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 Summer Holiday Date (Finley)

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PostSubject: Summer Holiday Date (Finley)   Mon Apr 11, 2016 1:38 pm

Summer holidays had kicked off a few days ago and already Madison was bored at home. Sure, Melody was heaps of fun, but they couldn't get up to much with dad and mum constantly around, asking them about their school days and all that unimportant stuff. At the very least, her report card had been great - with thanks to all those she had manipulated into doing work for her, not that she actually gave them any credit - and so there had been no qualms from her parents on how she spent her holiday.

And that was, obviously, with Finley.

They had heard she was dating him - of course they had - but she had left out many a detail that Melody obviously knew, such as how she had first come to know him and how and why they became friends. She also left out the topic of Nirek, although she realised that she would need to sit down with Mel someday soon to go over all the possibilities when it came to what to do with him permanently.

In any case, that was a long way away, and as Madison stepped into the Ice Cream Parlour where she had agreed to meet up with Finley, Nirek and school was the last thing on her mind. Looking for him, she spotted him at a table and walked over to join him, having purposely been a few minutes late so that he would have been there first. "Hey Finn!" she greeted, moving to peck him on the cheek. "Sorry I'm late."
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Holiday Date (Finley)   Tue Apr 12, 2016 8:30 pm

The summer holidays had come, which meant the long, agonising wait for the results for his O.W.L.S. Finley wasn't sure how he had done, truth be told, but he hoped that all the hours of studying and practicing that he had done would pay off. He had only two years left at Hogwarts now, a scary thought in itself, but what was more scary was that Finley was not sure what he was going to do when he left.

It was a normal day when the text from Madison had come, and after asking his parents (more than once) if he could head up in to London (he was sixteen now!) they had agreed that he could meet with her the next day.

Grinning to himself as he got off the Muggle train in London, Finley had made his way to the hidden alleyway full of Wizarding shops, feeling much more relaxed than normal as he reentered normality. Being at home was stressful for Finley, his stutter had slipped back in a little now and then from the stress of being home with his father, but Finley was not going to let that deter him.

He'd been the first to arrive at the shop - which was not an issue, and he'd ordered two (rather large) bowls of assorted ice cream as he sat waiting for Madison. He was quite sure Madison wouldn't mind if he started his, but as he waited, he wondered if Melody would be coming too. The Ravenclaw couldn't help but hope he would only have Madison for company, after all, he wanted to spend time with his girlfriend, not so much her sister.

As Madison entered, Finley's features lit up. It might only have been a short while since they'd left school, but Finley had missed her. Even if they text and called one another every day, it wasn't the same as seeing Madison. "H-hi." Finley responded softly as Madison kissed his cheek and took her seat across from him. "It's o-okay. I got y-you some ice c-cream. Assorted flavours, b-because I wasn't sure. We c-can share though, i-if you don't like some of y-yours."
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Holiday Date (Finley)   Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:42 am

Even she could tell that the stuttering with Finley had gotten worse when he had gone back to his Muggle parents for the holidays - she was told by some of her friends that he had mostly stopped stuttering altogether, although when he was around her that was not true - and Madison felt rage bubbling up inside her. All her hard work, all her effort, all the heart she had put into making Finley better was being undone by two idiots, sorry excuses for human beings.

Before she had fallen for the boy, this had merely been an inconvenience, something that pushed the game back a little but wasn't something that big of a deal. But now that Finley was her boyfriend and she cared for him? Well, now it was personal, and nobody hurt those she cared about - namely, herself, Melody, and Finley, in that order, not that she'd tell anyone.

Ice cream was ice cream; it was all the same to her, although she had a soft spot for chocolate (which girl didn't?), and she flashed her boyfriend a smile. "It's perfect, Finn!" she told him, truthfully, as she sat down across from him.

She picked up her spoon, taking a few bites of the cold dessert before moving on to the real reason she had wanted to meet him face to face - to get him away from his parents, for his sake. "So, I was thinking," she started, casually, as though she hadn't been planning this from the start. "We should go on vacation somewhere. Just the two of us, that sort of thing. We don't have to share a bed or a room if you're not comfortable, but dad has a friend that rents out lakeside cabins and stuff, and I was wondering if you were interested."
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Holiday Date (Finley)   Wed Apr 13, 2016 6:49 pm

Finley couldn't help but beam when - for the umpteenth time - Madison said that something he'd done was perfect. For whatever reason, hearing those words, from Madison made him want to smile a very large smile and made him feel... much better in himself. Finley had read (yes, he had researched) that this was a side effect of being in love, the warm fuzzy feelings, the happiness being around someone, and the way their words made you feel like nobody else could.

