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 Tatyana Diane Harrington

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PostSubject: Tatyana Diane Harrington   Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:06 pm

Full Name:Tatyana Diane Harrington
Date of birth: 18 July 2012
Current home: London
Blood Status: Halfblood
Sexual Alignment:Heterosexual
Wand type: 10 3/4 inches, dragon heartstring core, ivy wood

Hair colour and style:
Tatyana's hair is dark brown, straight, and falls just below her shoulders. She has it pulled back in a ponytail most of the time.

Eye colour: Brown

Height: 4'8"

Body type:
Tatyana has a surprisingly sturdy build for someone of her age. She's a little chubby, but not overly so; more growth will easily melt off this poundage. Her muscles are already well toned for an eleven-year-old because of all of the swimming that she does during the summer holidays.

Dress sense:
When not in uniform, you can usually find Tatyana relaxing in jeans and T-shirts along with Muggle high-top sneakers. She hates tight clothing, as it feels much too restrictive for her, and she hates button-down shirts (which in turn makes her pretty much hate her uniform although she has no choice but to put up with wearing it).

Birthmarks: None

Tattoos: None

A very small scar on her left ankle from where she accidentally cut herself on a broken piece of glass when she was seven.

Piercings: None

Likes: (3 minimum)
  -Arguing with people: Tatyana has no problem with sharing her opinion with other people, even if she runs the risk of ruining a potential friendship she might have with others.

  -Swimming: From the time she learned to swim, Tatyana has been on several Muggle swim teams and has won many trophies. She is looking forward to possibly keeping up with her swimming skills by doing a few laps in the Black Lake.

  -Thunderstorms: Tatyana has always found severe weather to be rather relaxing, especially at night. Her thinking is, the more lightning and thunder, the better...except if said weather keeps her from her swimming pool.

  -Quidditch: Although she would never dream of trying out for her House Quidditch team, preferring to keep her feet firmly on the ground because of her fear of heights, Tatyana will be the first to get to the Quidditch pitch to cheer on her team. She has no problem painting her face in her House colors and screaming wildly as she watches the game.

Dislikes: (3 minimum)
  -Purebloods: Because of a falling out between her father and her uncle, Tatyana holds something of a chip on her shoulder towards pureblood witches and wizards. She makes it a point to make snide remarks toward those students she knows for a fact are pureblood, and she has absolutely no interest in making friends with them. She dislikes purebloods as much as some purebloods dislike those whose ancestry is less pure.

  -Squirrels: Tatyana hates anything that even remotely resembles a rodent, and in her opinion, squirrels are simply rodents who happen to have tails that make them appear less evil than what they actually are.

  -Homework: Although she knows this is a necessary evil and that she has to put up with it in order to get good grades, Tatyana hates having to waste a good day studying when she could just as easily be sitting out in the courtyard, watching other students and observing their eccentricities.

Strengths: (3 minimum)
  -Good communicator: When she isn't arguing with other students (or even the occasional professor), Tatyana is actually very good at persuading people to see various issues from her point of view. She doesn't mind if they don't agree with her opinions as long as they let her get her point across.

  -Bold: Tatyana is unafraid of what other people think about her. She knows what she wants and goes for it, doing whatever it takes to achieve her goals.

  -Direct: Tatyana hates it when people beat around the bush as far as talking to her about different issues, and she makes it a point to get to the heart of the matter right away. Extraneous details try her patience.

Weaknesses: (3 minimum)
  -Sensitive: Tatyana is easily provoked, especially when the subject of blood purity comes up. This opens up old wounds for her and is the cause of much of her fights with other people.

  -Aggressive: Instead of simply letting other people's comments roll off of her shoulders, Tatyana gets very aggressive, sometimes to the point of physically shoving people. This is something she's trying hard to work on, but old habits die hard, after all.

  -Lazy: Tatyana hates doing anything remotely resembling work even though she knows perfectly well that it has to be done. She more often than not leaves her homework for the last minute, sometimes pulling all nighters in order to finish everything.

Positive traits: (3 minimum)
  -Sense of justice: As annoying as she sometimes finds other people to be, Tatyana still has an odd sense of justice about her. She will sometimes be found getting in the middle of an argument between other students and trying to figure out who, if anyone, is in the right and who is in the wrong. She will then go to an authority figure and explain what happened in a calm, rational manner.

  -Decisive: When she makes a decision, Tatyana leaves no one in doubt as to what she plans to do. She decides, then sticks with it. Being wishy-washy is not on her list of things to be.

  -Punctual: As much as she hates to do the homework, Tatyana would never dream of actually being late to class. She can often be found standing outside of a classroom ten minutes before the class actually starts whenever her schedule allows her to do so.

