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 Bookworms (Finley)

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PostSubject: Bookworms (Finley)   Thu Apr 21, 2016 3:21 am

Anya's list of places she loved to go was ever-growing. Flourish and Blotts was a new addition to this list. She loved exploring all of the books that they had to offer. She longed to adventure through the inked words on the ever so carefully placed pages within the bindings. Whether she was reading directions, a story, or a work of nonfiction, books had the power to transport her wherever she needed to be.

On this particular day, she had spent an hour or so wondering the shop, looking through different books and trying to find the perfect piece of literature to purchase on that day. The problem was, she didn't know what she wanted. She had acquired a stack of books, five or six high, into her arms. As the book stack grew, its stability lessened. As the stack reached eight books, it began to tilt forward. Anya held her breath, hoping that staying still would keep it standing. Moments later, the books toppled over onto the ground.

"Sorry!" She whispered to nobody in particular.
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PostSubject: Re: Bookworms (Finley)   Thu Apr 21, 2016 5:13 pm

Knowing he was going on holiday with Madison meant that Finley needed a book to take with him. Not because she was boring, no, but because Finley read very quickly and at the times Madison was doing... whatever girls did, or was asleep, he would have something to do. Though, in truth, Finley didn't have any idea what they were going to be doing on this holiday, but he did hope he would have at least an hour each day to read.

He'd just slipped in to the store, heading down the fantasy section of the store when he almost ran in to someone trying to carry a mountain of books. Slipping out of the way, the Ravenclaw Prefect held his breath as the books went tumbling, and cringed when he saw them sprawled out on the floor.

That was absolutely no state for a book to be in.

"I-It's okay." Finley responded when the word sorry left the girls lips, and, after a brief moment of hesitation, he knelt down, picking the books up and making sure the pages were flat before he closed them back up. Finley hated seeing books damaged through any means other than being read often and this was pushing his limits. But he worked deftly, not looking to the clumsy person whilst he worked.
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PostSubject: Re: Bookworms (Finley)   Thu Apr 21, 2016 5:46 pm

'I guess this is what I get from being so indecisive,' she thought.
Before she knew it, there was a brown-haired boy before her, picking up the sprawled-out books. Anya watched as the boy picked up the books, working with care. She felt bad about dropping the stack. She imagined that there were a million different things the boy would rather be doing than cleaning her mess. She'd never see anyone take this much thought into picking books off from the ground. He was smoothing out the pages, as if trying to return them back to a state before their near-death experience.

"Thank you," she smiled, lifting a book from the floor. It was a book about potions. She wondered why she had even put this title into the pile. Potions books were not exactly the kind of books one read because they wanted to. Perhaps she had wanted to learn something.

"I'm Anastasiya," She told the boy, keeping her volume at a soft whisper. "But most people just call me Anya."
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PostSubject: Re: Bookworms (Finley)   Sun Apr 24, 2016 11:19 am

The thanks simply made Finley nod, putting the last book back in to place on the stack. Carelessness around books really did irk Finley, but rather fortunately, they had been new books, not old fragile ones, so no lasting damage had been caused. That didn't excuse the fact the girl had been so careless with the books, but it at least made Finley relax enough to not worry so much about it.

With the introduction from the girl before him, Finley got back to his feet and gave her a small, polite smile. It would show he was nervous, because Finley had spent the summer back with his parents, and his confidence had been knocked back down a little. "I'm F-Finley." He replied, introducing himself as she had done, before remembering his manners. "It's... uh... n-nice to meet y-you." He added, giving Anya a slightly warmer smile to show he meant that in a genuine manner.

A moment of awkward silence filled the space between them, Finley looking down at the books before looking back to Anya. "D-did you want some h-help with those?" He asked, already aware that she couldn't carry them herself. It would be rude of him not to offer to carry some to the counter for her.
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PostSubject: Re: Bookworms (Finley)   Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:46 am

As Finley placed the last book carefully onto the stack, Anya couldn't help but notice that the boy had a stutter. A feeling of guilt seeped into the Hufflepuff. She had not meant to make the boy uncomfortable or nervous in any way, but yet it appeared that she had. Despite the nervousness, the boy smiled when he introduced himself.
"It's nice to meet you too, Finley," she responded. As for the stack of books, she had not planned on buying all of them. It appeared;however, that Finley had thought she did. When he asked if she wanted help bringing them to the counter, she nodded.

"Help would be great," She lent a soft smile. "We've already seen what happens when I try to carry them all alone." She let out a few notes of laughter, handing a little less than half of the stack to Finley.

As she made her way to the counter, Anya wanted to ask about his stutter, but she felt that that would be rude. Instead, she thought it would be better to keep the conversation casual.

"So what have you done with your Summer?" she asked him.
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PostSubject: Re: Bookworms (Finley)   Tue Apr 26, 2016 7:51 pm

The response of nice meeting made Finley give the witch another small smile. Whether she was genuine about that, the Ravenclaw could only guess, but she seemed nice enough - not like some of the people at Hogwarts that he could mention. Perhaps - though it would take a little more time for Finley to know - they could be friends.

"T-true." Finley replied with a slight chuckle, taking on the books she gave him and making sure they were carefully balanced in his arms. "Next t-time you should... you s-should ask for h-help." He added, though it wasn't in an admonishing tone, merely a comment that he meant in a helpful manner.

Following Anya towards the counter so that she could pay, Finley took in the titles of the books he could see, having to admit that he liked a number of them, but he didn't openly comment - he wasn't sure this would be appreciated.

Finley just looked up in time to see Anya stopped, and placed the books up on the counter carefully, letting go only when he was positive they were not going to fall. The question came a moment later, and Finley felt himself become a little conscious. "Umm..." He started, knowing that his answer wasn't exactly interesting. "I... umm... I've b-been reading. Lots. A-and doing the housework f-for my parents whilst t-they work. But next week... n-next week I get to go on h-holiday with my girlfriend." Finley explained, hoping this would redeem him a little.

"What about y-you?"
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PostSubject: Re: Bookworms (Finley)   

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Bookworms (Finley)
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