Though, of course, he had not yet told Madison about any of this, because he was too shy to tell her he loved her.

Following Madison's lead with eating, Finley tucked back in to his ice cream, enjoying the refreshing dessert from the warm weather that England was currently suffering through. His eyes flickered up to meet Madison's when she started speaking, not interupting her as she spoke, simply waiting for all of her words to be completed.

Finley's eyes went wide at the proposition of staying in the same bed (he was male, and as much as Finley wasn't like the average boy his age, he did take this to mean something could happen). But the invitation of going on holiday was one that Finley was ecstatic about. His parents had not taken him on holiday in a very long time, and going away with Madison would be fun.

"T-that sounds great!" Finley replied happily, nodding to show his confirmation of the words. "And, I... I d-don't mind sharing. I-if that's what... is a-available." Finley added, his cheeks flushing a dark red. He had wanted to say 'if that's what you want', but he changed the course of his words (not rather subtly) at the last moment. "W-when?" Finley added, his eagerness for this to happen getting the better of him in the moment.

Anything, to get away from his parents.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Holiday Date (Finley)   Thu Apr 14, 2016 2:12 am

Despite her casual tone and appearance, she watched Finley carefully for any minute expressions, taking note of each swallow, twitch, or movements that were out of the ordinary for the Ravenclaw, and was rewarded with widened eyes. She pretended not to have noticed, instead placing another spoon of ice cream into her mouth and swallowing. It was nice and cooling, giving some relief from the Summer heat outside, but she was certain that despite this Finley wasn't feeling very cool right about now.

The agreement drew a smile from her, although she hadn't asked expecting a no; indeed, a yes was all she would leave with, no matter what the male thought. When he hesitated, she was certain that he had been about to say something else, but decided to play innocent in that moment. "Well, there are different types of cabins available, from what I've heard. There are some with two single rooms, and others with one," she commented lightly, as though it was no big deal.

But it was; sharing a bed with Finley - whether or not they did ..anything - meant a next step in their relationship, and another thing that boasted of him being hers. It didn't actually matter if they stayed pure or if they went the extra mile (so to speak). Melody would help out by telling a few 'friends' that Maddie and Finley had gone off on holiday by themselves and shared a room. What they did or did not do didn't matter once that news went out; people would know Finley was Madison's.

Besides, she wasn't partcularly intrigued with the notion, nor was she displeased. It simply was something that existed, and somethinng they would do, eventually.

She shrugged lightly at the question. "No idea," she replied. "I have no plans, so it's up to you. When are you free? Let me know the dates, and I'll get dad to call his friend."
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Holiday Date (Finley)   Thu Apr 14, 2016 6:59 pm

Finley listened to the two options that there were in the cabins, weighing each of them up. Finley was, in all seriousness, a very awkward person, who was not accustomed to being physically close to people. This meant that sharing a bed with Madison would be huge for him, the closeness would be a new level, and he wouldn't have space to himself.

However, the sixteen year old boy that was buried deep down was more than excited about this idea, and urging Finley to suggest the room where they would share a bed.

Thankfully, though, Finley was better than most boys his age, so he gave a casual shrug. "We c-can do whatever you pr-prefer." He replied, giving his girlfriend a small smile. It would never, ever be Finley that made decisions as big as this. If he said he wanted one thing, and Madison wanted another, he wouldn't have been comfortable in himself. So, this decision, was all hers, and he would deal with either outcome.

"I'm f-free the whole t-time." Finley replied quickly to her question. It was obvious he didn't want to be at home, even if you didn't know what he had to deal with when he was home. "M-mum and dad are working all t-the holidays, so they d-don't care what I do so long as I d-don't get in t-their way." He explained as if he was talking about the weather. "W-will it just be us?" He added a little more timidly than before.

There was no point in getting excited about the wrong things, after all.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Holiday Date (Finley)   Sat Apr 16, 2016 9:05 am

As the offer was pushed back towards her, Madison weighed both options very carefully. Finley was a teenaged boy, and no matter how awkward or shy he might have been, she figured he still had the same .. needs as any other male his age would. It wasn't hard to figure out that sharing a bed could not only be a great move for their relationship and securing him even further (not that she was afraid of losing him) but it also meant there was a possibility of it leading to more than just sleeping. And that, while neither exciting nor stimulating for Maddie, was intriguing to think about nevertheless.

