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 running away from the world // joshua abbott

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PostSubject: running away from the world // joshua abbott   Tue Apr 19, 2016 9:07 am

The one-week culinary workshop his mother had sent him to had just ended, and Felipe wasn't sure what to do for the rest of the summer. He didn't feel like going back to Ireland just yet—once he was back in Dundalk, he would have to attend the summer Cassan reunions, and he was never in the mood to hear his cousins talk about their achievements and their glorious, valiant ancestors.

His family could be such bloody Gryffindors sometimes.

Alone in Hogsmeade, there was no one around to ask him about his grades, and whether he was thinking of becoming an Auror. He could just sit, relax, and have a mug of cold Butterbeer. The only downside to hanging out at Three Broomsticks during the summer was that there were no pretty girls around, but that was alright—he'll meet plenty of them in Diagon Alley when he visits his sister in The Leaky Cauldron. For now, he was glad to have some time to himself after a week of cooking nonstop in London. He just really needed a quick getaway, and a place familiar and quiet enough to be cosy.

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PostSubject: Re: running away from the world // joshua abbott   Tue Apr 19, 2016 9:41 am

Joshua had been spending his free time doing nothing particularly interesting. His parents had rented a small space in England, so the boy was out and about as much as possible. Though he avoided the "You are not who we raised" lectures as much as he could, this visit had still brought a dark cloud above him. In an effort to escape the small space of disappointed muggles, Joshua had run off to the Three Broomsticks.

Though the space was not ideal in terms of a getaway, it would do just fine. He had taken a liking to butterbeer and so it seemed fitting to come and obtain a cup. When he entered the Three Broomsticks, he noticed someone sitting alone. He had noticed the boy around school, but he had never carried a conversation with him. He was pretty sure that he was a sixth year, as Joshua was.

In the spirit of not wanting to be alone, he made his way over to the boy.
"You look like you could use some company," He said, smiling ever so slightly.

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PostSubject: Re: running away from the world // joshua abbott   Tue Apr 19, 2016 11:19 am

A voice cut through his thoughts, and Felipe was surprised to see a fellow Hogwarts student standing by his table. Though Felipe mostly ignored anyone who wasn't a part of his small clique, the boy (a sixth year as well, if he remembered correctly) stood out due to being American.

He offered the boy a polite smile. 'Sure,' he said, motioning to the empty chair across him. 'Have a seat.' Looking closely at the boy, Felipe could tell that he too was an athlete, though he didn't seem to be from any of the Hogwarts Quidditch teams. Perhaps he was into muggle sports—there were a number of guys like him in Hogwarts, and they often used the Quidditch grounds when the teams weren't hogging the area.

'Hogwarts, too?'
He asked, though he already knew what the answer would be. Still, Felipe figured it was best to start the conversation with small talk, since he still wasn't sure if this guy was one of those Gryffindor pranksters or Ravenclaw nerds.

He'd observe the guy first. That was how things worked with him, anyway. Felipe judged whether people were worthy of his time or not, and if they weren't, he could just find an excuse to be somewhere else.

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PostSubject: Re: running away from the world // joshua abbott   Tue Apr 19, 2016 3:29 pm

"Thank you," he said, occupying the seat across from his fellow student. When the boy asked if Joshua was from Hogwarts, he nodded. "Sixth year Hufflepuff," he responded. He wondered why he always introduced himself as a Hufflepuff. He was unsure of whether or not these houses in which they were sorted defined who they were as people. Did he want to be defined as a Hufflepuff?
"And you?" He asked. It was more of a way to keep the conversation going than Joshua actually wanting to know. He knew that the brown haired boy went to Hogwarts, the rest didn't matter much.

The boy seemed to be very toned, most likely due to athletics. Joshua figured that he played quidditch. He himself had considered trying the sport, but for the most part, he was a runner. He enjoyed the freedom that came with running. There was just something sublime about being at a speed in which nobody else can interfere.

"The name's Joshua Abbott, by the way," he added.
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PostSubject: Re: running away from the world // joshua abbott   Fri Apr 29, 2016 6:01 pm

The boy's declaration of his Hogwarts House made Felipe raise an eyebrow, but he chose not to comment on it. House loyalty was something he never understood—in the real world, once they start working to make ends meet, why would it matter what House they came from? Though he understood the need to make connections within Houses, Felipe thought the pride some people had about their Houses was just ridiculous, and that perhaps they needed something to be passionate about in their lives.

Of course, at that moment, Felipe wasn't even thinking about the boy's declaration. Instead, he was thinking of his siblings, and how all of them were in Gryffindor whereas he was a part of their rival House.

Deciding to go along with the boy's style of introduction, Felipe replied, 'Sixth year as well. Slytherin.' His House's bad reputation often held charm for some people, especially pureblood families, but he hoped his nonchalant manner of speaking would communicate to the boy that he didn't care much for House pride. While he wouldn't begrudge the other boy of his, he wanted to make sure that people knew he wasn't the sort of person to rely on Houses or family names to be respected.

No. Respect was something he had to earn himself, no matter what.

'Felipe,' he responded by way of introduction. 'Felipe Cassan.' Shifting his sitting position so that he was comfortable but also looking alert and upright, he ordered two Butterbeers from a passing waiter. When the waiter left, he turned to Joshua again. 'So, what brings you to Hogsmeade during a holiday?'
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PostSubject: Re: running away from the world // joshua abbott   

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running away from the world // joshua abbott
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