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 Andersson, Nikolaj

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PostSubject: Andersson, Nikolaj    Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:25 pm

   Full Name: Nikolaj Andersson
   Age: 28
   Date of birth: 06th January 1994 (1989 realtime)
   Birthplace: Björkliden, Sweden
   Current home: Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry
   Blood Status: Pure Blood
   Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
   Wand type: 12", Dittany Stalk, Ebony

   Hair colour and style: Blonde and short, often styled with wax pushed up and to the side.
   Eye colour: Smokey Blue
   Height: 6 foot 5
   Body type: Athletic and slightly Muscular. Well toned as a man who often works out.
   Dress sense: Smart Casual - will usually be wearing a smart shirt not buttoned all the way up with a casual dinner jacket and jeans.
   Birthmarks: None
   Tattoos: None
   Scars: Questionable 12 point star scar on his left buttock.
   Piercings: None


   [In this section, please don’t just write one or two words. Explain their likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, positive & negative traits in detail wherever possible; this is for people to get a decent idea of who your character is and what they are like, so please don’t just randomly list things. Also, three is the minimum, please don't be afraid to list more, there will never be limitations to detail on this site!]

   Likes: (3 minimum)
      - Students keen to learn
Nik does not care if you're the most intelligent student in the class or if you're a little slow on the uptake... as long as you try. If you show an interest and even an excitement in his lessons he will invest every effort into giving you the confidence and knowledge needed to further you in life.
      - Beer
Nik enjoys a nice, strong beer in the evening and weekends. Outside of schooltime he can usually be found in the nearby hogs head, or in the summer time he may treat himself to a visit to London and some of the UK muggle bars ~ Perhaps picking up a cute british girl falling for his foreign accent and viking looks.
      - Women
As any single, straight young adult does, Nikolaj has a certain love for women. Following the loss of his wife he has no interest in a relationship, but that does not detract from how much he can enjoy them in other ways ~ It also means he no longer cares about their blood status.

   Dislikes: (3 minimum)
      - Trouble Makers
Nikolaj has no time for students who show no interest in learning in his class, and has a very short temper with those who mess around. Anyone who thinks they can act the class clown in Professor Anderssons classes are going to be in for a rude awakening.
      - Know-it-alls
Any student who behaves like he knows more than the professor will not be tolerated. Nik expects a certain level of respect from his students and does not take kindly to those trying to boast about their knowledge, be it to try and show him up or merely putting other students down because they have picked something up quicker.
      - Disrespect
Any form of disrespect, towards, elders, authority, family or peers was punished severely in Nik's childhood and throughout his life, and he see's no reason why it should be any different here. He often finds he gets frustrated when other teachers do not take such a harsh stance on disrespectful behavour but will not hesitate to step in should he witness it happening.

   Strengths: (3 minimum)
      - Dark Arts
Due to the nature of education at the Durmstrang Institute Nikolaj was trained from the age of 11 in the dark arts - and it was one of the subjects he excelled at. Although the fact that Durmstrang teaches the dark arts is not a secret in the wizarding world, Nikolaj avoids mentioning his talent lest he be looked at with suspicion.
      - Potions
Alongside the dark arts Nikolaj excelled in potion making, for both medicines, poisons and charm potions. Potions was always a subject that fascinated Nikolaj as its a subject that is not known extensively. There are an infinite number of combintions of ingredients and spells that go into potions that not everything can every be known about the subject. A combination that does not appear to do anything of note could be charm that only works in certain circumstances.
      - Attentive
Nik is very attentive to those students he see's putting in the effort and with the potential to go far. He's not afraid to work extra hours outside his normal worktime to nurture there knowledge and those students who earn his respect will often find that they can come and confide in him about any issues - be them with his subjects or not.

   Weaknesses: (3 minimum)
      - His Wife
The death of his wife several years ago is an event that still haunts him to this day. She was the love of his life and watching the light fade from her eyes is one image he will never forget. He keeps quiet about the matter though to prevent this being used against him, but certainly if someone was to acquire the facts around the circumstances of her death they could make him lose control.
      - Herbology
Despite his extensive knowledge in potions and ingredients, Nik has found that he can't grow shit. Maybe it was just that growing up in the cold climate of the north made everything harder to master when it came to herbology, but now its something he just has no wish to attempt again. He'll leave the growing and tending of the plants to the experts and deal with the usage and brews himself.
      - Nightmares
Due to his history, Nik very rarely gets much sleep. He suffers regular night terrors, waking him after only a few short hours in cold sweats and screaming and thrashing about. Whilst the lack of sleep is not necessarily evident to those who do not know him well, he may be found dozing slightly in the early afternoon.

