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 American Rosie, British Jane (Maddie)

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PostSubject: American Rosie, British Jane (Maddie)   Tue Apr 12, 2016 4:32 am

"Rosieeee....This place is boring."

How her twin brother could think that Weasley's Wizard Wheezes was boring was beyond her. It was one of the most magical places she had been in besides Hogwarts of course, but Will wouldn't know about that. Will decided to abandon her and stay in America. Their mum and dad finally allowed him to come and visit her during the summer because she couldn't see him through the year, and couldn't go to California. It simply wasn't fair. Here she got a miraculous life, and she got to share it with no one. She missed Salem, her school back in America. Why her parents had to move to a different country, she didn't know. It was then she realized WHAT he had called her. Her American name. The name nobody knew about.

She said, "You stupid head.... nobody knows me by "Rosie" they know me by "Jane" and they aren't going to know me by "Rosie" is that understood?"

He looked at her quizzically. The same expression she would give him if the situation were reversed.

He replied, " you're stupid...

Jane simply rolled her eyes. This was Great Brittan. Everything was complicated here. She had to match the complicatedness of the country. Instead of being "American Rosie", she was "British Jane" whether Will liked it or not.
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PostSubject: Re: American Rosie, British Jane (Maddie)   Tue Apr 12, 2016 4:44 am

School holidays meant time to restock and prepare for the new school year. No longer were simple pranks and jokes the first thing on her mind; those things were for those that didn't know how to play more grown up games, like manipulation. Of course, that didn't mean that Melody and her couldn't have their fun. Automatically, that meant a trip to Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes to gather all that they'd need.

She herself required a few more skiving snackbox - it was the easiest way to fake nosebleeds or sickness - and she stepped into the place, alone for a change. Melody was caught up with something else, meaning that for the time-being, she was on her own.

Stepping into the store, she couldn't help but notice someone familiar out of the corner of her eyes. Jane, a girl older than her, but annoying enough that Maddie had kept special tabs on her. The witch definitely wasn't powerful enough to mess up any of Maddie's projects, but the older year thought she was great and amazing, which automatically made her someone to watch out for; Madison knew that the next best thing to power was thinking one had it.

As she neared, she couldn't help but overhear a bit of the conversation, and her eyebrows rose. Waiting till the simple exchange was done, she crossed her arms and smirked, strolling casually into the path of the girl. "Well, Jane, fancy meeting you here," she commented, then dipped her eyebrows in mock confusion. "Or is it Rosie? Which was it you preferred again?"Her tone was innocent, but she didn't bother to hide her true intentions from showing in her smirk and gaze.
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PostSubject: Re: American Rosie, British Jane (Maddie)   Tue Apr 12, 2016 5:17 am




Jane's mind was blank. She had jumped when the younger girl had said "Rosie". She had heard Will. Jane glared at Will, willing him to die a painful death when he had the chance. Jane's stomach started to hurt. She hadn't prepared for this moment. The moment when somebody found out about her identity. The moment for when she was no longer "Jane." A person she liked way better than simple pathetic Rosie. And the fact that this younger demon has now found out about pathetic Rosie, it made her stomach lurch.

She said, "First off, who are you? Second off, my name is Jane."

At that moment, Jane had been talking in her American accent all day, and it slipped out. She covered her mouth very dramatically and gasped. She couldn't believe her luck. Will just sat there and smirked. She hit his chest and he grunted in pain.

She said, "I don't have time for your immature little games you child. So I suggest you back off."

Jane knew she was harsh. But this girl knew a secret that she hoped would never get out. Inside, Jane was crying to find out what this girl would do now that she knew that Jane wasn't Jane. That she was fake. That she was nothing. And that's what terrified her the most. The fact that this girl could possibly degrade her, and tear her down limb from limb, steal her dignity, and make her see what a complete loser she was. And thinking these things made Jane realize that Jane was the pathetic one. She was the one hiding behind so many layers.

This girl got to go around and say and be who she really was, while Jane had to hide because she was embarrassed. Jane wanted more than anything to say that she wouldn't care if this girl exploited her. That her prank was up. That she could be who she really was. But in all realness, Jane would do whateverthat girl wanted to keep her identity safe. And that, was what scared her.

She whispered, "What do you want?"
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PostSubject: Re: American Rosie, British Jane (Maddie)   Tue Apr 12, 2016 5:33 am

Madison raised her eyebrow. Everyone knew who she was; she was one of the more popular girls in school, and probably the most popular in her house. Those that didn't know who she was were either stupid or living under a rock. That meant there was the possibility that this female was lying, but Madison wondered why she would. What was there to gain from pretending not to know someone?

Her smirk grew though, as the accent so clearly displayed the female had been faking her British one all along. Interesting, Madison thought, adding it to the information she already had on Jane - or Rosie, or whatever the heck she was actually called.

The over-reaction made Madison roll her eyes, though, and she simply stood there waiting. That was something she could do very well - that and observation - and so, as she watched, she took notes, filing things away for further examination later on. When the older Slytherin had finally finished her performance, Madison was already bored with the theatrics of it all, and stared back with emotionless expressions, arms still crossed.

Tilting her head a little, she offered a very dry, very fake smile. "Madison," she answered, returning the conversation to the first thing the witch had said and not the pending question. "Actually, I'm pretty sure it's Rosie, but if you insist, Jane," she added, emphasizing what she was sure was a fake name.

