave a tiny smile that held no warmth, instead coming off as distant and cold. "So, tell me, Aiko, why should I let you get tuition from Finn?"
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PostSubject: Re: Respectful Requests (Aiko & Madison)    

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Respectful Requests (Aiko & Madison)
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