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 a trip down memory lane // raffaele cassan

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PostSubject: a trip down memory lane // raffaele cassan   Sun Apr 17, 2016 6:19 pm

Her oversize sunglasses were slipping, and the cup of coffee in her hand was smoldering hot, but all Sabrina could do was to keep walking. Down the streets of London, she was getting some stares, and she wasn't sure if it was because they recognised her or because Veela charm was just too bloody effective on humans. Quickening her pace, she soon saw the familiar buildings which meant her destination was near.

Perhaps it would've been better if she had apparated or even hailed a cab. Her tiny stroller bag, charmed to contain even more than it normally could, was getting rather heavy, and she deeply regretted wearing her new cream Louboutin heels. Since Diagon Alley wasn't too far from her flat, though, she figured she could just walk and familiarise herself with the city she had not seen in a long time. Walking was good exercise, anyway, and she lived in a nice enough area in London.

She was soon standing in front of the building where she would be living for the rest of the summer. On the first day of September, she would be going to King's Cross where she would enter Platform 9 3/4, and a strange feeling rushed over her, part-nostalgia, part-anxiety. In a couple of months, she would be living in Hogwarts again, but the faces would be all different, and she would be the one marking grades instead of working hard to earn her O's and E's.

Coming back to England for good could turn out to be either the best or worst decision ever. As a model who split her time between New York and Paris, her life was steady, stable, and generally full of things she could foresee. However, as a Hogwarts professor, no schedule could make up for the fact that she would be dealing with children. Teenagers, mostly, but those were even scarier, with their uncontrollable hormones and tendencies to rebel.

She would know. She was a teenager once, after all.

Steeling herself for her future, she entered the building and raised her chin, hoping her confidence could actually become real.

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PostSubject: Re: a trip down memory lane // raffaele cassan   Sun Apr 17, 2016 6:37 pm

Raffaele had been living in London for a number of years, though his apartment could be left empty for weeks on end when he was away with work. Today was one of the days that Raffaele had off, which meant he was heading in from work. That week he'd been in Egypt in discussions with the Ministers there in respect of the pyramid raids that had happened, leaving a number of Muggles trapped inside the structures.

They'd saved all but one of the idiots who had gone in, the last seemed to have had a heart failure when the pyramid had cloed itself.

With the paperwork done, Raffaele had signed out and headed home.

However, just as he stepped through the door of the lobby of the flat, Raffaele had remembered he had no food in, and turned on his heel, only to turn right in to someone. Managing to catch both himself and the other person before they could fall, Raffaele let go after he was sure they were steady. Then, and only then did he taken in the person, and...

"Sabrina?" He asked uncertainly, though, he was relatively sure, he could not work out what she would be doing here. There weren't any spare flats here, were there? Had he been away so long that a flat had changed hands? Raffaele wasn't sure, but this was not an expected meeting, for sure.
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PostSubject: Re: a trip down memory lane // raffaele cassan   Sun Apr 17, 2016 7:46 pm

Steady, she was steady. At least she believed she was despite almost bumping into someone. One look at the person's face, though, and the floor felt uneven to Sabrina again. She blinked, as if expecting his face morph into someone else's, but her brain had indeed registered the man correctly—standing right in front of her was Raffaele Cassan, the Gryffindor prefect during her years as a Slytherin prefect in Hogwarts.

'Raffaele?' She said just as he called out her name, and for a moment Sabrina could only pause again. Slowly, she began to smile, as she automatically moved to give him a brief hug and a quick peck on the cheek. 'It is you! Wow, it's been so long.'

Time seemed to blur as memories from her years in Hogwarts flooded back in. Walking down the streets of London, her schoolgirl days felt light years away from her, but with Raffaele right in front of her, it was as if she were a fifteen-year-old girl again. Granted, she was a bit more confident now, but there was still that familiar fluttering in her stomach, and she was glad she had the foresight to put on some makeup and wear a nice dress for her second day back in London.

'I can't believe it,' she said as she stepped back and set her half-finished coffee cup on top of her luggage, subtly casting a charm to make sure that it wouldn't topple. 'You live here as well? Or are you just visiting someone?'
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PostSubject: Re: a trip down memory lane // raffaele cassan   Sun Apr 17, 2016 8:05 pm

The hug and the peck on the cheek came before Raffaele could really register than the witch he thought to be standing before him was actually there. How could this be? Merlin he didn't know, but Raffaele couldn't help but smile as he looked at the witch before him. This was a strange coincidence, of course, but a welcome one...

Kind of.

Though, he would admit that the way she had just greeted him was definitely not as he had remembered it being when he was back at school. No, this version of Sabrina was much more confident than the one he'd met at school, but it was the good kind of confidence. "It's definitely been a long time." Raffaele agreed, ten years, or the best part of ten years, since they'd had something going on at school.

It had been a somewhat amicable break up. Not one that he had really expected, but one he didn't know how to resolve. Letting go, at that point, had been the only really option Raffaele had had. And, as the other boys in the Quidditch team had said, there were plenty of other girls on offer.

Though, even to this day, the reasoning on the break up (which had become a little hazy) didn't make sense.

"Um, yeah, yeah, I live here. You... just moved in?" Raffaele asked, frowning a little at that idea. "I'm flat seven." He added with a casual shrug. His Quidditch number had been seven, and after a lot of curse breaking, and the feeling of the number seven being lucky, he had opted to only buy a house with that number.

"I thought you were out in Italy, or something?" He added, still not believing this was happening at all. "I'm sure one of the guys said you'd gotten yourself a modelling career?" Raffaele added - that much was true, his friend had mentioned it, and he'd told that friend it wasn't important. However, Raffaele had come home and done a small bit of browsing on the internet to find the rumour was true.

So why in Merlin's name would she be here?
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PostSubject: Re: a trip down memory lane // raffaele cassan   Sun Apr 17, 2016 8:44 pm

Since graduating from Hogwarts, Sabrina hadn't really kept in touch with most of her friends. Keeping in touch with an ex was even more difficult—for Sabrina, it was best to let go and move on. Sulking would just get in the way of her goals. She had no idea, then, what Raffaele had been doing with his life, or if he actually decided to take over his family's business.

It was strange to realise how she used to know Raffaele so well. How once, during one of their stolen moments in the Prefects' Bathroom, they had told each other their hopes and dreams, baring both body and soul for each other. She felt her cheeks flush and looked away for a moment. Ten years, it seemed, weren't long enough to erase certain memories from her mind, and she wondered if it was the same for Raffaele. If he even remembered who her favourite muggle poet was (Arthur Rimbaud), or how much she enjoyed dancing despite being shy at first.

She could still remember the passion he felt for Quidditch, and for getting himself in dangerous situations despite being the Gryffindor prefect. It was strange, how she couldn't even remember the names of some of the boys she had liked, but memories of Raffaele were like tattoos she wore secretly.

