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 An Effort to Be Productive (Joshua)

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PostSubject: An Effort to Be Productive (Joshua)   Wed Mar 30, 2016 1:07 pm

Lucy had made it a habit to go to the study area in order to, of course, study. The Great Hall was far too rowdy, and her dorm room… Well, there was always something going on in her dorm room that would inevitably interest her much more than her potions homework. Because when it came to her school work, although she loved what she was doing, she felt somewhat burnt out. And she couldn't pinpoint the exact reason as to why that was. Hopefully, in a room where everyone seemed to be studying, she'd have an easier time putting her head to the books.

And even then, her mind wandered to nowhere in particular. She thought about her roommates, a potential party that they were planning for sometime in the (hopefully) near future. Random things that she tried to forget about. One thing that stuck out was the thought of the horrible virus that she had read about in the newspaper recently. And before she knew it, she was just thinking, chin resting in her hand and staring into space, zoned out.
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PostSubject: Re: An Effort to Be Productive (Joshua)   Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:43 pm

Throughout his years at Hogwarts, Joshua hadn't really come to the Study area as often as he should. His studies were not of high importance to him, but they were of high importance to his family. His parents had always been firm believers of a good education, even when they did not fully understand the kind of education their child was receiving. His parents hadn't cared to learn all that much about Hogwarts before Joshua enrolled in the school. They had wanted to stay as far away from the "magical demon freaks" as possible.

With the end of the year coming so fast, Joshua had decided to come by the study area more often. The last thing the boy needed was to remain a fifth year forever.

As he entered the Study Area, he noticed a girl who seemed to be deep in thought. Her blonde, curly hair slightly glimmered in the lighting of the area and her blue eyes seemed to be somewhere else, perhaps. He wondered how one body could appear to be calculating the entire world at once.

"Hello there," He waved, hoping to get her seemingly scattered attention. "Mind if I join you in thought?"
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An Effort to Be Productive (Joshua)
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