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 Cupcakes (Aiko)

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PostSubject: Cupcakes (Aiko)   Thu Mar 31, 2016 6:05 pm

Joshua had been in his dorm room, reading some book for some class (they were all the same to him), when a thought had occurred to him.
"Man, I am really craving a cupcake..or maybe a dozen."
With this in mind, the Hufflepuff made his way to the kitchen. He payed no attention to the time, as he had grown to not care about being where he should be when he should be there. The kitchen seemed like a pretty interesting place to be at the moment, so that was where he was to go. Of course, if anyone he knew had been with him, he would not have been this lenient.

As he entered the kitchen, he greeted the house elves.
"Any chance you would like to make a batch of cupcakes?" Joshua inquired. "Perhaps chocolate..no..red velvet?" At the end of his sentence, he noticed the sound of footsteps approaching the kitchen.

"I really hope this mystery person has a sweet tooth," he laughed nervously.
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PostSubject: Re: Cupcakes (Aiko)   Thu Mar 31, 2016 6:36 pm

Aiko felt stronger now that she’d been eating more, she felt good to go around. She’d been eating more, she didn’t have scary threatening blondes to worry about or classes so much with the extra help she was receiving. She’d been making more friends (Chee Wye, Max, maybe even Finley in due time). She’d been doing so well, it felt like a rock off her chest as she walked around Hogwarts with her head high. She had a steady schedule for work, and her siblings were coming to stay in their home this summer! She couldn’t wait to tell Hunter about everything she’d been doing, show him the essays she’d wrote, let him do magic tricks for her. She wanted Sam and her babies to come by so she could play with her nieces Ginger and Grant, she wanted Lilliana to give her a lecture on grammar, and Justin to sneak into her room at night to tell her all about his high-school drama. He was bisexual, sort of like her, but it wasn’t as accepted by his God fearing mother and father. He had a boyfriend now, but his boyfriend was a secret boyfriend and they both had ‘beards’ or girls who were okay with pretending to date them so that no one knew they were … in love.

Drama was so intense apparently in muggle high schools!

Aiko hated to be apart of drama, but she liked hearing about it so that she remembered just why she hated being in the middle of things like that. She just wished she could tell Justin, Sam and Lilliana about who she really was and why she wasn’t the same as them… But her father just keep telling them that she had too many shoots and other underground projects. Then next year he’d say he sent her to a boarding school in America and that’s why she wasn’t around even half as much. Thinking about Justin and her family filled her with a sweet happiness and she decided she wanted a snack and she could snack. So when she entered the kitchen imagine her surprise when she saw another body in there requesting something like … Oh! Cupcakes!

What about red velvet cupcakes with chocolate frosting?” She asked as she approached him, as she came closer she was taken aback by the color of his eyes, her cheeks grew hot as she realized just how attractive he was. “I’m Aiko,” she murmured, smiling gleefully.
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PostSubject: Re: Cupcakes (Aiko)   Thu Mar 31, 2016 7:35 pm

“What about red velvet cupcakes with chocolate frosting?”
"What an odd combination," Joshua remarked. "Let's go with that!" Throughout his years, Joshua had only ever paired red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, because that was just how the world seemed to work. He had never really thought about chocolate frosting, though red velvet was technically chocolate cake, so the frosting would be a nice choice. The girl who had suggested this was pretty with straight, shiny black hair. She told him that her name was Aiko.

"Save 10% of more on car insurance," Joshua joked. About ten seconds later, he rebuttaled, "Sorry. That was stupid." He figured that most of the students at Hogwarts had never heard of Geico car insurance, but he couldn't help himself. On occasion when one spoke, a rhyming word word pop in his head. He was usually the only one amused by this.

"Aiko is a very pretty name," he said. "It's short and sweet, like a cupcake."
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PostSubject: Re: Cupcakes (Aiko)   

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Cupcakes (Aiko)
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