She'd be lying if she said she didn't regret the breakup even just a little.

And now here he was, plucked out of her memories and brought into reality on the very first day she would be living in her flat. Her designer had called her in the morning to tell her he had arranged everything, and she wondered if this meeting, too, was one designed by fate. The fact that he lived right beside her could be no coincidence, even though she might have subconsciously remembered how special the number seven was to him. When she found out flat seven was taken but eight wasn't, she had decided to buy flat eight, loving the number for being an upright symbol of infinity.

'That's amazing,'
she breathed in response. 'I live in flat eight. I've had it for a few months now, but I was in Paris so today's actually my first day in the flat.'

Raffaele clearly hadn't kept track of where she was, and though that was a bit disappointing, she figured she wasn't exactly an ex Raffaele would want to look up after graduation. After all, it was her who had broken up with him, and when she did, it was so vague and abrupt that she figured Raffaele would just want to forget about her. Moving on wouldn't have been difficult for him, anyway—he was the Gryffindor Prefect and Quidditch Captain, and she had even gotten an angry anonymous letter from a fangirl once when word started to spread about their relationship.

Most of her friends, though, saw them as the perfect couple. They were both good looking, both prefects, and they both excelled academically. So what exactly had gone wrong?

'I'm on hiatus,' she smiled as she replied with a casual shrug. 'Alexander—my best friend back then, if you remember him—suggested that I take a break, so here I am now.' She could explain about Hogwarts if he asked, but right now, Sabrina thought it probably wasn't the best idea to bring up the school. Not when the thought of it could bring potential awkwardness between them. 'What about you? I'm guessing you said no to taking over Anchor & Keg?'

It was too late before Sabrina realised what she had let slip. How, after all this time, she still remembered clearly the name of Mr. Cassan's pubs. She hoped Raffaele wouldn't think too much of it, but her cheeks had reddened, and there was no way Raffaele could miss that.
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PostSubject: Re: a trip down memory lane // raffaele cassan   Mon Apr 18, 2016 6:43 am

The realisation that Sabrina had owned the flat next door for a number of months made Raffaele aware that he was not home enough. Even if she was only moving in today, he hadn't noticed the change of hands, or inquired who would be replacing his previous neighbours.

"Right next door then, huh." Raffaele responded, a smile on his lips despite the inward uncertainty.

It was the best part of ten years since Sabrina had split up with him. She'd given him the worst excuse in the world at that point. Just a week before their graduation party from Hogwarts which they were supposed to open together. He could remember how they had practiced for the opening dance for weeks, Raffaele assuring her that she was doing fine because she had been so shy about dancing. He remembered how, more than once, he'd allowed himself to kiss her as they slowed the dance right down and stood swaying, forgetting what they were really there for.

Everyone around them had believed they'd have a fairy tale ending, because they were so perfect.

And Sabrina had laid waste to it all.

But even as he stood there, wanting to dislike the witch for the pain she'd put him through those years ago, Raffaele couldn't do such a thing. They had been young, foolish and Sabrina had not considered his feelings for her to be true. But, looking at her now made him realise that even now she was as beautiful as always and though he didn't know her like he once had, she was still alluring to him.

"I remember." Raffaele responded with a small smile, probably much too quickly but it was the truth. "Any plans for the hiatus?" He added, subtly fishing for more information. Was there someone in her life now? Was he about to come through the door and knock the wind from his chest by just knowing Sabrina had found someone? Raffaele couldn't help but hope she was alone like him. At least that would make living next door to one another a little more amicable.

But it was the fact Sabrina remembered his father's business name that tweaked Raffaele's interest. And the blush that came with it. After all these years... "Umm... n-no. No. I didn't take that on. I... Uh, I joined Gringotts actually, as a Curse Breaker." Raffaele replied to the question, sure that it was Sabrina's veela capabilities melting his brain capability in that moment, and not the fact he was really rather touched by her remembering.

"Did you want to come up for a coffee? We could catch up?" Raffaele asked before he could stop himself. "Oh, but do you have milk? I'm completely out unless you like your milk sour." He added, giving a small chuckle but looking to her rather hopefully in that moment.
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PostSubject: Re: a trip down memory lane // raffaele cassan   Mon Apr 18, 2016 4:10 pm

Perhaps she shouldn't think too much of that smile on his lips when she said they were neighbours. Raffaele had always been a polite gentleman, and for her to put meaning into his actions was just walking into dangerous territory. Still, Sabrina couldn't help but be pleased as she thought about how friendly Raffaele was acting towards her, and that maybe, just maybe, they could put the past behind them and start anew.

Just as friends, of course. Just as who they were to each other before they started staying out past eleven, talking in the Astronomy tower until two or three in the morning.

It was foolish of them, and certainly reckless, to have broken all those rules when they were supposed to be the role models of their Houses. But after months of getting to know each other as friends, Sabrina found herself seeking Raffaele's company, always looking forward to those moments when they could sit and talk somewhere. Eventually, though she wore green and silver, she began to inwardly cheer for Gryffindors during Quidditch matches, and it seemed as if her heart would fall and break into pieces every time Raffaele did a dangerous dive or almost got hit by a Bludger.

And now it felt as her heart was the one doing a dangerous dive, which she supposed was just the effect of being around someone as good looking as Raffaele.

Remembering Alexander brought back memories of the time when she cried in the Charms classroom after breaking up with Raffaele. Alexander had been there, listening to her patiently, even if he had been against the breakup. And when Sabrina decided to talk to Raffaele at the Graduation Party, she was pulled into the dance floor by the Slytherin Quidditch Captain. The Slytherin Quidditch team were cheering, and when Sabrina turned to look for Raffaele, he had already disappeared into the crowd.

She blinked as she realised she had gotten distracted by that memory. Bringing herself back to the present, she thought about how it probably wouldn't hurt if she brought up Hogwarts. The breakup was a long time ago, anyway, and they were both adults now. 'Uh, well, actually, I decided to get a teaching job at Hogwarts. As Charms Professor and Head of Slytherin.' She smiled sheepishly at Raffaele, anticipating his comments regarding her decision to become the Head of her former House.

His career choice wasn't surprising to her, and she was glad to know that he was able to pursue his dream. Back in Hogwarts, he was the best at Ancient Runes, and she remembered how their Professor always asked if Raffaele would consider being a researcher or Curse Breaker someday. 'That's great,' she replied. A long time ago, upon hearing good news from Raffaele, she might have hugged him tight and kissed him, but now she could only stand awkwardly and hope the enthusiasm in her voice was enough. 'You did it. You're an actual Curse Breaker now. I wouldn't have expected anything less from you.'

And perhaps her enthusiasm was indeed enough. As she tried to think of questions that could keep the conversation going, Raffaele asked if she wanted to come up and have coffee, and if she had milk with her. Sabrina chuckled. 'Of course, I'd love to come up. I mean, well, no one would mind, would they?' She looked searchingly into Raffaele's eyes, dreading that he would say no, his girlfriend or wife wouldn't mind, but that she'd be coming home soon and he might as well introduce them to each other. 'Hey, wife, this is my ex-girlfriend from Hogwarts.' Nope, that was a situation she would not want to be in.

