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 Trash or Treasure? (open)

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PostSubject: Trash or Treasure? (open)   Tue Apr 26, 2016 3:57 am

Looking to make the most out of her final days before going back to Hogwarts, Anya had decided to explore Diagon Alley some more. While she enjoyed places such as the book shop and The Leaky Cauldron, the place that she found the most intriguing was the junk shop. As she made her way around the shop, curiosity built up inside of the young Hufflepuff. She wanted to know the backstory of every object she lay eyes on.

She wondered what those scales had been measuring at the exact moment in which they broke. Had the ingredient been too heavy, or had the scale simply been too old? And what were those seemingly random stains on the old robes scattered throughout the shop. The entire place seemed to be a "What not to do while potions making" ad.

'I bet this wand was being used to cast a very difficult spell,' She thought, studying a broken ebony wand. "The poor wand could not handle what the witch or wizard wielding it was asking, so it broke." Unsure of when her thoughts had turned into audible speech, Anya quickly placed her hand over her mouth. Her cheeks turned a bright colour of red as she hoped that nobody had been around to hear.
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PostSubject: Re: Trash or Treasure? (open)   Tue Apr 26, 2016 4:40 am

Humphrey had a bit of time left to himself after he'd eaten his ice cream, and simply wandered Diagon Alley before he saw a place he'd never noticed before. It was what looked to be a junk shop of some sort, containing all sorts of things. Most were at least somewhat familiar, but a few he had no idea on what they were. Intrigued by the shop, he slowly walked forward before entering. As he pushed the door open a light ringing sound announced that somebody had entered. Now this is the kind of place I'd never get to peruse with Casey and mum. They'd probably say it was a waste of time. He loved them both, but he enjoyed having time to himself once in a while, too.

He'd thought he was the only one in the shop until he heard a female voice speaking quietly. Poking his head around the aisle, he saw a pretty older Hufflepuff girl. Humphrey had seen her around the common room before, though he'd never heard her name. In fact, this may have been the first time he'd heard her speak now he thought about it. "Talking to yourself is actually quite normal." he assured the older girl, giving her a bit of a smile. "Humphrey Williams, soon to be second year. You're in Hufflepuff too, right?" he asked, wanting to make sure.
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PostSubject: Re: Trash or Treasure? (open)   Tue Apr 26, 2016 4:37 pm

Just as Anya had feared, a younger boy with messy brown hair and a goofy half smile began to approach her. She recognized the boy from around the Hufflepuff common room. She recognized him as a first year going into second? Or possibly a second year going into third. Who knew? Maybe he was a first year who did not rank up.

"Talking to yourself is actually quite normal."

As it turned out, her first guess had been correct. He introduced himself as Humphrey Williams, a soon-to-be second year Hufflepuff. When Humphrey asked if she was in Hufflepuff as well, she nodded.

"I'm Anastasiya Viktorovna," She told him, regaining her Russian accent in full force as she stated her name. She looked at him in a moment of awkward silence. Seeing as there were no other Russians around her as far as she knew, Anya felt self-conscious about her accent. At the castle, she heard all kinds of accents, but none that sounded like hers. This made her feel as though she was separate from everyone else.

"Most people just call me Anya," She added, quieter than before. "What brings you to the junk shop?" She asked. The girl had not thought that anyone but herself would be intrigued by this shop. It was all junk to most people.
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PostSubject: Re: Trash or Treasure? (open)   Tue Apr 26, 2016 5:03 pm

Humphrey recognized the accent as being Russian immediately, and actually thought her voice sounded rather beautiful. It was a complex language he would probably never figure out how to speak, but it didn't stop him from admiring the way it sounded. Part of the reason for that was that the girl had a lovely voice, though she sounded a little shy. The name he didn't recognize at first, until she added that most people called her Anya. His eyes lit up in recognition and he nodded. "It is a pleasure to meet you Anastasiya Viktorovna." he said, doing his best not to botch up the pronunciation too badly.