   Positive traits: (3 minimum)
      - Professionalism
Nik is the endless professional in his working life around students - even outside of working hours, should he come across a student he dons the professor head. He does not express any interest in blurring lines between friendship and a student/teacher relationship and whilst he will always be as caring and supportive towards those whom need it, a strict line exists where he will not go beyond his power as a teacher.
     - Organisation and Structure
Coming from such strict schooling, Nikolaj enjoys a strict structure, planning and organisation in everything that he does and expects the same from his students. He's aware he's sometimes considered 'odd' for these habits by the students but believes that preparing them to plan now will help them long term in the future
      - Charming
Nikolaj is just full of a certain, irresistable viking charm that he uses to his advantage. His impressive structure certains supports this charm, along with a winning smile that he saves just for special occasions.

   Negative traits: (3 minimum)
      - Temper
Nikolaj can come across as quite stern most of the time, but even he has his limits and once pushed he can snap quite fiercly, and once he does he does not hold back.
      - Stubborn
Nik is a man who believes he is always right, and you will be hard pushed to convince him otherwise. Whether he's defending a decision hes made, a belief or not backing down from something he has decided he wants - he can be a stubborn fool to no end.
      - Withdrawn
Unless you have something Nik needs, Nik tends to avoid needless socialisation. He's the kind of man who will have many aquantances - relationships with people so he knows them just enough that should he need anything from them it would not be unwelcome for him to ask, but no further that it could be considered a friendship. He doesn't see the need to surround himself with people on a regular basis.

Growing up, Nikolaj was treated notably different by each of his parents. His mother sought to protect him from everything in the world, shroud him from pain, wrap him in cotton wool and not let him out of her sight. For the first year of his life he was never out of his mothers arms except to sleep, where he was carefully positioned in a cot right besides her bed. It was not until, at the insistence of his father, his first birthday that she placed the boy down so he could learn to crawl, walk and explore of his own accord.

His father on the other hand, sought to bring him up to be strong, learned, and proud. As soon as Nikolaj could speak and understand words his father would spend each evening telling him the history of the family. Of the gaups, of the Andersson's. The purity of their bloodline was never to be undermined and Nikolaj should consider this in everything and anything he could do. Once he was strong enough to run and hold a wand, his father would start to teach him magic, starting at just small basics with the boys toys. Every day became a routine, he had a specific time to wake, to shower, to eat. Then he would have home schooling classes with his father, followed by lunch and then physical exercises in the afternoon. For an hour a day he would be permitted to spend time with his mother, who would show excitement at hearing about her sons day, before he would be taken again and put back to the routine.

Little did he know at a young age that his father was merely preparing him for the way life worked at Durmstrang. Once he was of age he boarded the large, black sailed ship to set sail to where would be his new home for the next 6 years. Many of the other boys and girls would cry in their first week, finding it hard to adjust to the harsh routine of the school, but for Nikolaj, it was second nature. Once he was in school, his fathers interest in his education lessened and interest in his love life grew. He urged Nikolaj to seek out several girls from relatively well known pureblood families. Of course, seeking a pureblood in Durmstrang was not hard - the school did not accept any less through the gates. The muggleborns and half bloods of Skandinavia and the surrounding lands would be sent to beauxbatons or Hogwarts for education.

Nikolaj was a hit with the ladies. His boyish charm and the striking looks he had inherited from his mothers side of the family certainly garnered his attention, but all the girls would be giggly, sending him secret love notes during class, getting stupid and blushing around him. None of them were of real interest to him. But, each year, his father pushed for him to find someone.

It wasn't until during a duelling class in his 6th year that he found her. She was from the year below, and had apparently annihalated all the opposition in her year so had been moved up. Nikolaj was one of the top of the class for his own year and had laughed in the professors face when he had brought her into the class and told them about her. She was a small, slight dark haired girl, shy and kept her face hidden. She did not look like a threat to any of them. Nikolaj's punishment for his disrespect was to duel against her first.

