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 Writer's Block (Joshua)

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PostSubject: Writer's Block (Joshua)   Mon Apr 11, 2016 12:34 pm

Anya took a swig out of her recently-filled glass of butterbeer. She then took extra care setting the glass back on the table where it was to reside until the next sip. She crossed her legs and then uncrossed them, trying to find the most comfortable sitting position. She then pulled her hair into a high ponytail and then into a low braid. It was rather obvious that she was stalling. The notebook in front of her was entirely blank, due to the fact that she had just bought it. Her previous notebook had just been filled and now she was trying to bring herself to crack into a new one.

The problem was.. she hated writing in new notebooks.

She absolutely loathed ripping into the untouched pages with her quill. What if what she wrote was not good enough for the beautiful leather bound creation? What if she came up with a better idea for her first thing to write, but it would be too late because she had already written a first work ad it had been the wrong first work?

She let out a rather exaggerated sigh and took another swig of butterbeer. This was going to take a while
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Joshua Abbott
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University Student

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PostSubject: Re: Writer's Block (Joshua)   Mon Apr 11, 2016 1:02 pm

Joshua had ventured to the Three Broomsticks for no reason in particular. He had been doing nothing interesting when he decided that it may benefit him to grab a glass of Butterbeer. Unlike most other students at Hogwarts, Joshua had not drank much Butterbeer over the years. He came to the Three Broomsticks every now and then, but most of his time was spent wondering Hogwarts. Hogwarts was a rather large school and in his five years, he had still not conquered all of it.

As he approached a table in the crowded joint, he noticed a fellow Hufflepuff sitting alone. He had never conversed with this Puff, but he figured she was at least a year younger than himself. She looked focused on the leather bound notebook in front of her, but it almost seemed as if it was giving her great agony.

"Who's winning the staring contest?" He asked. "I'm placing my bets on the book. Those darned things never blink."


~Joshua~Always Searching~Profile~Abbott~
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Writer's Block (Joshua)
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