'And sadly, I haven't got coffee, but these days I like having my coffee dark. I've got some chocolate bars somewhere in here, though—' she motioned to her charmed stroller bag '—if you don't mind having coffee with those instead.'
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PostSubject: Re: a trip down memory lane // raffaele cassan   Mon Apr 18, 2016 4:33 pm

Finding out that Sabrina had opted for a job at Hogwarts made Raffaele raise an eyebrow. It was a stark contrast from the modelling work she'd been doing of late, but at least it was a... steady job. "Sounds good to me, and why am I not surprised you're eager to jump back in the Snake pit, huh?" He joked softly, shaking his head. "Thought I'd managed to turn you away from them." He added wistfully, but he was only joking about that.

"It sounds like a great new job though, good luck with it! I hope the kids won't be too much of a pain!" Those words were sincere, he wouldn't (even after everything that had happened) want to wish Sabrina ill fate for her new career.

"Of course I did it!" Raffaele replied confidently. He had never given up on anything he wanted, and curse breaking was something he'd wanted for a long time. "University was a long road but I got through, and my job is amazing. Just yesterday I was in Egypt for Gringotts, hence the light tan that's going on at the moment." He explained, because his skin did have some colour from his time out of the country.

With the agreement to come upstairs, Raffaele couldn't help but feel relieved. He couldn't go through another point in which Sabrina cast him aside. It hurt enough the first time, but even now he was dubious of the contact they might have with living next door. But, he had to be polite, right? What would his mother say if he wasn't? And, he most certainly didn't want awkwardness to ensue from living next door to his ex-girlfriend.

"Course no one would mind. It's my flat." Raffaele responded, not giving much more information than that. He didn't need to, not really. Sabrina would walk through the door and notice that the flat had no feminine touches to it, and how the fridge was bare. The signs of living alone would hit her the instant she walked in.

"No worries, I'll see if there is something better in the cupboard." The Curse Breaker half joked, moving to pick up her bag. "After you." He motioned to the stairs.

What he might be about to get himself in to, Raffaele didn't know, but he was too intrigued by the presence of Sabrina to care about what might happen to him, his feelings, later to pull himself away.

Perhaps it's the Veela in her... Raffaele thought to himself, holding on to that small lie to get him through this.
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PostSubject: Re: a trip down memory lane // raffaele cassan   Mon Apr 18, 2016 5:16 pm

For a moment, Sabrina felt a hint of what they used to have between them—the occasional light banter, the genuine wish for each other to succeed, and a generally sense of comfort she rarely had from other people. Of course, she was probably just assuming too much and imagining it all. They were neighbours, after all, so they might as well have an amicable relationship.

Her eyes twinkled as she chuckled at Raffaele's comment. 'Well, I don't think they would've accepted me as Head of Gryffindor, anyway. And for the record, wasn't I the one who stole you from the lions?' Her tone, though slightly mocking due to its reference to an angry letter from one of Raffaele's fangirls, was still full of fondness, even if there was a bit of competitiveness which she knew (or at least hoped) Raffaele would recognise. To most people, Sabrina was that sweet, agreeable Slytherin prefect, but around Raffaele she wasn't afraid to show her fangs.

'I'm glad we both got where we wanted to go,' she added as she walked up the stairs leading to Raffaele's flat. 'But let's save the talk for later when we're both settled down.' When they finally reached flat seven, Raffaele stepped forward to unlock the door, and as he held the door open for her, Sabrina steeled herself for sightings of a feminine touch in his flat.

She stepped in to find herself in what was indeed a 'bachelor pad' that could be only owned by Raffaele—clean and barely lived in. Instead of finding evidence of a woman, Sabrina stepped into a flat which barely had a smell, and it was no wonder Raffaele was out of milk. She wondered if there was even anything in the cupboard, and she found herself worrying about Raffaele not eating properly.

'Nice place you've got here,' she said politely, as she took a seat and rummaged through her luggage for chocolate bars and the tea box. She eventually found them and set them on the table. 'Here are the chocolates if you want them. I've got tea as well in case you'd prefer that.'

It was only her second day back in the UK (for good, at least), and yet here she was, alone with her ex in his flat. Whether this would turn out to be a good decision or not, Sabrina wasn't sure, but what she was sure of was that she was genuinely curious about what Raffaele had been up to, and how Curse Breaking was going for him. 'So, how have you been? Do you still see the boys?' She smiled at the memory of Raffaele back in Hogwarts, surrounded by his Quidditch friends. 'Got a new Curse Breaking assignment anytime soon?'

Of course, she was asking out of curiosity, and not because she wanted to know if he would be around for the next few weeks at least. Of course that was the reason. But deep down Sabrina knew that she was a Slytherin, and that Slytherins can be incredibly good liars.

It was, after all, how and why she broke up with him.
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PostSubject: Re: a trip down memory lane // raffaele cassan   Mon Apr 18, 2016 5:38 pm

Raffaele smirked a little at the comment of being stolen. "Fair enough, you win." He replied good naturedly. He still couldn't believe someone had been so in to him that they'd sent a threatening letter to Sabrina. They had laughed it off, of course, because it was pathetic. Raffaele had never been interested in the clingy girls in their year, they were boring, much too easy.

Unlike Sabrina.

As they moved up the stairs, Raffaele kept his eyes away from Sabrina's for, knowing it would be wrong of him to capitalise on her heading up the stairs first. Though, he would not lie, he was tempted to steal a look, and got half way to doing so before catching himself and berating himself in his head. There was no point dwelling on the past, was there?

Opening his flat for her, Raffaele put her bag just inside the door, shaking his head with amusement as Sabrina complimented is flat. "It's bland, you don't have to humour me by saying you like it." Raffaele returned, though not in a harsh way. He was quite aware his home didn't look lived in, and quite frankly, it wasn't. "But, it's a roof over my head for the short time I'm here, and Addie likes to visit from time to time, so I have to have something." He explained, moving to the kitchen which overlooked the lounge. "Make yourself comfortable." He insisted, opening a cupboard and taking out two glasses.

It was at that point that Sabrina offered him tea, and Raffaele scoffed. "Works over, I don't have milk, so... we'll get on the good stuff." He insisted, reaching down a bottle of Firewhiskey and moving to sit on the sofa, placing the glasses down and unscrewing the top. "Joining me?" Raffaele asked, starting to pour out a more than generous measure of the amber liquid.

He wasn't planning on getting drunk, but one or two wouldn't hurt.