Feeling cocky, Nikolaj had shrugged off the 'punishment' and stepped up the plate. Before he had even muttered the first spell, he had been sent flying back into the hard wall of the room and knocked out cold. Moments later when he came too and got up, he saw the class gawking at the girl who had finally looked up. She was looking right at him, dark brown eyes seeing right into his soul as she smirked at him. From that day he would never forget her face, or her name. Berit Rikke.

His father had been overjoyed that he had finally found someone when Nikolaj had taken Berit home with him that summer to meet the family. He had also the upmost respect for her skills with a wand. With the family approval, their relationship flourished and blossomed, Berit never failing to challenge Nikolaj and put him in his place whenever he got too cocky or overconfident. She was exactly what he had needed all his life, he just hadn't known it until he met her.

When Nik was 20 and Berit 19 they were wed. The ceremony was a beautiful, small affair will only immediate family and select through friends from school in attendance. Following which Nik continued his studies into potions, writing his own book on Skandinavian specific ingredients and uses while Berit entered training to become an Auror.

Nik's father wasn't overly pleased that the two had decided to seek out work rather than start raising a family, and his constant pushiness put a wedge between Nik and both his parents. Although his love and respect for his mother would never faint, he could not bear to see her when Aleksander was present, not wanting to constantly fend off questions over whether him and Berit would have children. While of course, Nik would have loved a family of his own, he knew how important Berit's work was to her and did not want to get in the way of that. They would bring children into the world when they were both ready.

It was not until a stormy evening several years later that Niks' world would be turned upside down. He had recently taken employment as Potions Master at Durmstrang Institute and was around halfway through his first year. The school had permitted him to take his holidays at home with his wife. Berit had returned home late, appearing much quieter and reserved than normal. Nik could sense almost immediately that something was wrong. Upon enquiring, Berit had mentioned that she thought that maybe it was time that she left employment and they started a family. This took Nik by surprised, who knew something serious must have happened for her to suddenly want to give up her job, but no matter how much he pressed she would not reveal to him why. Instead, she retired to bed, too tired to continue the conversation and promising him a better explanation the next morning.

Nik had not gone up to bed immediately that night, a matter he will always regret. When he eventually did go to bed he did not hold his wife, who was curled up cold on the edge of the bed, instead he turned his back on her and went to sleep, angry that she did not trust him enough to tell him what was happening in her life, and suspicious at the same time.

The next morning he was woken by a scream. Sitting bolt upright he looked to the empty space in the bed next to him. The sun streaming in through the blinds indicated it must be atleast late morning. Crashing sounds could be heard from the kitchen and looking towards the door, Nik could see the flashing of lights indicating spells being cast. Jumping out of bed he grabbed his wand fromt he bedside table and ran for the door, ripping it open and running to the kitchen.

He reached the kitchen just as the blood red spell hit Berits heart. Her hand had been raised up, a spell half formed in her lips when it had caught her. The chaos in the kitchen indicated that she had dodged many before. The assailant disapparated almost instantly as Nikolaj appeared, only granting him a glance at a dark cloak. He ran forwards as her wand clattered to the floor, before her body began to fall with it. It was as if it was all slow motion. He could be sure he was screaming at the time but everything had gone silent in his head. He caught her before she crashed into the hard wood of the kitchen floor, crying and shaking her to wake as he watched the last light fade from her eyes.

It took several weeks before Nik felt able to leave his house following the event. The school had granted him leave for as long as he would need. When he did leave the house, he went somewhere he had not expected. Home. As his mother opened the door and saw her forlorn son stood before her, eyes bloodshot red and puffy from endless tears shed, she had opened her arms and dragged him into her. She had not been there to protect him and for that she was sorry. He welcomed the warmth of her arms, although she had been starting to show her age and become frail, and regretted not visiting sooner. It wasn't until he was inside that his father turned up.

Aleksander had stared at Nikolaj with cold eyes before speaking. "I hope you are here to introduce us to your new wife."

The words rang through Niks head over and over again. He could not comprehend what he meant, new wife? Almost instantly Nik stood up and withdrew his wand. He wasn't even aware what he was shouting until his arm was thrown out infront of him, the deep red of the spell arching from his wand. His father fell instantly to the floor. His mother made no sound.