On the other hand, it might be too awkward for the poor Ravenclaw Prefect, and it might scare him. Watching him carefully, she spent a couple more seconds debating it before very casually saying, "Well, I suppose we could share a room. It would be easier than getting two separate places." With a shrug for added effect, she kept her gaze carefully on the male, watching for any signs of discomfort.

Sometimes, Madison wanted to break the rules of magic and hex someone while she was out of school. Sometimes, she wondered what it would be like to use magic when she wasn't supposed to. This was one time; she wanted nothing more than to send an unforgivable towards the parents of her boyfriend. Which, though, she wasn't quite sure; did she want them to treat him nicer and control their movements, or did she want to see them withering in pain more? She wasn't sure, but one thing was sure - if she could get away with it, she wouldn't have hesitated.

But she knew she wasn't capable of that just yet, and so, pushing any thoughts of revenge or of her mind, Madison instead smiled at him. "Yes, it will be just us," she told him, fighting down a grin. This was going to be the best summer yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Holiday Date (Finley)   Sat Apr 16, 2016 10:56 am

"Well, I suppose we could share a room. It would be easier than getting two separate places."

Finley nodded at this information, his cheeks going a little pink as he swallowed. Sharing a room would be fun, he was sure, but that didn't mean he couldn't be a little nervous about it. He was already mentally going through the fact he could get changed in the bathroom, and keep some of his privacy on the holiday - he as sure Madison wouldn't want to be that close this holiday. It would be fine - that was what Finley was telling himself in that moment. But, he was happy with the decision, even though it meant a new level in their relationship.

The fact it would be just them made Finley smile. As much as he knew Madison's twin meant a lot to her, he would be more comfortable with just Madison around. Madison made him nervous, yes, but not nearly as much as Melody and Madison made him. And, Merlin, meeting Madison's parents was a horrific idea to Finley, trying to make a good impression with both her parents would be extremely stressful.

But, the option he'd been given was really good.

"That's g-great!" Finley replied warmly, showing he genuinely meant that in the moment. "Just l-let me know d-dates and I'll t-tell my parents." He finished, not sure what else to say in that moment, and instead concentrating back on the ice cream before him.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Holiday Date (Finley)   Thu Apr 21, 2016 5:52 am

She took in the blushing, making no comment, although internally she was considering backing out and changing route. Of course, she was certain that no matter what she had said, Finley would've responded the same, but at the same time, she didn't want to push things too fast, lest the Ravenclaw become too uncomfortable. It was a given that - no matter what point of time - when Madison suggested sharing a bed, Finley would struggle with some level of uncertainty; the trick, therefore, was not to ensure he wasn't uncomfortable, but to increase the level bit by bit.

When Finley smiled, though, she knew it would be okay, and she returned it, no sign of her inner conflict ever having taken place. Yes, Finley was all hers. This would ensure it not just for what she already know, but confirming it for Finley, too.

Once he shared a bed with her, there would be very little chance he ran off with some other bitch, because he was loyal like that.

Smiling wider at his statement, Maddie took out her phone, pretending to consult the calendar, as if she had other things planned. Well, she did, but Finley would always come first (after Melody, of course) and so all her other plans weren't inflexible. She could and would change them around to suit what the male in front of her wanted.

"How about next week?" she inquired. Part of her wanted it to be the next day itself - or that very afternoon, if possible - but she knew it wasn't exactly realistic. "I can have my dad book the house tomorrow, if you can confirm it by today." Pausing, she tilted her head in a questioning manner. "How long did you want to stay there?"
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Holiday Date (Finley)   Thu Apr 21, 2016 5:21 pm

Finley nodded at the idea of next week. It was one that he could definitely work with, and likely, his parents would be quite happy with having him away from the house. Less worry for them. Though, of course, he was going to have to ask them for money for this trip, and Finley could feel the apprehension building inside of him. The Allen's were not poor, not by a long stretch of the imagination, but Finley didn't like asking for money from his parents because it usually came with a lot of questions.

But he would sort that, away from here.

"I'll t-text you when I h-have asked my parents." Finley replied, giving Madison a small smile before he looked away, down at his ice cream. This was such a good idea until he realised it would have a cost, but he simply would not back out of this now.

The only problem was that he was going to have to tell his parents he had a girlfriend, too.

The question on the length of stay made Finley open his mouth, and then close it. How long would be deemed sufficient? He wanted to say the rest of the holidays, but he didn't think Madison would want to spend that much time together. And, on the other hand, a couple of nights wouldn't seem adequate. So, slowly, and cautiously, Finley picked a number, and gave it to Madison, hoping that it was right. "T-ten days?" He asked.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Holiday Date (Finley)   

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Summer Holiday Date (Finley)
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