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 Astronomy Professor Application

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PostSubject: Astronomy Professor Application   Wed Apr 27, 2016 9:22 am

Full Name: Eros S. Vitali
Position: Astronomy Professor
Qualifications & Previous Education: University Graduate
Activity: I can manage!

Roleplay Example:

It was his first day at Hogwarts after so many years and Eros could tell he felt lost. It was obvious by the way he was moving and talking. He was nervous, to say the least, and that was the cause of his anger. Eros knew how to hold himself together, and he never allowed such pathetic feelings to affect him, but this time, he couldn't control it. And that was bad.

He was nervous indeed, but at the same time quite excited as well. For one, he was going to be working as an Astronomy Professor, something he had wished for for all of his life. Secondly, he had his best buddy around, which meant that fun was always going to be available. And let's not mention the Staff. He was positive, even if he still hadn't met them all, that there sure would be some hot signora he could use for his needs.

But today none of these were on his list. Today it was all about teaching and getting to know his students. Unlike James, Eros actually liked the students and not just the subject he was teaching. That was why he had decided that he was going to bring all the years in one class, in order to go over the basics first, and he would later, possibly, separate them.

Walking into his classroom, Eros smiled at himself as he accommodated to his new desk and the amazing view. Oh Merlin, the view was exactly why he had chosen Hogwarts as the school to provide his knowledge. It was the best place to work at, and now Eros was about to do just that.

Taking out his wand, he waved it into the air and watched as the words slowly appeared on the black board.

"Astronomy 101: The Basics"

He then sat down in his chair and waited for his students to arrive. He knew it wasn't the most famous of lessons, but he hoped that the children would be intrigued by it, just as much as he was.
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PostSubject: Re: Astronomy Professor Application   Wed Apr 27, 2016 10:29 am

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Astronomy Professor Application
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