Sitting back in the chair with a glass in his hand, half turned towards Sabrina, Raffaele contemplated her questions for a moment. "I've been well." He replied, giving a small nod. "I mean, I have everything I wanted when I set out to do this. Or... almost everything, but being single isn't the end of the world. No one to tie you down, and all that. Work keeps me busy, and when I'm not working, I'm catching up with my family, or the Hogwarts lot. "You remember Tom? He's playing Quidditch for England now, and the Appleby Arrows, he's done well for himself." Raffaele explained, referring to his own best friend. "Gets me tickets to the games when I'm around. Karl is working in the Ministry somewhere, an Unspeakable, I think 'cus he's always cagey about what he's doing. And I see the rest when we have a catch up.

"I'm on stand down this week, so unless something big comes up, I have all that time to find something to do." Raffaele explained, giving a non-committal shrug of his shoulders.

"What about you? Apart from leaving a million men with a faster heartbeat, what have you been doing? You still in contact with your friends?" He returned the question, trying not to look as interested in the answers to come as he was undeniably feeling.
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PostSubject: Re: a trip down memory lane // raffaele cassan   Tue Apr 19, 2016 1:07 pm

Sabrina was glad to know that, despite not seeing Raffaele for a long time, some things stayed the same. For instance, he was still as blunt and straightforward as ever. It was a trait she appreciated about him, especially when she was surrounded by boys who told her they were in love when all they wanted was to get some.

Raffaele's honesty was also why Alexander liked him, why her best friend got upset with her when she announced their breakup. 'He's has been nothing but honest with you,' Alexander had said. 'You've even gone on holidays with his family. But you threw it all away.'

Truth be told, even when Sabrina dated other men in Paris, Alexander's words never stopped haunting her. She supposed it was also why she decided not to keep in touch until recently—aside from Raffaele and Kat, Alexander was one of those few people who could be honest with her, and yet she chose to surround herself with flatterers who praised her for her beauty and modelling skills.

She chose to read Literature and Art History, building walls around herself using fiction and imagination.

So when Raffaele told her to not sugarcoat it, she couldn't help but feel as if she were travelling back in time, to a time when her relationship with Raffaele pushed her to be more honest with her criticisms. She could still remember the first day she criticised his Charms homework. The memory made her chuckle, and she was immediately brought back to the present again. 'You're still as blunt as ever,' she said as she watched him move around the kitchen. 'It's nice to know some things are still the same. How's Addie doing, by the way? If I'm not mistaken, she should be in fourth or fifth year by now.'

Sabrina raised an eyebrow as Raffaele poured himself a sizeable amount of Firewhisky. As a model, she was used to drinking and partying all night, but she hadn't counted on Raffaele being the sort to drink that much Firewhisky. With a shrug, she picked up the glass. 'Sure, why not.' She raised her glass for a toast, maintaining eye contact with Raffaele. 'Santé.'

As Raffaele sat back, Sabrina tried to make herself more comfortable, though inwardly she began to feel self-conscious. It was so intimate, to be drinking Firewhisky with Raffaele while catching up with each other. She gulped more than she usually did, feeling the Firewhisky burn her throat immediately.

It was certainly the alcohol, and not the fact that he was single, that made her feel warm all over. She wanted to ask why, but decided against it—she was single herself, after all, and besides, what kind of woman asked her ex why he was single? So instead, she sat back and listened to Raffaele as he talked about himself and his friends, glad to know that they too were accomplished young men now. Karl, she never got to know very well since he had always been rather quiet, but Tom always tried to make her feel comfortable whenever she was with their group, and it made her smile to know that they were still best friends.

Not knowing how to respond to Raffaele being free for the rest of the week, Sabrina decided to just answer his question. She knew he was merely referring to her Veela powers, but the question made her wonder... Was he jealous? Did he think she was abusing her Veela powers?

Did he have any idea at all how, even now, she always struggled with the temptation to capitalise on her powers around him?

'I'm in the modelling industry,' she said with a light chuckle. 'I mean, yes we get straight guys there, but half the time I'm surrounded by men more fabulous than me.' She took another swig of Firewhisky before speaking again. 'Well, it was actually Alexander who suggested I get a job at Hogwarts. I met up with him in Paris last week, since he was visiting his sisters. Before that, though, I had no idea at all what he was doing... Kat, too, I never really kept in touch with either of them after Hogwarts.'

Nursing the glass in her hand, she looked down pensively on the alcohol. 'I've no idea where Kat is now, if she's even still in the UK. I've been so busy, juggling uni and my modelling career, that I never really got the time to keep in touch with anyone. But I'd like to change that. It'd be great to see Kat again, definitely.

I've actually been doing a lot of travelling, too. Modelling's like that. You go to New York for their fashion week, then Paris, then Milan. It's a lot of city-hopping, a lot of photoshoots in obscure places. It's not all glamour, too—for this one photoshoot in Dubai, I had to fight the urge to cast petrificus totalus on those black scorpions.'
Laughing softly, she shook her head at the idea of being scared by a black scorpion. 'I'm sure you experience a lot more dangerous stuff than I do, though.'

Remembering her Firewhisky, she finished her glass and reached for the bottle to pour herself some more. 'So, I'm guessing Ma—Mrs. Cassan hasn't been bothering you about settling down and all that.' She averted her eyes upon realising that she had almost said 'Mamma Helena,' the name Mrs. Cassan had asked Sabrina to call her when she was still with Raffaele. Of course, she had no right to that nickname anymore.

She had no right to the anticipation she felt every time she asked him a question that could reveal where she stood now in his life.
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PostSubject: Re: a trip down memory lane // raffaele cassan   Tue Apr 19, 2016 5:32 pm

"If I wasn't blunt, I'd be boring." Raffaele replied, smiling at that point - true or not, Raffaele would not wish to be boring, or predictable, and bluntness often came as a surprise to people. Even though, ninety percent of the time, Raffaele wasn't rude with his bluntness, it had the tendency to catch people off guard. "Hopefully you haven't fallen too firmly back in to sugarcoating things, or we're going to need words!" Adrian added, showing he still wanted her to be honest with him, even if it was going to cost him a lot.

"Addie is doing great. She's just finished her fourth year, and she got a summer job at The Leaky Cauldron, as a waitress, not behind the bar." He explained, though he doubted Sabrina needed the clarification on what the UK Law said. "So, she's got a big year ahead of her, her O.W.L.S... I'm worried about her, to be honest, she's more than capable, she just... doesn't like studying very much. And, of course, I want her to do well, but I want her to know that she is under no pressure to match me, or Giovanni. But, you know..." He gave a small shrug, moving away from the topic, because Sabrina probably didn't care enough for his full explanation of his little sister.

Raffaele was aware that Sabrina was watching him whilst he poured, though, he didn't openly acknowledge it. Was she judging him? Merlin only knew, and Raffaele didn't much care. It was only alcohol. "Salute." He responded in Italian raising his glass, before taking a sip and letting out a small sigh of relief. He loved a Firewhiskey after a long week, it helped loosen out all the stress in his body.

