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 Isaline Charlot

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PostSubject: Isaline Charlot   Tue Apr 26, 2016 8:20 pm

Full Name:Isaline Maelle Eleanor Charlot
Date of birth: September 6th, 2001
Birthplace:Palace of Monaco
Current home: Palace of Monaco
Blood Status:Pureblood
Sexual Alignment:Heterosexual
Wand type:Holly wood, unicorn hair core, 9.5 inches

Hair colour and style:Her hair is long and for the most part, straight; falling a few inches below her shoulders. It is a light golden blonde.
Eye colour:A seaglass blue. There is a hint of green within the blue.
Height:5’4 ½”
Body type:Relatively thin with long legs. She maintains a healthy diet in order to keep her slim figure. (“Women held to such standards as I cannot be fat,” she says).
Dress sense:She likes to think of herself as very fashion forward. She enjoys deep reds and blacks, often paired with heels and some golden jewelry (preferably with diamonds).  
Piercings: Ears.

Likes: (3 minimum)
 -She loves jewelry, especially pieces including diamonds. They are the toughest, yet the most beautiful gem, which is why she likes them.
 -Fashion. Isaline enjoys planning and putting together different outfits and experimenting how various pieces will work together.
 -Being complimented
 -Charms. She finds it to be the most interesting class.
 -The colour red.Red is a colour that goes with everything. It is a colour of lust and power.

Dislikes: (3 minimum)
 -Failing. She's very hard on herself and she is determined to be perfect.
 -The colour green (“It is dreadfully tacky”)
 -Being disliked. She sees no point in having any power if people do not respect or like her.
 -Care of Magical Creatures Class. She finds it unnessesary. Isaline sees no need in learning about different animals. It is more of a nuisance than anything.
 -Being seen as unintelligent or dumb

Strengths: (3 minimum)
 -She is good at school. She sees no reason not to be. Failing out of school has never gotten anyone anywhere.
 -She knows how to make people do what she wants, though most of the time she makes them think it was their idea.
 -She is skilled at putting outfits together
 -She is very good at potions. She does not understand how one could be bad at potions. It is simply following directions, is it not?

Weaknesses: (3 minimum)
 -She cannot stand being told that she is wrong. Being wrong is the same thing as being unintelligent or uneducated. With error comes a loss of power.
 -She always needs to be in charge. She is no follower.
 -Romance. Romance leads to relationships and a relationship means being an equal and giving a part of herself to someone. This is something she simply cannot do.

Positive traits: (3 minimum)
 -She is intelligent in school as well as in the ways of the world. She knows how things work and she knows how to bend most things to her will.
 -She is persuasive. She gets what she wants from people.
 -Confident. She knows who she is and she has no problem with that. Self esteem has never been an issue for Isaline.
 -Loyal. She will not stray from those who she feels she can trust. Once she gives someone her trust and her friendship, she will not betray that trust.
 -Isaline is quite organized. She knows where she wants things to be and she knows what order she wants them to be in. Mess is unacceptable.

Negative traits: (3 minimum)
 -She speaks her mind, which can often offend some people.
 -Though she tries not to be untruthful, she is rather good at lying. She has never been caught in one of her lies, which can be dangerous to friendships.
 -Biased. She was raised pureblood, so that is the group that she favours. She is more likely to support a pureblood than a muggleborn.
 -She needs to be in control of everything she does. This is poisonous to some friendships.

Isaline Charlot  is the second eldest child of Catherine-Augusta Eleanor Charlot née Bertrand and Alexande Louis Albert Henri Charlot VI. She grew up in the palace of Monaco with her parents and her four siblings. She was brought up with the ideas that Purebloods were superior to all other variations of blood purity. She was taught that muggleborns were disgraces to the wizarding world and that she, as a pureblood of high esteem, was to have nothing to do with them. She didn’t much mind muggleborns, but she kept her distance in order not to disgrace her family’s name. Her family felt strongly about blood status. Mingling with mudbloods was forbidden within the Charlot family.

She was not very close with any of her siblings, seeing as the only thing that they had in common was their level of blood purity. Isaline spent most of her time in her room, reading or putting outfits together. She was mostly isolated from the rest of her family. She often regretting not trying to get closer with her siblings, because she would have liked to not feel so alone in her home.

Throughout most of her early life, the Charlots taught their children how to be proper purebloods. She was taught the proper etiquette for outings and events. When she became of age, Isaline was sent off to Beauxbatons. Being at Beauxbatons after living at the palace of Monaco began to make the girl sick of all things French. She hadn’t been anywhere else for long periods of time at any point of her life. Everyone at the school was intelligent and proper and she felt like one of many. Sick of feeling like a big fish in a big pond, she decided that she wanted to try and attend Hogwarts. She had heard that Hogwarts had a bigger variety of abilities and she figured that this would give her the opportunity to be seen at superior.

In the Summer before her sixth year, she begged her parents to allow her to transfer to Hogwarts and they reluctantly agreed.

   Name:Catherine-Augusta Eleanor Charlot née Bertrand
   Age:Early to mid 50’s
   Living or Deceased:Living
   Blood type or Species:Pureblood

   Name:Alexande Louis Albert Henri Charlot VI
   Age:Early to mid 50’s
   Living or Deceased:Living
   Blood type or Species:Pureblood

   Name:Alexande Louis Albert Henri Charlot VII
   Living or Deceased:Living
   Blood type or Species:Pureblood
   Occupation:Unemployed currently

 Name:Leoni Maybel Augusta Charlot
   Living or Deceased:Living
   Blood type or Species:Pureblood

 Name:Severine Louisa Catherine Frances Charlot
   Living or Deceased:Living
   Blood type or Species:Pureblood

 Name:Elodie Marie Anne Charlot
   Living or Deceased:Living
   Blood type or Species:Pureblood

   Living or Deceased:~
   Blood type or Species:~

   Living or Deceased:~
   Blood type or Species:~

   Name:Diamont (means Diamond in french)
   Living or Deceased:Living
   Blood type or Species:Angora Cat

The Charlot family is a very old and very well respected family. The family began as the Charlotte family and they were one of the wealthiest families in the country and possibly even the world. After years of power and wealth, the Charlotte family fell into a level of poverty and a new heir with a new name took the throne. Alexande Louis Albert Henri Charlot II changed the luck of the family. He and his lovely bride brought the family out of poverty and into the wealth and power that it still maintains today. The family is responsible for Monaco, not France entirely. Monaco is a small area outside of France, but they still speak the language. The Charlot family holds their members to high standards as far as wealth and blood purity goes. Charlots must remain pure and wealthy in order to maintain the family’s reputation.
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PostSubject: Re: Isaline Charlot   Thu Apr 28, 2016 7:22 pm

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Isaline Charlot
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