When she asked what brought him into the junk shop, he simply shrugged, not sure how to explain. "Well, I know it claims this is all junk, but...it looked really interesting. Some of the stuff I saw through the windows I didn't even recognize. I'm a curious person, and I'll even admit to being weird. This place seemed more interesting than the other shops in Diagon." he finished, before looking up at her instead of at the merchandise. Humphrey gave her a small smile, trying not to scare her off. "So, what brought you here?" he asked.
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PostSubject: Re: Trash or Treasure? (open)   Tue Apr 26, 2016 5:31 pm

At the return of her own question, Anya gave the boy a half-smile. She never smiled fully, always halfway. She honestly had no idea why she never smiled with the entirety of her mouth, perhaps because she simply hadn't found something that made her that happy? After pondering it for a second, she figured that that was the reason. What other reason could there be?

"I was intrigued by the objects," She told him, maintaining the soft volume that her voice had been at previously. "I wanted to know the stories behind each broken item here. I was curious as to why those scales had broken, or what those peculiar stains on the robes may be. I came for the stories." She began to twirl a piece of brown hair around her finger as she thought more about what she had said. Most of what Anya did had to do with the stories behind certain things. She loved the idea of there being a reason for everything, because if there was a reason for everything, maybe there was a reason that her mother left.

Anya then pointed to a robe a few feet away that had an odd splotch of gold on the sleeve.
"I like to think that this robe was worn by someone rather desperate," she informed Humphrey. "He needed a good day and he needed it quickly, so he tried to whip up some felix felicis potion. He was a very skilled wizard, so he succeeded of course. As soon as he began to pour it into a bottle, though, he spilled the potion all over himself, leaving him unlucky and sad and leaving his robe with a golden stain."
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PostSubject: Re: Trash or Treasure? (open)   Tue Apr 26, 2016 5:50 pm

Even a child like Humphrey noticed the way this older girl's smile wasn't complete. Most people close to their age were full of laughter and were happy, but there was no doubt she wasn't as cheerful. Why that was, he wanted to ask. However, he didn't know her, and he doubted she would simply tell a stranger about why she appeared sad compared to other children. Instead of commenting on it, he simply stepped a little closer so he would be able to hear her easier. The soft voice was almost enchanting, though.

As she started talking about the stories behind the objects he found himself nodding. Humphrey thought it made perfect sense, he'd always loved stories. Usually he associated them with people, books, or places, but why couldn't things have them too? His eyes moved around the merchandise, noticing a few of the items she described. "Are you a writer, Miss Anya?" he asked her softly, looking up at her with curiosity and wonder. The way she spoke about seemingly mundane objects made it clear she saw the world differently. "I've always loved writing stories, and have recently started drawing them as well. Thinking about the stories of everyday objects, though, I have to admit it's something I haven't done a lot of. Thank you for sharing." Humphrey said, his voice quiet as well since that's how she seemed to like things, quiet.

Her tale associated with the gold stain on some robes was interesting, but he shook his head. Humphrey had already thought of his own story when he had noticed that particular stain. "Interesting idea, a different one struck me when you pointed it out, though. I saw an older man, desperate as the end of his life steadily approached. Instead of giving in, he researched alchemy in hopes of making a Philosopher's Stone. One of the things alchemists have always wanted to do, was turn led into gold I believe, but on the day he finally succeeded the molten metal burned his hand, rendering him incapable of pursuing his work further." he said calmly, enjoying this much more than even he had expected to.

Humming quietly, he picked out an old broken remembrall. "Now this, this was broken by a man who had forgotten the face of his first love when his mind began to slip. The ball kept going red with smoke, but try as he might the face remained lost to him. All he felt was the ache and loss of the love that had once been so vital to him." Humphrey said, with a sad smile.
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PostSubject: Re: Trash or Treasure? (open)   

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Trash or Treasure? (open)
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