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 beauty and internal beasts // verena richardson

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PostSubject: beauty and internal beasts // verena richardson   Sun Apr 17, 2016 5:46 pm

A job at Madam Primpernelle's wasn't exactly Gabrielle's idea of an exciting summer job, but when she heard about the pay, she figured it wouldn't hurt to apply and see how it works for her. And though she originally thought the job would bore her to death, she soon found herself having fun learning from the potioneers' innovations. Beauty products still remained a frivolous luxury in her eyes, but if she could learn more about topical medicine from them, she was willing to ignore the typically spoiled customers who asked whether their brightening creams were infused with gold.

If there was something the summer job taught her aside from potions stuff, it was how to keep smiling at customers even when all she wanted to do was throw boil-inducing potions at them.

Gabrielle enjoyed mornings at the shop best. In the morning, she could focus on learning about the potions, since customers usually arrived in the afternoon. She smiled to herself as she wiped some vials clean to get them ready for some anti-ageing tonics. Though anti-ageing products were rather advanced, she was able to earn the shop owner's trust only after a couple of weeks at the job. It wasn't everyday that they got shop assistants who could educate them on the benefits of niacinamide, and it was with a bit of smugness that Gabrielle thanked her muggle background.

As she placed the empty vials on the table, she walked to the cupboard to grab the ingredients. In the back room, the two potioneers worked on a new product, and she doubted they would be able to come out and talk to customers (if anyone did come). With a sigh, she began working by the counter, hoping no one would come in and force her to multitask.
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PostSubject: Re: beauty and internal beasts // verena richardson   Sun May 01, 2016 7:56 am

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beauty and internal beasts // verena richardson
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