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 Mel's Character Plot Stuffs

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PostSubject: Mel's Character Plot Stuffs   Tue Apr 05, 2016 4:26 am

A HUGE thanks to Lor (click for her charrie page!) for the format, because Merlin knows I couldn’t have been arsed to figure it out on my own. xD <3 She’s the bestest, go plot with her!

Note: Stephanie Richardson has been given to Lor to write and is no longer mine Smile.

Chee Wye
16 || Hufflepuff || Muggleborn || Shipped with Adelaide Cassan
Trustworthy. Optimistic. Friendly. Narrow-minded. Shallow. Prejudiced.

Chee Wye is a Malaysian transfer student and an overall happy-go-lucky guy. He’s a typical Malaysian Chinese male, so he’s… different. 16 and a Hufflepuff, he’s genuine and friendly, although due to his manner of speaking and culture he may come across as offensive and or be hard to understand.

Looking for:
~ Friends, although not best friends (he’s already got that)
~ One more temporary relationship (preferably with a white person) that doesn’t last very long (perhaps a couple dates and a kiss)
~ Bullies; since Chee Wye has such a weird way of speaking (it’s makes complete sense for Malaysians, I promise xD) there’s no doubt that he’s bullied in some way

Current Plots:
~ Shipped with Adelaide Cassan
~ Best friends with Mei Xin
~ In a friend trio with Stephan Han and Finley Allen
~ (Possible) Temporary relationship with Aiko Lemerciér

Chrisy Lynn
16 || Ravenclaw || Halfblood || Single but stalked by Luke Browne
Kind-hearted. Genuine. Humble. Pushover. Insecure. Depressed.

Chrisy is a bullied, loner 6th year Ravenclaw. Her parents want her to pursue grades and whatnot, but her talents lie in arts - she is an amazing painter and artist - and not studies. She is, therefore, not doing so well academically wise and with pressure from her parents and a genius older brother, she feels like she is in constantly in his shadow.

Looking for:
~ Possible bullies; currently, I have NPCs bullying her. If you have an idea for your character being mean to her or using her, PM me, because currently, Luke will devastate anyone who is mean to her that he catches. (So plot will have to be very specific)
~ A small handful (two or so) to be kind to her and stand by her side; friends in general.
~ Someone who genuinely cares about her and questions her about Luke’s obsession with her and get her slightly suspicious, though she’ll never fully believe he’s stalking her

Current Plots:
~ Stalked by Luke Browne
~ Future sort-of friendship with Lyra Browne

Clarinda Jennson
44 || Head Healer of the Spell Damage Ward at St. Mungo’s || Muggleborn || Married to Kamren Jennson
Patient. Compassionate. Resilient. Stubborn. Closed (at times). Overly-giving.

Clarinda has had a tough past, and has overcome a lot, becoming the Head Healer of the department she loved the most. She loves helping people, although sometimes she can wear herself out, and needs to rely on her husband to realise that she just needs to take a step back. Her life motto is “overcome evil with good”, a statement she had once heard and adopted since

Looking for:
~ Friends, especially Healers
~ Possibly someone she can mentor

Current Plots:
~ Married to Kamren Jennson
~ Adopted Lux Bailey

Kayleigh Walters
12 || Gryffindor || Halfblood || Shipped with Elleon Caverly
Happy-go-lucky. Forgiving. Open. Blatant. ADHD. Naive.

Kayle is a hyper ball of ADHD optimism and joy. She is friendly, although not so good with the whole personal bubble thing, and loves meeting new people/making friends.

Looking for:
~ Friends, duh. xD
~ Maybe someone who shows her the world isn’t as kind and beautiful as she thinks (like a bully or someone extremely pessimistic)
~ Someone to mentor her, maybe?

Current Plots:
~ Shipped with Elleon Caverly
~ Friends with Elleon Caverly, Max Hollingberry , and Stephan Han~

Madison Bishop
15 || Slytherin || Halfblood || Shipped with Finley Allen
Confident. Smart. Observant. Sociopathic. Manipulative. Selfish.

Madison was raised with her identical twin sister, Melody, and together they wrecked havoc on any and all nannies hired by their parents. With her dad being a muggle and their mum being a (disgraced) Pureblood, they grew up with the best of both worlds, being spoilt no end, since their dad was really rich. Maddie is a sociopath, and has no empathy or compassion for anyone other than her sister and Finley. However, she is also a brilliant actress, and many people like her and think she’s sweet and adorable. She’s very popular in Hogwarts.