He watched her take a drink - larger than he'd seen her do before. Raffaele could remember the first time they'd gotten drunk, they'd been together, on a beach in the South of Italy watching the sun set. A bottle of Firewhiskey between them. They'd been sixteen and Sabrina in that moment had been so timid, so worried they'd get caught, and his parents go really mad. He remembered the timid sips she took, and the look of disgust on her features. The way Sabrina had told him it felt like it was burning her from the inside out.

The night had been beautiful, Raffaele remembered fondly, they'd been very happy, without a care in the world. And that night... that night he had told her how much he cared for her, how much he loved her and that he was glad they had spent the summer together, creating memories on an incalculable level.

But the Sabrina before him was not that girl anymore. She could handle her drink, even looked confident in doing so, and unlike anything that had come before, this was not going to end with him professing his love for her.

The information as to what Sabrina had been doing simply made Raffaele nod along. She had confused his brazen comment with the boys (they weren't really men...) that she worked instead of the mass appeal she had with others. But, that didn't really matter, and probably left them in a more amicable position. "Sounds like the move to Hogwarts will be a good decision then." Raffaele responded when she spoke of the scorpions. "Though, you'll have to put up with Addie, Felipe and, as of this year, Nico." Raffaele added, making a face at the idea. Addie wasn't bad, but... his younger brothers were probably a handful at best.

The near slip had not been missed by Raffaele, and he tucked the information away for later. Instead, he gave another casual shrug. "I don't think she understands that most women are not overly fond of the idea of me being away from home for weeks on end. Nor the fact I risk my life every single moment I am working. Not to mention, I simply don't have time to actively try to find someone that would be suitable. It was actually Giovanni that tried to push that more, signed me up for a dating site on my phone, but I only look at it when I get a message, and I have time."

The comment wasn't really supposed to make Sabrina jealous, it was just honesty. And whilst he might have exploited the app a couple of years ago, he had long since given up and uninstalled it from his phone.
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Sabrina merely smiled at Raffaele's comment about her going back to sugarcoating words. A long time ago, she would've bantered with him, but now that they were practically strangers, she wasn't sure if she would be crossing any boundaries.

The way he talked about Addie showed how much he cared about his sister, and as much as Sabrina wanted to bring up memories of young Addie always having wounds from running around, she had to push them all away and focus on the now. 'I can help push her, in Charms class at least,' she said. She wanted to say, she wasn't surprised to know that Addie hated studying. That she could still remember how the young girl preferred to put her energy in playing and exploring, and that she knew Addie would do well due to her naturally curious nature. Instead, Sabrina merely left it at that, not wanting to seem like she was clinging too much to the past.

It had never really crossed her mind how, as a Hogwarts professor, she would be seeing Raffaele's siblings, the only children she had ever taken care of. Perhaps they were the only children she can actually take care of. But as teenagers living away from their parents in Hogwarts, they weren't really children anymore. Sabrina would know—during her last few years at Hogwarts, she slowly discovered what adulthood was like with Raffaele.

If those memories still crossed his mind, Sabrina wasn't sure. He was certainly doing a good job at being civil with her, especially since he had every right to pretend he didn't know her when they ran into each other. But of course, Raffaele wasn't that sort of person. She can still remember the last strip of paper she had put into the jar, and what she had written there.

'Today, you said you can never hate me.'

The ink had been smudged with her tears, but Sabrina didn't care. She had still put the paper in, then on the last Hogsmeade weekend, she buried the jar with Kat near the Shrieking Shack. She thought she could bury her feelings for Raffaele along with the jar. And perhaps, in a way, she did—as dust gathered over that bit of earth, as the seasons changed and years passed, the pain and the longing eventually faded. There were times in Paris when she wondered if she should send an owl, maybe ask him how he was, but she ignored the urge and focused instead on the new modelling jobs scheduled by her manager.

But perhaps, it was only easy to numb herself from the ache when Raffaele wasn't in front of her, leaning back on his chair instead of cuddling on a couch with her like they usually did before.

She put on a poker face as he talked about the dating app. Bloody dating apps. She had never tried them herself—as a model, her manager would have killed her, and besides, she wasn't remotely interested in getting ready for five hours just for a guy. Not when she had large fashion houses to walk for, and budding photographers to charm with her poses. It could get so tiring, to be required to look beautiful all the time.

With Raffaele, it was never just about her face.

He listened to her songs, to her poems, to the things that spoke to her heart. He gazed at the stars with her. Almost fell asleep on the sand holding her hand.

She wondered if it was all about pretty faces on dating apps for him now.

Sabrina took a large swig of Firewhisky, then poured herself some more again. 'I'm excited to meet your siblings again, now that they're much older. I'm sure they'd do well in my classes. Or at least, I'll make sure they do,' she chuckled. 'And well, has that dating app thing worked for you, then? Did you meet anyone particularly interesting?'
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"Look out for all of them." Raffaele replied to Sabrina saying she would look after Addie in Charms class. He wanted all of his siblings to do their best in all of their classes, including Felipe, so any help they could get to thrive in their lessons was something Raffaele was not ashamed to ask for. "Just... don't tell them I asked you to." Raffaele added, because he knew that would not go down well, even if he was just trying to help them.

With the question on the dating app arising, Raffaele couldn't help but smile at the idea of something like that being useful. "If you want looks and absolutely no personality, it's perfect. I don't think Giovanni took in to consideration that looks are... kind of an after thought for me. I mean, you know, a beautiful woman is fantastic, but only if she had the personality to go with it. Otherwise you might as well just stick to being single." He explained, not using those comments as a dig at Sabrina for her stupid excuse for their break up.

It was simply Raffaele being honest.

But, whether or not Sabrina had realised that by now, Raffaele didn't know, and in all honesty, it no longer mattered whether Sabrina thought he had been serious about them. Their relationship had been over for much too long for them to find a way back.

As Sabrina took another glass, Raffaele drained his and did the same and took a sip from the fresh glass. "I remember a time when you used to pull the funniest of faces when you were drinking. I'm guessing your modelling career has hardened you to the effects of alcohol, huh?" He teased, not pushing too hard too quickly with his comments. This was nice, it was nice to see Sabrina so well, but it also hurt.

Pulling up memories he'd thought he'd forgotten.

Making new ones to mull over when she was gone.
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Though Sabrina was anxious about how the younger Cassans would react to her now, she smiled at Raffaele and nodded. They were so young back then that she doubted they would remember her, but if they did, would they hate her for leaving Raffaele? Or perhaps see her as one of those girls Raffaele brought home to meet the parents? Either way, she wanted to help them, since she knew it would make Raffaele happy to see them succeed.

Raffaele finding the dating app to be a waste of time made her laugh, though there was a small comment that made her question if Raffaele had just insulted her. Certainly he didn't think she lacked personality—or did he? She wasn't just another pretty face, as far as she was concerned. She and Kat, who were both popular back in Hogwarts for their looks and charm, made sure that they excelled at what they liked. It was a point of pride for her, how she did her best to be remembered not as a part-Veela but as a witch who was incredibly brilliant and versatile.