"As for what I want?" She paused, as if to think. "I want a lot of things, too many to name." Again, she stopped, smile widening slightly. "But what I want is not the question. The real question here is what are you willing to give?"
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PostSubject: Re: American Rosie, British Jane (Maddie)   Tue Apr 12, 2016 4:52 pm

Will crossed his arms. Jane wasn't sure why he wasn't sticking up for her in her time of need. He could get his big arse back to America and she wouldn't care. Jane tried hiding under a rock. Speaking to as few people as possible. She hadn't realized that not speaking to anybody made her more of a target. And that scared her.

She said, "Will, my idiotic twin. I need you to leave."

Will shrugged and left her. That was a test. Jane didn't think he would actually leave her after all this time they spent apart. At that moment, she realized that she really had nobody. Nobody was going to stick up for her, nobody to tell her that being Rosie was actually not so bad after all. All she had was Madison to make her life a living hell.

She wasn't going to let this girl see her tear up. She had to be strong. She had to fight this battle alone.

She said, "I'm not sure I could give you anything."

Which was true. Jane wasn't special. She had no talents, she had no special skills. So why was Jane suddenly a target of black mail? Because she was stupid that's why. Jane was stupid. And this girl was making sure that Jane knew it.
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PostSubject: Re: American Rosie, British Jane (Maddie)   Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:23 am

Twins were an amazing thing. They read your mind, knew what you were going to say, gossiped with you, played with you, cried with you, lived life alongside you, and Madison knew she wouldn't give Melody up for the world. And, should Mel ever need her help, she would do whatever it took to get her sister out of trouble - no matter the cost - and she also knew that Melody would do the same for her.

So, when Jane's twin left without a word of defense for his sister, Madison was a little taken aback and disappointed. She had expected the fight to be one on two, but now that it was just her and the older witch, she couldn't help but feel slightly cheated out of some fun. Nevertheless, she wasn't moved to sympathy; no, she only ever felt that for one person other than her sister, and Finley was definitely nowhere near her today.

She didn't make to speak just yet, instead raising an eyebrow, a silent questioning of what Jane had just said. Everyone had something to give, especially when desperate. To Madison, all the older Slytherin was telling her was that she wasn't afraid enough, and that wouldn't do. Maddie wasn't going to spoon-feed, no. Each person had something unique that could aid the fifteen-year-old, but it had to be a willing offering, something they wanted to give her. The reason they wanted to didn't really matter, in her eyes; such was the art of manipulation.

"Hmm," she scoffed, saying nothing more in that moment. She let a second pass, then another, and finally, a third, just enough for the silence to become awkward, and then very casually said, "Then I'm not sure there's anything more to discuss." Unfolding her arms, she turned, slowly, as if to walk away.
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PostSubject: Re: American Rosie, British Jane (Maddie)   Wed Apr 13, 2016 6:25 am

Jane watched as the witch started to turn away. And as she did, her entire year flashed before her eyes. Everyone called her a fake, nobody wanted to be her friend, her family questioned her sanity, especially Will. At least he could run away from this ordeal, she was stuck in this stupid roller coaster that had unlimited loops and turns. It almost made her want to throw up.

Jane looked at the back of her blonde head and instantly wished she could shave it off. That way she would have to walk around with just as much shame as Jane had at that very moment. But Jane wanted to spare what little dignity she had left and be the bigger person in the situation. She sighed and took a deep breath. She honestly didn't know what she could give the girl but her brains. Jane wasn't great at school, but she wasn't terrible either. And the fact that she was one year younger made the situation a little bit easier.

"I... I could do your homework for next term... I've done it already so it will be an easy pass for you..."

She looked down. She really wished That Rosie had the pride to show her true self, but she just didn't. Rosie was afraid of everything and everyone. She was afraid to show her true colors, and she didn't know how to be herself. Jane on the other hand was confident, and knew exactly who she was. She was kind, smart, and brave. The only downfall www that she was very judge mental, and shallow. Rosie just wanted to come to a new place and be somebody she wasn't. Somebody Rosie would be afraid of. And that was Jane.
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PostSubject: Re: American Rosie, British Jane (Maddie)   Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:19 am

She made sure her steps were slow, exaggerated leaving, and Madison wished she could see the look on Jane's - or Rosie's - face as the witch no doubt tried to figure out what to do. It was one of her favourite parts, seeing the panic on their face as they realised they were trapped, followed by the look of defeat when they found that they had no other option than to follow what she wanted and bend to her demands. It was more than satisfying, especially when it happened to people that didn't know what she was really like before then. The look of hurt on their face was almost laughable at times.

When the words she had been waiting for finally came, she took another step before pausing, giving it a moment or two before turning around, slowly, arms going back to crossed. She genuinely pondered on the offer, mentally running through everything else she already had going for her, then clicked her tongue.

"Anyone can 'pass'," she replied, curtly. "What else is there?" Her tone was tilting towards bored, because that was what she was. It was always much more fun when there was a challenge. Either way, though, she wouldn't give the older Slytherin an easy way out of this. No, Madison was going to make the witch work for her freedom.
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PostSubject: Re: American Rosie, British Jane (Maddie)   

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American Rosie, British Jane (Maddie)
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