His mother had not mourned his fathers passing as he had expected, but instead had consoled him and helped him to hide the evidence before the authorities arrived. It was well known that Nik had not spoken or seen his father for years, so no one had questioned it when Linnéa had said she had not seen her son recently when the investigation into his fathers death began. Instead, the death was put down to the same purpotrator as Berit's, and they never checked Nik's wand.

Niks' mother, however, had urged him to flee at once. She was scared of him, although she would never admit that, but she was also scared for him if they would ever catch him. She assured him she would be fine on her own, the families money providing plenty for her to hire care where needed. This is when Nik had started travelling the world, learning and teaching about his favourite subjects on the way. He would stop for a year, here and there, at Beauxbatons in france and Koldovstoretz in Russia to teach potions. Now it was time for him to head the UK, having heard of a position opening at the famed Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

       Name: Linnéa Andersson (née Gaup)
       Age: 67
       Living or Deceased: Living
       Blood type or Species: Pure Blood
       Occupation: Retired.

       Name: Aleksander Andersson
       Living or Deceased: Deceased
       Blood type or Species: Pure Blood

       Name: Berit Andersson (née Rikke)
       Living or Deceased: Deceased
       Blood type or Species: Pure Blood

       Name: Fidget
       Age: 3
       Living or Deceased: Living
       Blood type or Species: Eagle Owl

Linnéa Gaup was beautiful by anyones standards as a young girl ~ The kind of pale, blonde, lean beauty inherent in skandinavia and was wanted by many a man, and even some women. In addition to her beauty came a strong, pure blood heritage dating back many generations, a family that in modern times has spanned over much of europe and even extending out the America, but Linnéa's immediate family chose to remain in their native country of Norway. However, Linnéa was not skilled with the families inherent magical ability and did find she struggled in school, and as she got older, she became less and less desirable to the large families of Scandinavia.

This, however, was not enough to deter the young, dashing Aleksander Andersson. He had been several years above Linnéa when they attended durmstrang, but had heard much about the beautiful young Gaup daughter with the magical ability of a gnat. It wasn't that she was a squib, with a lot of effort she COULD cast a spell, but it just did not seem to natural. Aleksanders family themselves were of strict, pure blood lineage but were small and relatively unknown. Aleksander himself was the only son of his parents, and his father before him the only son of his. The family was simply not blessed when it came to offspring, but had been fortunate for several generations to product boys that would carry on the family name. The waining interest in the young Gaup girl, who was the youngest of 6 children to her parents, presented an interesting opportunity. It was hoped that her waining magic would be a one off and any offspring would bear the powers of many generations of purebloods, and that she herself would bear the womb of a gaup and allow the Andersson family to finally grow and prosper.

As soon as Linnéa graduated from Durmstrang, Aleksander set into motion the act of courting her. Her family were of course pleased that a gentleman of true lineage was willing to partner with their ugly duckling and therefore did not strike her from the record, sharing the Andersson's wish and belief that her children would inherit the power of the family, and not of the mother who bore them. What was not expected however, was that following their marriage, Linnéa would suffer several miscarriages and fail to carry a living child full term.

Heartbroken, Aleksander did consider leaving his wife for someone that presented a more prosperous future, but this was several years into the marriage, and through every miscarriage not only had he found his dream of a large family dwindle, his love for his wife grew as she fell apart, pieces that he would have to repair himself with kind and gentle hands. Although she never admitted it, she always knew why he had married her to begin with, and now that she was unable to bear him children she did not expect him to stick around. It was his love for her that kept him trying, kept him pushing back on his families calls to leave while he was still young.

Fortunately, his stubborness to not give up on the beautiful Linnéa did pay off. 10 years into their marriage Linnéa birthed a beautiful strong boy for Aleksander. Whilst Aleksander was proud and loved his son from the moment he entered the world, knowing the family name would be carried on for atleast another generation, another opportunity to grow, Linnéa fell more in love with the blue eyed baby boy than she had ever thought would be possible. Holding him in her arms, she felt like her heart could burst. He was her little miracle child, the one who saved her marriage, her relationship with her family, and her life as far as she was concerned.

Following the birth of Nikolaj, it was decalred that Linnéa would never carry another child.
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Andersson, Nikolaj
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