It wasn't like Raffaele to dig subtly. If he disliked someone, he was blunt and straightforward, not fake. Not like the modelling world she had temporarily left behind. But many years have passed since she last saw him, and people change. Perhaps, Raffaele was the sort to fake friendliness now. Perhaps he did end up hating her after all.

It hurt more than it should have.

She fought back the urge to be overly sensitive about it by excusing herself and saying she needed to be somewhere else. What the point was of staying, Sabrina didn't know, but what she did know was that she was not about to let Raffaele win this one. If he wanted a verbal ping pong match, she would give it to him.

'On that, I agree with you,' she said with a sweet smile. 'Relationships are pointless when it's just about... you know, all those superficial things. Like looks. Or having a trophy partner. Or sex.' Memories of the times they had spent at the Prefects' Bathroom popped up in her head, and she remembered overhearing some Slytherin lads make bets about her virginity. If Raffaele Cassan, Gryffindor prefect and Quidditch Captain had scored.

Taking a small, slow sip from her glass this time, she leaned forward a little, enough so that there was a hint of what was underneath her dress, yet not low enough so that there was still room left for Raffaele's imagination. Smiling innocently at him, she leaned back against her chair again and stretched her long legs a bit before crossing them. She was the most proud of her legs—they were smooth, and toned, and they had landed her a lot of her modelling jobs.

'My modelling career has hardened me to a lot of things,' she said with a smile, although there was an edge to her voice. She wondered if he would catch the change in the way she talked now—the Sabrina he knew from Hogwarts might have giggled and blushed, and though her skin was still annoyingly prone to betraying how she felt, she had managed to control her reactions to most things. It was the only way she could have survived the modelling world.

So how come right in this moment, despite every calculating move she made, she only felt out of control?

'And what about you? It seems you've taken a liking to Firewhisky,' she said, looking pointedly at the bottle they were quickly draining. 'So, what else is new about you? Any new hobbies? Interests?' She drawled out the word interests, keeping eye contact while maintaining a neutral expression.

She dared him to look her in the eye, to hold her gaze and show her what he really felt now. Why he even bothered to invite her in his flat.
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The start of the ping pong made Raffaele smile to himself - yes, she'd picked up on his meaning. Whilst he hadn't wanted to go there, he had done so. Veering away from his bluntness momentarily. "I'm glad we're agreed on that much, then, now at least." Raffaele replied to Sabrina, actually meaning those words this time. He said them lightly though, not maliciously.

Like he had told Sabrina when they had broken up, he could never hate her.

But that didn't mean he was going to let her get away with the stupid reason she had given him when they had broken up. No, if they were going to be friends, there would be banter around it, that much Raffaele would insist upon. To make it easier to deal with.

Raffaele couldn't help himself, though, a moment later when Sabrina moved, presenting him with the smallest glimpse of her chest. Not quite cleavage, no, but enough to peak his interest. Sabrina was a woman now, and Raffaele could remember how perfect she'd been just short of ten years ago. Now, fully developed in every way...

Raffaele snapped himself from those thoughts, his eyes returning to the amber liquid in his glass as he finished off the second glass and busied himself with making another. Getting drunk was probably not a good idea, but by Merlin's soggy socks he was not going through this sober if Sabrina was going to flaunt herself at him in such a manner.

The comment of being hardened to a lot of things made Raffaele nod. He could see that. No longer was Sabrina as innocent as she had been in school, nor as shy. People changed, and Raffaele understood that completely. There was nothing wrong with this version of Sabrina, either, she was simply much more grown up than she had been last time they had seen each other. For better or worse, only time would tell.

"Oh, Firewhiskey is just my go to at the end of the week. One or two, to relax, you know? No big deal." Raffaele replied. And, for the most part that was true. He only went through more than that when he was feeling completely shitty. Like when Tom had announced his engagement to one of the most beautiful and talented witches Raffaele had ever met. His single life had gotten to him at that point, and Firewhiskey had been good to numb the pain.

"You can see everything you need to know about me here, there's not much that is new. I don't have time for new. If my work wasn't so extravagantly dangerous I might even have said I'd become boring with age. Mama says I work too hard, and don't 'play' enough - I think she got that bit fro Giovanni - but... like I keep telling her, what's the point in coming home to nothing?" He asked, his eyes meeting with Sabrina's in that moment.

Sabrina would be able to see that he was, in a way, still hurting over their break up. There had been other girls, to fill an evening or two, but he'd not connected with anyone romantically like he had with Sabrina. Maybe it was because she was his first love, maybe he hadn't really let go, perhaps it was just him being too scared to allow himself to be like that with someone again.

"Why did you really break up with me, Sabrina? Did you really believe it was only your Veela beauty that kept me with you?" Raffaele asked, his eyes not faltering from hers in that moment. He needed to know, and it was definitely the alcohol that was allowing him to be so stupid - even if he'd only had two, there was the rest of the bottle to drown his sorrows with if she didn't wish to answer.
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A small but smug smile played on Sabrina's lips as she watched Raffaele down his glass of Firewhisky and pour himself another one. She was glad she had chosen to wear a slightly low-cut cream chiffon summer dress, and that she had tied her hair up to show off her long, graceful neck and slightly tanned shoulders.

Having a glass or two to relax at the end of the week was understandable, but the way Raffaele quickly downed his glass after looking at her made Sabrina wonder if relaxing was really what was on his mind. She decided not to make it worse for him for now—as he talked about being unable to do something new lately, she listened quietly, unable to stop herself from feeling genuinely interested in knowing how his world was like now.

That was when he caught her off-guard. Holding her gaze, he asked her the question she had always avoided thinking about for the longest time. She wanted to look away, to break the moment, but found that she couldn't—his blue eyes were boring into hers, looking right into her soul. She could tell him lies, but her eyes could never cooperate. Not when he was staring at her like that.

Her grip on the glass tightened. She swallowed as she fought the urge to down all of the liquid in it.

They were supposed to open their graduation party with a dance. It could've been the happy ending to their Hogwarts years, and a new beginning for the rest of their lives. During their rehearsals, they had often gotten distracted, kissing and holding each other tight instead of swaying to the beat.

On the night of their final rehearsals, Sabrina asked Raffaele if he could come to the Astronomy tower with him. He had chuckled at the idea, even asking out loud if Sabrina was getting more 'aggressive', only to see the serious look on Sabrina's face. Underneath the stars, Sabrina talked about how she didn't think it would work, how he was only attracted to her because she was a Veela. In a few years, he would become desensitized to her charms, get bored and leave her.

That was what she had said then. Now, with the Firewhisky making her feel warm and Raffaele looking her in the eyes, the words she had used wouldn't come back.

