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 Not Another Snake! (Madison)

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PostSubject: Not Another Snake! (Madison)   Fri Apr 08, 2016 7:05 pm

Elleon tapped his toes inside his sneakers as he checked his watch for the umpteenth time. Where was Jelena? They were supposed to meet here ages ago so they could head home together. Girls took so long to pack. He was anxious to see his friends and family again, to be part of a community where he wasn't always so stressed and...lost. Sure, his sister was a good interpreter but when everybody was talking all at once, it was near impossible for her to sign everything and because of that, Elleon missed out a lot. Plus, he was always working to understand people and by the end of the day he was mentally exhausted from the effort. There would be none of that once he got home.

Deciding to pass the time doing something useful, Elleon took out his wand. He’d been practicing non-verbal spells lately so he wouldn't have to use his voice so much and though he had yet to cast one successfully, he still worked at it, never giving up. He focused his attention on the duffle bag lying at his feet. Taking a deep breath, he moved his wand in the appropriate action and imagined the outcome of the spell on the bag. Nothing happened. Perhaps he had to say the incantation in his mind? He tried again and yet nothing happened. Or perhaps a combination of the two? Simultaneously saying the incantation in his mind and imagining the correct outcome, he once again moved his wand at the bag. This time, there was a minute improvement as the spell worked on the bag, though not fully and barely noticeable.

Elleon sighed and prepared to try again when something caught his eye. A Slytherin. Uh oh he thought, feeling slight panic rise in him. What was it with Slytherins and him? First the one he met in the dungeon and now this. Why did he attract all people that had a knack for making life difficult for him? He averted his eyes immediately, hoping that he could play the deaf card and completely avoid any sort of interaction. He busied himself, playing around with his wand and hoping to everything that the Slytherin wouldn’t come up and tap him on his shoulder.

Where was Jelena?
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PostSubject: Re: Not Another Snake! (Madison)   Sun May 01, 2016 2:57 pm

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Not Another Snake! (Madison)
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