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 I'm all about them Gems [James & Circe]

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PostSubject: I'm all about them Gems [James & Circe]   Sun Apr 17, 2016 1:08 pm

It was a beautiful day. The Summer was here already and Circe's relationship, or whatever this could be considered as, was going quite smoothly, something that surprised the witch more than a little bit. His mother paid them a couple of visits more, and was quite happy to find Circe still there, for some reason.
A part of her believed that James' mom expected them to live happily ever after, and maybe even give him an heir or two. And that made Circe scared. Really scared.

But the witch was just not going to allow this to torment her at all. These thoughts should be kept as far away from her as possible, since they had already lost a child -probably-, and it took them so much time to pull themselves together, especially her, and move on. It was the hardest thing Circe had to face in her life, but thankfully, something good came out of it. She bonded with James, even for a little bit. And now, they were both here, looking like a normal couple, as they were shopping around.

They had wandered around for some time, and Circe was going in and out of stores faster than James could manage, she was sure, but he would get used to it eventually. Her hands were full of bags, most of them clothes and shoes and some new lingerie as well, and truth be told, she was about to tell James she was done shopping for the day, when they passed outside a jewelry store, and her eyes caught the most beautiful thing on earth.

There it was, the most beautiful necklace she had seen in her life, and Circe couldn't tear her eyes away from it. It had big ruby stones and the rest of it was pure silver. She had never bought anything this red in her life, since she was a true Slytherin so emerald was more close to her choices, but this, this was a piece of art.

"Merlin... it's.. beautiful.."
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PostSubject: Re: I'm all about them Gems [James & Circe]   Sun Apr 17, 2016 1:22 pm

The idea of shopping was not one that put James off of the day. He was a man that liked to look good, so going around the shops was part of that life. However, normally he shopped alone, which made this specific shopping trip a little... stressful. Circe had slipped in and out of shops relentlessly, buying new clothes quicker than he could imagine. To him, she'd barely looked before the lingerie was being thrown through the tillĀ and in to a bag.

Or perhaps, that was just him getting carried away and wanting a little longer for his imagination to place it on Circe's body before she was pulling him along.

The were both laden with bags, James with his own share of new clothes (that he had taken a little longer over choosing) and body care products. James was more than sure that it was time to head home now, they had gotten everything they needed (barely looking at the price tags as they went) when Circe stopped, looking in to the window of the jewellers. For a second, James thought she was going to to the stereotypical thing a woman would do and insist on looking at engagement rings, dropping hints in his direction that he was never going to act on.

But Circe didn't.

Instead, she was looking at a very detailed necklace. Extravagant, and with a small glance to the price on his behalf, very expensive. Money had never been an issue for James, his parents had made a rather substantial fortune through luck and clever investment, and he'd been given more than enough to live his life on (which, since he'd left school had been cleverly invested and returning him even more money).

"Go and ask them to show it to you." James told Circe without batting an eye lid. "Try it on." He added, encouraging her a little in that moment. If Circe wanted it... he didn't think further on that, simply waiting for the witch to abide by what he'd said.
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PostSubject: Re: I'm all about them Gems [James & Circe]   Sun Apr 17, 2016 1:48 pm

"Go and ask them to show it to you."

Circe almost jumped at the hearing of the voice, not expecting James to be paying attention to her. But completely surprising her, he was right behind her as she remained frozen behind the glass, staring at the most beautiful and also most expensive piece of jewelry she had seen in her life.

But it wasn't just the fact that he was paying attention to her, but his words also made her blink, as she had to take some time and understand that he truly meant what he had just said.

"Try it on."

The young witch bit her lip, finally breaking away from her trance and turning to look at James with a big smile on her lips. He was not being kind, not at all, but he was being kind of sweet, even if that wasn't his aim. And Circe was making sure to thank him about it later, in a way they would both love.

Nodding at him once, Circe moved inside the store and without wasting time, she asked to try on the beautiful necklace she had seen. The man behind the counter warned her that this was one of the most expensive pieces they owned, but Circe waved them off and instead took her time to put the necklace on.
It kind of looked like a choker, as it sat somewhat tightly on her neck, giving her that medieval aura. She looked beautiful, and she adored it.

Her fingers came up to slowly outline the design, and touch the gems as she stared at her reflection. She looked like a Queen, and she felt like one as well.

"It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.."
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PostSubject: Re: I'm all about them Gems [James & Circe]   Sun Apr 17, 2016 3:14 pm

When Circe followed what he'd said and moved in to the shop, James followed, paying little and less interest as he looked in other cabinets. He wasn't going to stand by her side and tell her how beautiful it looked, and all that mushy crap other couples did, no, James was doing what he did best, and staying away from romantic norms.

His eyes gazed over some of the relatively expensive cuff links on display for a while before he moved back towards Circe, noting the way she was admiring herself and just about catching the words she'd said as her fingers played deftly with the metal and the stones set in it.

Casting a glance at the owner - who looked dubious at the capability of Circe paying for it. Setting his jaw slightly, James looked in to the mirror over Circe's shoulder, and nodded only once to show his approval. "It is." James replied, though whether he was talking about the necklace, or Circe in the necklace would be a mystery to anyone in that moment. "Box it up for her." James told the man behind the counter, who looked startled for a moment. James resisted the urge to roll his eyes, and took out his bank card (a bank card which was not a bog standard high street bank, but a very expensive one in London).

"Oh... of course, sir. My apologies. Would you like a hand with that, madam?" The shop assistant asked, and James waved Circe on to hand the necklace over so that they could pay and get it suitably boxed for her until she had cause to wear it again.
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PostSubject: Re: I'm all about them Gems [James & Circe]   

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I'm all about them Gems [James & Circe]
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