'Raffaele, let's not—' she caught herself and took a deep breath. It wasn't fair, to not be honest with Raffaele when it happened so long ago. She could at least give him the truth now, if it would help things between them. That much he deserved to know. Seeing the glass she had forgotten she was holding, she finished off its contents and took the bottle to pour herself some more.

'You're going to think this is stupid,' Sabrina continued, her smile small and sad as looked back at Raffaele. Avoiding eye contact was a bad habit she had in Hogwarts, and she couldn't go back to that habit now. 'I was scared. Scared that I wasn't good enough. That I was getting really attached to you, even thinking of a future with you...' She shook her head as she remembered how she used to write 'Sabrina Cassan' on her journal, trying out different ways of writing it and liking how it fit. 'I knew it would break my heart, if you said you didn't want me anymore. If you... if you fell out of love with me. So I did that, hoping I'd become more detached and independent.

It's really stupid, I know, and if you did end up hating me... if you still do, I deserve it.'
Looking away from Raffaele, she blinked back the tears threatening to form in her eyes. 'I'm sorry.'
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The idea of not doing this conversation now was not an option to Raffaele, and whether it was the very serious look on his features, or whether Sabrina changed her mind when she cut off, he didn't know. All he knew was that if she didn't tell him the truth, now after all of these years, then they would never be able to move forward. Whether moving forward was as friends, or simply acquaintances, didn't matter, so long as he knew the truth.

Though, listening to the explanation didn't really make much sense, Raffaele didn't interrupt. His features turned in to a light frown as he waited. The logic was so backwards that he simply couldn't fathom why Sabrina had thought like this. Had he given her a reason to think that he was swaying from his feelings for her? Because... he had only fallen more deeply in love with her in their final year, he'd wanted nothing but her.

Even his parents knew as much with everything they had planned over the summer, a surprise for Sabrina as a graduation present.

No, it didn't make any sense.

As Sabrina's eyes fell away from his, Raffaele remained silent for a moment, just waiting. For something more. But when nothing else came, he downed his next glass of Firewhiskey and put his glass down on the table. Moving over the sofa a bit to be closer to her. He'd seen Sabrina cry, and perhaps that was one thing that hadn't changed. The body posture just before tears were about to fall made him react to her in a way his teenage self would of.

Putting his hand gently on her knee - in a platonic manner - Raffele gave it a gentle shake. "Hey, no crying, yeah?" He told her, his tone playful to try to get her from crying. "Though, you're right, that is the stupidest reason I've ever heard for someone to break up with someone." He added, again his tone was light, even if he did mean the words.

"Did I... Had I done something to make you think I didn't love you?" Raffaele asked, concern on his features that had no right to be there in a man who had moved on. Was over this break up. But, even if his head wanted to believe it was over with Sabrina, his heart was still fond of her, perhaps not love because she had hurt him, but fondness bordering on stronger feelings.
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Sabrina hated how easily tears came to her. Back when she was a Prefect, she often cried secretly whenever some of the troublemaker Slytherin girls wouldn't listen to her, and it was in fact during one of those moments that she got to know Raffaele Cassan.

She already had a crush on him then—he was nice, good looking, and brilliant. In their classes, she was competitive with him, and their interactions during prefect meetings consisted of light banter she never exchanged with anyone else. However, the friendship only truly began when he walked into her crying in the Charms classroom, berating herself for not being more stern and confident.

And now here she was, on the verge of tears as Raffaele playfully told her not to cry. It had been effective back in Hogwarts, and she was surprised to know that it was still effective, that it still managed to make her smile. Wiping her eyes dry, she looked up at Raffaele with sparkling eyes and laughed softly. 'I'm okay,' she said. 'I know, I know. I'm still a crybaby. But at least I'm now a prettier and more confident crybaby, right?'

With Raffaele much closer to her, Sabrina felt her heart beat faster, and yet there was a sense of comfort to their proximity. She pondered over his question, trying to think if there was indeed a time when it seemed as if he would fall out of love with her. 'No,' she shook her head eventually, 'No, you didn't really do anything. I was being stupid.

'You see, I'm... You know about my father.'
Her father had come up once, during a conversation they had in the Astronomy tower late at night. It was her mother's birthday, and Sabrina was feeling sad for not being there to celebrate it with her. Without Sabrina in their small flat, Marianne Caro had to celebrate her birthday alone. When Raffaele asked where her father was, Sabrina proceeded to talk about how she never met him, since he was betrothed by his grandparents to another pureblood woman back in Korea.

'He could've fought for her, if he really did love her,' she said softly before taking a sip from her glass. 'Maman raised me on her own, because he abandoned her. And I always thought, what if you abandoned me too? Maman never talked about it, but I knew she could never love the same way again. I saw it in the way she talked about him.'

She reached for Raffaele's hand, squeezing it as she looked him in the eyes. 'So no, it wasn't you. You didn't do anything wrong. You were perfect, and you had no idea how much I questioned my decision when I was alone in Paris.'

Letting go of his hand, she sighed and finished her glass. 'I'm not trying to justify myself. I know it was stupid. But I think I did need to learn to be alone, to become more confident on my own. I thought maybe, someday I'd be deserving of you.' She shook her head and chuckled, though there was little mirth in it. 'Did you ever hate me?'
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"More confident, maybe." Raffaele teased her with the light correction. His smile and his would show that he was only teasing her about not being prettier. There was no denying that Sabrina was one of the more beautiful women in the world, he would be a liar to say she hadn't grown more beautiful since they'd dated. But his comment was meant only in jest and he hoped that Sabrina would know that.

Raffaele gave only a small nod when she asked if he remembered about her father. Her home life. Of course he remembered, he remembered everything about her. Everything they had shared together, he remembered all of it, even if it caused him pain to do so. "I wish I would have realised..." Raffaele told her in nothing more than a whisper when she took his hand. The physical contact was relaxing in a time he'd never felt more angry. With himself, only himself, and the fact he'd let her go all those years ago.

It wasn't as if he hadn't argued against their break up, because he had told her a hundred times in the astronomy tower that he loved her. That it was not some stupid infatuation born from her Veela charm. He had told her that he loved her for so much more than her beauty, but even though he'd told her with all the passion in the world, Sabrina had turned him away.

And he had gone without pushing her for more reasoning.

His mistake. A mistake Raffaele would have to live with for as long as he lived.

"You're stupid. The cleverest stupid person I know." Raffaele told her as she apologised again. Explained how she'd found herself. And how she had hoped she would be deserving of him.

Intoxication pushed Raffaele forwards, closing the gap between them. Intoxication in more than one manner. Sabrina was beautiful, captivating, leaving him wanting more, as she always had. Her Veela Charm only aided that, though when she was using it, Raffaele would never know. The intoxication of memories long since buried, highlighting their intimate moments in his mind, replaying his favourite memories of their relationship. And then there was the intoxication of alcohol that would always be a man's downfall.

But before he could seal the distance, Sabrina spoke again.