Negative traits: (3 minimum)

  -Arrogant: Tatyana tends to look down on people she doesn't like, not even bothering to give them the time of day if they ask for it. Even as a first-year, her attitude has already begun to show itself, and she has no problem displaying it, even toward older students.

  -Unforgiving: She has yet to forgive her uncle David for what he said about her and her mother during his verbal altercation with her father. To this day, she is resentful toward him and towards purebloods in general.

  -Oblivious to how others see her: Tatyana is so busy with her own life that she often fails to see that she isn't exactly endearing herself to her fellow students.

Tatyana Diane Harrington was born to Philip and Katherine Harrington on July 18, 2012, in London. Her father, a wandmaker who works in Diagon Alley, and her mother, a housewife, while not being overly wealthy, nevertheless gave their daughter a comfortable childhood, filled with love and attention. The couple. who had no other children, doted on Tatyana, taking her to Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, and other different wizarding places, all the while explaining to her that someday she would be able to use magic, especially when, at seven, Tatyana put her hand on her mother's head and accidentally turned Katherine's hair blue.

Philip Harrington was thrilled when his daughter showed her first sign of magic, and as such, went out and bought her her very first set of Gobstones, which she eagerly started playing, becoming rather good at it. Katherine, on the other hand, wasn't too thrilled by having horrid-smelling liquid squirting all over her daughter's face whenever she'd lose a point, but eventually she came around and accepted that it was just a part of Tatyana's entering the wizarding world.

   Living or Deceased:Living
   Blood type or Species:Muggle born

   Living or Deceased:Living
   Blood type or Species:Pureblood

Siblings: None
   Living or Deceased:
   Blood type or Species:

Spouse/Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Partner/Fiance: None
   Living or Deceased:
   Blood type or Species:

Children: None
   Living or Deceased:
   Blood type or Species:

   Age:2 years
   Living or Deceased:Living
   Blood type or Species:Brown owl

Philip Harrington and Katherine Stillman met at Hogwarts when he was in sixth year and she was in her fifth year. Philip, a Gryffindor, and Katherine, a Ravenclaw, literally bumped into each other in the Great Hall just before the start-of-term feast as they both made their way to their respective House tables, and for Philip at least, it was love at first sight. However, Katherine thought of him as a reckless jerk, never really changing her mind until he asked her to be his date at a ball that the school was holding, somehow convincing her that he was not the stereotypical Gryffindor that she was used to hearing about.

After graduating from Hogwarts, Philip asked Katherine to marry him, which she agreed to, on one condition: that they agree not to discuss blood purity with any child they might have, seeing as neither one of them thought that one's ancestry had anything to do with how they were as a person. Philip agreed, and when their first and only child, Tatyana, was born, they made sure to teach her that a good character was far more important than a good ancestry.

For the first six years of her life, Tatyana accepted this teaching without question; a happy child, she did whatever she could to please her parents. Things changed when she was seven, however. During a visit to her uncle David's house one summer, Tatyana overheard her father and her uncle engaged in a very loud verbal altercation. David Harrington accused his brother of wasting his pureblood heritage on a "filthy Muggleborn woman" and then having a "disgraceful half-blood daughter". The fight ended only when Philip declared that as far as he was concerned, David was dead to him; unfortunately, he then had to explain to his daughter what blood purity was and why some people looked down on others. From that point on, Tatyana felt an anger toward purebloods growing within her, and she has wanted to take back the family honor that she felt was stolen by her uncle when he made those statements.
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PostSubject: Re: Tatyana Diane Harrington   Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:47 am

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PostSubject: Re: Tatyana Diane Harrington   Mon Dec 18, 2017 6:30 am

Hi Amanda,

Welcome to Hogwarts and Beyond, and congrats on finding your way around the site thus far! Please note for future reference that until your character is sorted, we'd prefer you not to post in other places around the site.

The admin team have read through your profile, and have only a few tweaks to be implemented before you start posting around the site:

1. You have noted a scar in the application, but not explained in the background as to how this was achieved. As this is important enough to have noted, we believe that you might wish to elaborate on this point further.

2. In most of the personality section you have stuck to a minimum of three on each point. Whilst this does not hold up the acceptance of your profile, you may wish to add more -- they don't have to all be highly detailed.

We have also taken note of the blog post you have completed which takes place on the first day of term. Tatyana won't have started yet, based on her age, and won't start for another two months. Whilst we're happy to leave the blog post up, we thought we would point this out to aid you in your RPing.

Once the above points have been edited and considered, we will happily sort you so you can jump in to your posting!

~ HaB Admins
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PostSubject: Re: Tatyana Diane Harrington   

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Tatyana Diane Harrington
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