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 Lessons in Learning (Aiko & Christopher)

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PostSubject: Lessons in Learning (Aiko & Christopher)    Thu Mar 31, 2016 7:00 pm

Aiko pulled all her short locks into a ponytail at the base of her neck as she hummed a tiny tune that she’d heard on some witch’s radio early in the morning. She smiled as she thought about how her life was getting easier and more enjoyable. She had friends that were kind and sweet to her, she had a classwork that was slowly easing up off her back, and a lot to be happy about quite honestly. She didn’t need to stress about not making friends anymore or stress about filing out request forms for modeling shoots or classes. She just needed to worry about her health now. She asked her mother about fixing her life, how it was so hectic and messy and how she didn’t know how to control it anymore and how her anxiety attacks were back with a fervency, and her mother did what her father did and explained how everything was going to work out and then sent her a list of things that could possibly help “fix” her life. Her mother didn’t think anything in her life was broken so nothing really needed fixing in that sense. Instead, her mother opted to explain that maybe Aiko’s life needed organization. She asked her about timetables and schedules.

It was a brilliant idea!

So now Aiko had a schedule that she took with her everywhere to explain what she needed to do and when and why she needed to do things. She had a list of priorities and a list of fun things. She felt prepared and confident. Not just falsified confidence either, thanks to Chee Wye, she felt a strong kind of real confidence and her ambition was back with an intensity too. There was just one problem that didn’t necessarily have a traditional problem was that of her eating habits. However, she read in a book once that sometimes exercising control in one area of her life would help her find control in another area. It sparked an idea in her. She figured that a good way to solve the problem of her bad eating habits was that of taking up a sport. Specifically Quidditch.

Not that she planned on trying out for the team (yet), but she figured it was best she learn how to. She asked Headmaster Jameson about a tutor, or a student mentor, and he pushed her in the way of a Ravenclaw by the name of Christopher Richardson. So now she was waiting in the Quidditch Pitch with leggings and simple shirt on with a broom from Saffa in her hands, anticipating when her instructor would arrive.
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PostSubject: Re: Lessons in Learning (Aiko & Christopher)    Fri Apr 01, 2016 8:18 pm

Christopher was the best flier in the school.

His parents had told him this when they had come to spectate one o the games. They told him after the little league Quidditch matches over the holidays. His tutors told him he was beyond his years for his talent. And, quite simply, Christopher knew himself to be the best flier in the school. Why? Because no one could out do him in that field, he shot down competition and lapped up the attention from it.

Modesty might be key to some people, but Christopher was far from modest in respect of his sporting talents.

So, when he had been sent a letter from the Headmaster requesting his presence to help a fellow student, Christopher's ego had been boosted ten fold. Their Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher was an ex-Professional Quidditch player, and the Headmaster had put his name to the girl before him? Yes, Christopher's head was larger than ever as he made his way down to the Quidditch Pitch, his Firebolt Two draped over his shoulder, clad in a sports t-shirt and shorts for the afternoon.

If his time was going to be wasted, Christopher was not going to be happy, but, at least he could work out a little before telling the kid to get lost. Stepping on to the pitch, Christopher found himself faced with a girl roughly his age, and he was (inwardly) surprised at this fact.

"You're here for flying lessons?" The Ravenclaw asked, oozing confidence as he took her in - he was not subtle in this, either. "Flown before?" Down to business, this was serious to Christopher, and he definitely needed to know what he was working with.
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Lessons in Learning (Aiko & Christopher)
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