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 Partners (Eun Soo)

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PostSubject: Partners (Eun Soo)   Thu Apr 21, 2016 7:58 am

Brie once again heard how she was going to be patrolling with someone new, she didn't mind. She loved the experience of meeting new people and being able to call them friends. Brie loved her job and what she did so none of this mattered to her. The young blonde came out of her office and went in searching for her partner for tonight's office. She was trying to find the name.

When she finally found it, she was wondering if her partner was nice or evil? She wasn't really fond of people who were evil but she was never one to really judge a book by its cover. It took a lot for her to hate people and it was something she never had fun doing but if this person ever pushed her to her limit then yeah. She sighed and came out of her thoughts. People around her probably thought she was crazy for just standing at this door just staring at it hard.

The blonde knocked on the door and waited for an answer. At first she was going to call in but then she decided not to because that was just plain rude.
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PostSubject: Re: Partners (Eun Soo)   Fri Apr 22, 2016 2:35 am

In the middle of the week, Eun Soo had a strong urge to hit one of her favourite pubs.

Day by day, there was always a new criminal to be caught, or a case to be investigated. And while these people technically gave Eun Soo a job, she was frustrated by how the crime rate did not seem to decrease despite the Department of Law Enforcement's hard work. In fact, due to the virus scare going around the wizarding world, more unlisted potioneers, herbologists and 'healers' were taking advantage of the wizarding population's fear, selling them items which were only bound to mess with their health.

The worst part of her job, though, wasn't trying to capture those criminals. That bit, she enjoyed—investigations were often a great excuse to hit some pubs, and her job allowed her to meet a bunch of rather interesting people. What she hated the most was when she had to file reports, which required her to stay in the office for a long time and be basically useless to the crime-fighting world.

She knew the work wasn't necessarily useless. In fact, it was important work—documentation helped give them references for related crimes, and it also helped trials and hearings progress much faster. Still, it wasn't exactly the most inspiring job in the department, and it was only often given to the new, 'green' Aurors. As a relatively new Auror from South Korea, she was still seen by her colleagues as one of the 'green' ones, even if she probably did investigations better than all of them combined.

Sighing, she arranged the scrolls on her desk and was about to start a new report when she heard a knock on the door. That must be her new partner, assigned to her now that she had proven herself worthy of bigger tasks. 'Come in,' she called out to the person knocking.
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PostSubject: Re: Partners (Eun Soo)   Fri Apr 29, 2016 8:56 am

When Brie heard the 'come in' from the other side of the door, she entered the office and gave a soft smile. She could tell that the girl behind the desk was aggravated and didn't want to be bothered, but Brie was here to do her job and this included her partner for the day, which was the girl behind the desk. From the looks of it the girl was very beautiful and had the most beautiful eyes even if they were common. There was something completely different about them though.

"Hi, my name is Brie Johnson. I'm helping you today" she said to the other girl. She forgot her name but she was hoping she would regain it but nothing yet. It was hard for her to remember names that weren't common to her. The other girl's name was foreign and now she understood why.
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PostSubject: Re: Partners (Eun Soo)   

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Partners (Eun Soo)
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