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 Summer Sweet Shopping (Open!)

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PostSubject: Summer Sweet Shopping (Open!)   Wed Apr 13, 2016 2:11 am

Shopping was the typical thing Madison did during the holidays, be it for clothes or for other items. Today, it was for sweets, and her father had appararated her to Diagon Alley, and then, at her instructions, left her alone; she didn't want him breathing down her back while she decided on what to buy. After all, she was fifteen, and freedom was something she wanted. Besides - she had done nothing to indicate that she was anything other than completely trustworthy.

Stepping into the shop, pocket money safely in her bag, Maddie grabbed a basket and started walking along the aisles, picking out whatever she needed. The amount didn't matter; if she didn't have enough, one text to daddy would bring about more cash, whether or not it exceeded the amount he 'limited' her to. Neither Melody nor her ever had to budget no matter what their parents said.

As she continued walking about, she headed towards the chocolate section to pick some for Finley; the poor boy was stuck at home with his parents and not much access to magic or the magical world. The least she could do was give him some things that would ease his time while she thought of something more permanent.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Sweet Shopping (Open!)   Wed Apr 13, 2016 6:54 pm

Shopping on her own wasn't what Adelaide had imagined she'd be doing the day after her birthday, but since Raffaele was too busy working at the Ministry, she was left to wander around Diagon Alley all alone. She couldn't hold it against her brother, really. He was just really passionate about his job, and she could understand that. Still, it would've been great if they had been able to extend their celebration and buy her new Quidditch broomstick together.

With her wrapped broomstick in one hand and some shopping bags in the other, she stepped into the Sweets Shop, wondering what she could get for her brother. Normally, she preferred savory food over sweets, but her brother worked long hours at the Ministry, and sweets were easier to keep around. Chocolate also helped fight against cravings, so it would be great for those nights when Raffaele longed for the taste of home.

She had been so wrapped up in choosing various candies for her older brother that she didn't notice the other girl in the chocolates section. Fortunately, she managed to avoid what could have been a collision as she paused and sidestepped. Adelaide smiled politely at the girl before continuing her search for more candies, her mind too preoccupied to remember that the girl was someone she had seen once or twice around Hogwarts.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Sweet Shopping (Open!)   Thu Apr 14, 2016 1:37 am

She had just grabbed a packet of chocolate frogs when someone stepped up towards her, almost bumping into her. Madison's eyes narrowed dangerously, and she shot a glare at the girl, placing her moments later as a Gryffindor. That explained it - those sorted into that house might have been considered brave, but the fact remained that all Gryffindors were stupid without exception. There was that annoying firstie that kept trying to befriend everyone (why she wasn't a Hufflepuff, Madison had no idea), and then there was Nirek, who was so easily nudged in whatever direction she needed. And, of course, there were many more, most of whom Maddie didn't bother to remember the names of.

Letting out an inaudible sigh as the girl sidestepped and just about avoiding her, but Madison already had a plan. Allowing a very brief smirk to play on her lips, she let go of the box she was holding, she made sure that the flap was loose before it hit the floor; it sprung open and the frog, now free from its cage, started hopping.

She let out a muffled shout of surprise, loud enough for the Gryffindor to hear, but not loud enough for any employee to have heard. "The frog! Look what you've done!" she exclaimed, pretending to try and catch it and purposely missing. "Oh no," she added, as the frog moved further away.

After all, she didn't need to be in school to have her fun.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Sweet Shopping (Open!)   Thu Apr 14, 2016 4:34 am

'Merda.' The swear word escaped her throat before Adelaide could stop herself as she turned around to see a frog escape from the box the girl was holding. Without missing a beat, she dove to catch the frog, who was hopping around the chocolates section. Thank Merlin for her athletic training—though catching the frog wasn't easy, soon enough she had the frog cupped in her hands.

It had not escaped her how the girl put the blame on her, when she hadn't even bumped the girl. Warily, she approached the girl with the frog in hand. 'I've got your frog,' she said, as she waited for the girl to open the cage and let her put the frog back in. She considered telling the girl to be careful next time, but she figured it wasn't worth it—she had her candies to buy, and she didn't like wasting time on people she'd never see again.

Upon closer look, though, she realised how the girl was a Hogwarts student as well. She wasn't a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff; Adelaide knew most of the students her age in those houses, especially since she liked going against Hufflepuffs best in Quidditch. The girl was either a Ravenclaw or a Slytherin, and Adelaide placed her bet on the latter.

Letting this go would be a bad idea, then. Whoever she was, Adelaide knew what sort of girl she was like. They were the sort to push people around, confident that they would always get their way. She smiled at the girl, though there was no mirth or friendliness in her eyes. 'I'd be more careful if I were you,' she said. 'These frogs are hard to catch, especially if you aren't fast enough.'
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Sweet Shopping (Open!)   

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Summer Sweet Shopping (Open!)
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