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 Pandora Brighton

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PostSubject: Pandora Brighton   Fri Jul 08, 2016 10:42 pm

Full Name: Pandora Iyvone Brighton
Age: 27
Date of birth: 21st July, 1992
Birthplace: Salem, America
Current home: Dover, England
Blood Status: Half-blood
Sexual Alignment: Bisexual
Wand type: 14" Alder Wood wand with the core of freely given Unicorn Tail Hair

Hair colour and style: Pandora is no stranger to being fashionable however with her hair she tends to keep it simple and to the point. Being a dirty-blond and hair that fell down in natural curves down her back, she didn't really have to do much to make it look perfect. Just a quick wash, few brushes through it to untangle it and voila. She does have many different styles though and depending on the day and mood she's in her hair will be different each day.
Eye colour: Deep Blue with specks of green
Height: She is a lithe woman of a respectable height of 5ft8 that she had inherited from her mother.
Body type: She is a slim woman with curves in all the right places and a modest bosom. She trains each day to maintain that figure and doesn't plan on stopping any time soon.
Dress sense: Pandora is not a woman who actually cares about being fashionable or looking beautiful however she does have a pretty good sense of dress and tends to go that extra mile to look pretty enough but not gaudy unless it's needed. She loves wearing trousers and shorts, t-shirts and vests to dresses and skirts however if the need calls for it she will.
Birthmarks: N/A
Tattoos: Despite being a slightly girly-girl Pandora does have a lot of a tomboy in her so she does have tattoos. She has a fairly large one on her back of a Pheonix. She has another tattoo just above her breasts. And her last tattoo is further down the right side of her front over her stomach.
Piercings: Her ears are pierced as well as her bellybutton.

  - Traveling; While Pandora is someone who knows how to settle down she just loves to travel all over the world, seeing the different countries and their customs. She's one of those who loves to travel but couldn't see herself doing it all the time.
  - Languages; She's a huge language nerd. Ever since she was young she has been learning languages left, right and center. As of this moment in time she is fluent in Latin, Italian, Spanish, German and Russian, can read and speak in Polish, French and Japanese and has some understanding of other languages but doesn't speak them or read.
  - Flirting; While not too bothered about romance yet she does love to flirt and fool around with people and does have quite a long list of past lovers.
 - Ancient Runes
 - Potion Making
 - Dancing; Pandora first started dancing when she was five years old and that's only because she had been expected to know as, despite being a half-blood, her family is fairly wealthy and they had been expected to attend balls and birthdays and other dancing events.
 - Quidditch

  - Bullies; Pandora has a very bad history with bullies and that's mostly due to the fact that if she got bullied she gave back just as much and she just hates seeing people being bullied.
  - War; Having lived through a part of the War in the late 1990's Pandora had grown a hate and a dislike for war and anything to do with it as due to the war she had lost her mother, oldest brother and her grandparents from both sides.
  - Lying
 - Seeing people cry

  - Photographic Memory; Having this type of memory recall could be considered both a blessing and a curse depending on who you asked. If you asked Pandora she would say it has it's pros and cons. Having a photographic memory and perfect recall had let her graduate Hogwarts with honors and had enabled her to quickly finish her mastery for Ancient Runes.
  - Linguist; Being good with languages enables her to be able to read rare books in their own language instead of having to go through the painful process of reading English versions of them.
  - Ancient Runes; Pandora had found an aptitude for the hard topic of Ancient Runes in her second year at Hogwarts when she swiped the Ancient Rune notes from one of the third years in her house.
 - Silent Spell Casting; Unlike most of her peers Pandora has near perfect control of her magical powers thus she's actually able to do silent casting and this is one of her strengths as it lets her duel her opponents with them being hard pressed to guess which spell she was using as it was hard to tell by the color.  

  - Young Children; Pandora has a natural maternal instinct that had been amplified by a pregnancy she had but unfortunately she had miscarried. Young children, toddlers and pre-teens especially, bring to the forefront the protector in her. Should someone use a young child as a bargain chip against her she would quickly cave to demands.
  - Right leg; When Pandora was around ten years old she had been involved in an accident where a stray Dark Curse hit her right leg and crippled her. Because it was a dark curse the Medi-wizard's at St Mungo's had been unable to fully heal her leg and knee and she had been told the bones in her leg would be brittle forever.
  - Her selflessness; Being selfless Pandora has no idea what it means to be selfish so she tends to put people before her own safety and happiness.