'Did you ever hate me?'

"I tried." Raffaele replied honestly, though his voice was thick with emotion. "I tried to hate you, because at least then, breaking up wouldn't have mattered... wouldn't have hurt. But... I told you I could never hate you, and I'm not a liar, Sabrina."

The words filled the space for a moment, and from Sabrina's eyes, Raffaele's moved to her lips - leaving little doubt in what he wanted in that moment - back up to her eyes. Raffaele could almost be labelled vulnerable in that moment, his eyes softening as if they were back in school, tucked up in one another's arms in the Astronomy Tower, telling each other about their fondest memories, or how much they meant to one another, or their plans for the future.

And, if you looked probably, like Sabrina only could, you would have seen that, really, his feelings for her might have been buried for a number of years, but they had not changed...
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Sabrina raised an eyebrow at Raffaele's correction. A smirk played on her lips as she looked him in the eyes. Perhaps, a long time ago, Sabrina would've considered that to be a subtle insult, but with Raffaele's smile and teasing tone, she wondered if it was actually a challenge... and there wasn't anything Sabrina loved in the world more than challenges.

She moved closer to him, not enough to completely close the gap between them, but enough for Raffaele to catch a whiff of her perfume, for her shoulder to lightly touch his when she reached for the bottle to have a refill. Once she was done refilling, she set down the bottle a bit too carefully. That was how she knew she needed to stop, or at least slow down a bit, but she couldn't do that now. Not when Raffaele was so close to her, not when the past was an elastic string they were holding between them.

'You're stupid. The cleverest stupid person I know.'

Raffaele was moving closer, and Sabrina felt her heart beat wildly, like a drummer feeling the heat of the moment. Knowing what was about to happen, Sabrina immediately asked him the one thing she had always wanted to know—if he had ever hated her. If the last thing she had put in the jar was actually a lie. She braced herself for the answer, trying to comfort herself with the fact that jar was at least buried somewhere his curse breaking trips wouldn't take him.

But instead of breaking Sabrina's heart completely with his answer, Raffaele said no, that he wasn't a liar, and as he spoke, Sabrina could see the way his eyes travelled from her eyes to her lips. It was only then when she realised how close they were to each other, and how if she moved even just a couple of inches, she would be practically sitting on Raffaele's lap. And yet the feeling of his thigh against hers was a welcome, familiar feeling, along with the way their shoulders rubbed against each other.

One hand, as if moving by itself, put down the glass on the table, and her other hand brushed a lock of hair away from his forehead. 'That's the Raffaele I know,' she said with a sweet smile, the sort of smile she always gave him back in Hogwarts. If Raffaele looked closely, however, he would see a tinge of melancholy in her eyes. 'Thank you. For telling me the truth then, and for telling me the truth now.'

Gazing into his eyes, Sabrina held her breath. She was afraid to hold his gaze and let him see too much of her soul. But in that moment, she was even more afraid of looking away, and losing that sense of connection with him forever.
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'That's the Raffaele I know,'

A somewhat goofy, but genuine smile touched Raffaele's lips at that comment. It meant a lot to him, to hear those words from the woman he had loved for a period of his life. He'd changed, yes, but not so much that he was unrecognisable. Deep down he was still the man that- Raffaele cut himself off from thinking the rest of that sentence, it would not do well to dwell on if, buts and maybes.

"I think we owe each other that much." Raffaele replied when she thanked him. If they could be nothing more, they could at least be honest. As scary as that sounded.

For a moment, Raffaele held the silence that loomed, their eyes locked on one another.

He could still see the girl he'd once loved, with their closeness, it allowed him to focus on her eyes, the one thing that could not change. The pull of which only amplified with their proximity. He could feel himself being drawn in as his hand moved to hers in her lap.

"As we're on truths..." Raffaele whispered, breaking the eye contact for a moment to look down at their hands, together again, but older. Different, but comforting. His eyes moved back to Sabrina's and he knew that, magic or not, he was hooked on her. "You're still the most beautiful witch in the world..." He confessed in the most sincere tone he held.

"And... I've missed you..." Raffaele added, moving a little closer. "It's also going to be a mistake... but..." The Cursebreaker cut off, leaning in and pressing his lips to Sabrina's, gentle at first, but a moment later a little firmer. Need overtaking caution, before he parted from the kiss, though kept close to her.

"Tell me this is wrong, Sabrina, tell me not to do that again." He insisted, because he knew it was the alcohol that fuelled his actions. He knew if they had not been drinking he would have kept the boundaries in place, not pushed them.

But, he also knew this was what he wanted. What he needed. Raffaele had never gotten over Sabrina, he'd never really wanted to. And now that she was back, it was going to ruin his resolve.

It was a bad thing, what they were getting in to, but if it was what both parties wanted, could it ever truly be wrong?
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PostSubject: Re: a trip down memory lane // raffaele cassan   Thu Apr 28, 2016 7:34 pm

They looked down on their hands at the same time, their faces close to each other. Sabrina didn't even realise she was holding her breath—they were moving closer to each other, so close it was so comforting, and when she looked back up at Raffaele again, his stare was piercing.

'You're still the most beautiful witch in the world...'

She didn't even have time (or the mindset) to wonder if, right now, he indeed found her flushed cheeks beautiful, or how she was staring at him with parted lips, her breath caught in her throat as she stayed frozen, afraid of interrupting the moment with even just a small movement.

'And... I've missed you... It's also going to be a mistake... but...'

The kiss was like coming home, like a tall drink of water after a long drought, like the warmth of kindled campfire on a cool summer night. Closing her eyes, she could taste just a bit of the Firewhiskey on his lips, and she savoured the taste, and the intoxicating feeling of kissing Raffaele, of being able to hold him close and feel his body. Just like that, the years that had passed seemed to vanish, bringing her back to the Dance Room, where she first experienced what it was like to be one with him.

But before she could continue to enjoy the feeling of his lips, Raffaele moved away, asking her to tell him to stop. And Merlin, she could not do such a herculean task, not when he was holding her so close and she was just...

She had missed him too. So much. There were so many words bursting to be said that her chest hurt, and finding herself incapable of speaking, Sabrina closed the distance between them to kiss him again. Cupping his chin, she moved closer and seated herself on his lap. She knew it was wrong, to kiss him like this when she had left him so many years ago, but she didn't care any longer. She put all of the love, pain, and longing in her urgent kisses. She wanted the warmth of his body, and the way he used to hold her so close, as if he didn't just want her but need her.

She needed all of it so much she thought she was going mad.

Pausing to look him in the eyes, Sabrina spoke softly, and slightly out of breath. 'The real mistake is when I left you, and I paid for it dearly by missing you so much.' She kissed him again, as if she were afraid he would be taken away from her any minute. 'Don't let me go, not right now.'
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PostSubject: Re: a trip down memory lane // raffaele cassan   

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a trip down memory lane // raffaele cassan
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