Looking for:
~ Girls for her posse, though they have to be the kind that are willing to blindly follow her
~ People for her to destroy socially
~ People for her to manipulate into doing things for her (like homework, etc)

Current Plots:
~ Twins with Melody Bishop
~ Shipped with Finley Allen
~ Enemies with Nirek Kapoor
~ Posse members: Aiko Lemerciér, Danielle Gautier, and (I forgot, was it Lucy or Violet or both, M1?)

Nico Cassan
11 || Gryffindor || Halfblood || Single
Considerate. Generous. Kind. Impulsive. Jealous. Stubborn.

Nico is the youngest of the Cassan family and constantly feels like he is in the shadow of his older siblings, as he hasn’t found that one thing he’s good at; he doesn’t know his identity, and is therefore slightly insecure. However, he’s a really good kid overall, and strives to be the best that he can be in whatever he does, although mischievious at times.

Looking for:
~ Friends! Lots of friends!
~ Not sure yet, but possibly a mentor as he grows older
~ A ship, but not for a long while more (this is open to discussion, therefore, but chances are I won’t accept anything just yet.)

Current Plots:
~ Cassan sibling/family plot

Serafina Richardson
23 || Auror-in-training || Pureblood || Shipped with Seth Corbett
Charming. Friendly. Idealist. Flirtatious. Vain. Superficial.

Serafina is the eldest in the Richardson family and somewhat unconventional in the sense that she is a feminist. She wants equal opportunities for females, and the option to choose who they want to marry. However, she still maintains the ‘Purebloods are better’ mindset. She plays males and can be a manipulator, although she maintains a Pureblood standard of talking and interacting.

Looking for:
~ Pureblood males for her to toy with (or halfbloods/muggleborns, but this is iffy)
~ Pureblood friends
~ Muggleborn and halfblood friends

Current Plots:
~ Richardson family plot <3
~ Enemy/ship with Seth Corbett

Last edited by Madison Bishop on Fri May 06, 2016 7:10 am; edited 7 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Mel's Character Plot Stuffs   Sat Apr 09, 2016 6:54 am

Clarinda & Sabrina
I'm not sure how Clarinda and Sabrina could meet, but since Sabrina's really terrible with children, maybe Clarinda could help Sabrina show her more nurturing side to them?

Serafina & Summer
The beautiful pureblood and muggleborn enemies turned friends thing we've got going. Yep.

Serafina & Eun Soo
This one I'm really excited about, because they're both pureblood who are feminists and into Auror stuff, but while Serafina has that pureblood elitism going on, Eun Soo hates that stuff, and it would be interesting to see how that works out between them.

Kayleigh & Stephen
BFFs <3 Kayle could also be the one Stephen eventually turns to when he realises his feelings for Aiko in the future. xD

Stephanie & Lyra
Future friends, since Lyra's a muggleborn and Stephanie's that pureblood who eventually becomes the black sheep. I think their personalities could complement each other, maybe in their 6th year or something.

Chee Wye & Stephen

Future Marauders group plot with Finley and Mei Xin probably? xD
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PostSubject: Re: Mel's Character Plot Stuffs   Fri Apr 15, 2016 8:19 pm

If you want I can create the guy for Stephanie?

They could run into each other and I can have him have a crush on her and fight for her love which will cause her to become the black sheep of her family? I can also offer my twins Audrina and Arden for any of your characters
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PostSubject: Re: Mel's Character Plot Stuffs   Fri Apr 15, 2016 8:40 pm

I can offer Layla as a friend for Chrisy since they're both talented in fine arts (Layla being a musician).

We already have something with Layla and Kayle.

I can also offer Severine as a friend for Stephanie for now, though she is going into 4th year this term.
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PostSubject: Re: Mel's Character Plot Stuffs   Fri Apr 15, 2016 10:39 pm

Hey I just created Brie so she is 21 and ready to post with anyone!
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PostSubject: Re: Mel's Character Plot Stuffs   Tue Apr 26, 2016 2:11 am


I'll reply each of you individually soon (urg stupid ADHD won't let me focus long enough) but I wanted to let you know I've updated it to add Nico, remove Stephanie, as well as changed the format. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Mel's Character Plot Stuffs   

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Mel's Character Plot Stuffs
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