Positive traits:
  - Protective
  - Selfless
  - Happy

Negative traits: (3 minimum)
  - Quick to anger
  - Distrusting of the ministry
  - Tends to be immersed in her own mind most of the time

Pandora had been born as the youngest child of four siblings; her parents loved her, there was no doubt about that, however she had always been pushed to the side for her older, more mature and much more able siblings who knew that their lives were already written out for them. Despite being a half-blood, Pandora knew that her own life was going to be written out due to the Brighton's being highly wealthy, though not as wealthy as the pure-bloods of England.

For five years of her life Pandora had been a carefree child with a full family who dotted on her even though most of the time she had to actually ask for the attention instead of being given it. At the age of six Pandora had gotten her first taste of war when the distressing news of her grandparents being dead, from both of her parents side, came to the family. She had been inconsolable as she loved both sets of grandparents and they spoiled her rotten.

Another tragedy struck her family just three months later when her mother was found dead among the handful of Unspeakable that had been struck down by the Death Eaters when they refused to tell them the secret of the Department of Mysteries.

Six years old and Pandora had seen death five times over; first her grandparents, both sets and then her mother. The war had been going on for a year when the last tragedy struck them; her oldest brother, Marcus Brighton, died in a tragic accident while he had been visiting his fiancee in France.

Due to that tragedy Adrian, Pandora's father, had locked their house down and kept all of his children hidden until he had been sure the war had been over. Due to this Pandora had a ton of time with her family however with no children around her more often then not she spent time in the library and with her second oldest sibling, Micheal, who took it onto himself to take care of Pandora and help her with her studies and teach her the languages that he, himself knew.

Until 2003, the Brighton's kept to themselves and rarely went any further then London to meet with other people. In 2003 Pandora received her Hogwarts letter and thus started her life as a Hogwarts student in September of that very same year.

Coming to Hogwarts had always been her dream and not even her father could stop her, not that he wanted to as he had known that Pandora needed to be around people her own age instead of those ten years her seniors. Thus he had sent her off to Hogwarts with a heartfelt goodbye and a promise to see her back at Christmas.

As soon as she got to Hogwarts she had been instantly sorted into Ravenclaw and thus her life began as a Hogwarts student.

Her life at Hogwarts was the happiest she had ever been and she had made many friends throughout her years at Hogwarts. For the seven years that she was at Hogwarts she had been in the top five with her grades in all the subjects.

Graduating Hogwarts at the age of eighteen, Pandora had an already secured apprenticeship with an Ancient Runes Mistress in France who had taken her under her wing and taught her everything she knew and gave her all the books she had.

Four years was how long her apprenticeship had been with the woman before, at the age of twenty-three, she became an Ancient Runes mistress herself and moved back to England.

For six months she stayed at home with her father and her two siblings before she started traveling all over the world, refining her language skills and making acquaintances with people from all those countries.

Now, at the age of twenty seven, she still continues to live with her family and is currently looking for a job to make use of the humongous amount of free time she has on her hands.

   Name: Mary Brighton nee Anglin
   Age: 55
   Living or Deceased: Deceased { Died at age of 35 }
   Blood type or Species: Half-blood
   Occupation: Healer

   Name: Adrian Brighton
   Age: 56
   Living or Deceased: Alive
   Blood type or Species: Half-blood
   Occupation: Potions Master

   Name: Marcus Brighton
   Age: 37
   Living or Deceased: Deceased { Died at the age of 18 }
   Blood type or Species: Half-blood
   Occupation: N/A

  Name: Micheal Brighton
  Age: 34
  Living or Deceased: Alive
  Blood type or Species: Half-blood
  Occupation: Auror

  Name: Carlos Brighton
  Age: 29
  Living or Deceased: Alive
  Blood type or Species: Half-blood
  Occupation: Ward Master

   Name: N/A
   Age: N/A
   Living or Deceased: N/A
   Blood type or Species: N/A
   Occupation: N/A

   Name: N/A
   Age: N/A
   Living or Deceased: N/A
   Blood type or Species: N/A
   Occupation: N/A

   Name: Mickey
   Age: 4
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Persian Cat

The Brighton family had been pure purebloods until the early 1900's when Ashton Brighton, the Lord then, had married a muggleborn witch from Germany. The Brighton's had mostly all lived in Europe with a handful of them moving to America or Asia depending where their lives took them.

Adrian Brighton had been born in 1963 in Bristol, England as the heir of the Brighton family. At the age of eleven he joined Hogwarts and had been sorted into the house of Hufflepuff where he met Mary Anglin and fell in love with her from the moment he had set his eye on her.

Adrian and Mary started going out when they were in their fourth year at Hogwarts and since then they had been together. At the age of seventeen Mary had fallen pregnant with their first child, Marcus, and had given birth to him after she had graduated Hogwarts with EE's and O's.
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PostSubject: Re: Pandora Brighton   Sat Jul 09, 2016 5:13 pm

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Pandora Brighton
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