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 Nova Black

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PostSubject: Nova Black   Sun Apr 30, 2017 2:02 pm

Full Name: Nova Quinn Black
Age: 19
Date of birth: Jan 1, 2002
Birthplace: Cabridge, England
Current home: London, England
Blood Status:Half- Blood
Sexual Alignment: Straight
Wand type: 9' , Unicorn Tail , Maple

Hair colour and style: Brown and wavey
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5'5
Body type: Slim
Dress sense: Casuel but also likes to dress the mood she is feeling
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None

Likes: (3 minimum)
- Her ferret, Candy Cane. Her ferret is her baby since she raised her from a kit. Even though she is considered an adult. She will always be Nova's baby.
- Cuddles. Cuddles are the best in Nova book. As she loves to cuddle her ferret. But there are times when she loves to cuddle with a pillow while sleeping.
-Music. Music is how Nova expresses herself. Even though she can have youtube. She likes to sing some of her favorite songs.

Dislikes: (3 minimum)
-People that gets on her nerves. When people who get on her last nerve. When they are doing something that is a pet peeve. And they know that it is just being done on purpose.
- When it is too hot. Nova isn't the biggest fan of when the weather is hot. She likes Spring and Fall since it is still somewhat cool outside.
-people who think they are better than her. Nova hates to know it all. Yeah, she is smart but she doesn't brag about it. And she knows that she makes mistakes and isn't perfect.

Strengths: (3 minimum)
-Her family. The family is everything to Nova. Since it was how she was raised. Her brother means the world to her. As she would watch out for him when she was at Hogwarts.
- Being loyal to her friends. It is the Gryffindor in her to be loyal to her friends. As she is always there for them. And she hopes that it applies if she needs their help.
-Looking at the glass half full. Nova is optmistic. She likes to look at all the good insead of focusing on the bad.

Weaknesses: (3 minimum)
-fake people. Nova can't stand fake people or fake friends. Since she has learned to avoid people like this at all cost.
- sweets ( all kinds) This is her major downfall. And it is because she loves sweets. But she knows what happens if she eats too much. Weight gain is something that she doesn't want to happen.
-Idiots. Nova hates stupid people. This is the part that annoys her to know end. It gets on her nerves. So she has to take a breath and remember that she must be good. And remember the golden rule. Treat others how you want to be treated.

Positive traits: (3 minimum)
-Loyal. This comes from being a Gryffindor. Since one of the house trails is Loyalty. She would do anything for her friends or family.
- Attractive. Nova knows that she is good looking. But she always knows that what is inside of her is also attractive. Because you wouldn't want a hot girl but an ugly personality.
-Charismatic. Nova has then charm where she can get others to follow her. But she loves to use it for good things. Like when she was in Hogwarts she had made a study group. Soon others started to join her little group.

Negative traits: (3 minimum)
-Blunt. Nova sometimes says what she is thinking. And she tells it like it is.
-Crafty. Nova is clever at getting people to do what she wants. She is really bad at this when she does get her way. She likes to also plot to get revenge on a guys who has broke her heart.
- Misguided. Nova knows thata she doesn't always has the best judgement. It is something that has gotten her in trouble before. But she always seems to make it better and in her favor.

Nova was born to Elizabeth and Ethan Black. And in their eyes, she was a perfect baby. As she was the first one. She was told that she was spoiled when she was born. And it was because she was the first girl in a long time. As her mom's side of the family was always having boys. And the same thing went on her father side. So they were glad when Nova was the first girl. Didn't have to worry about anything. And was always dressed in the latest fashion. Even though she was always growing. It was so nice that there was a little girl in both of their families.

Nova was glad that she was the angel in her families eye. As her father was a wizard and her mother was a muggle. And somehow they always made it work. Since her father was a pureblood and her mother was a muggle. She knew that her mother got along with her in-laws. Even though she was a muggleborn. They were glad that their son had found happiness. And he was breaking pureblood tradition. Even though at fist they didn't like the idea. But they came around to the idea before she gave birth to Nova.

Even though she would get in trouble when she was a toddler. She found out it was because her parents were trying to teach her. And even though she would be in tears from timeouts or getting her butt smack. She knew that it hurt them a lot more than it did her. And she knew that she was always in trouble for something. But she did have her good moments. And how everybody thought that she was the perfect little angel. Which she thought that she had them fooled. But her parents would let people whatever they wanted.

Nova loved both sets of grandparents and loved visiting them. She knew that she had to learn how to do things the muggle way and then there was the wizarding way. Even though she hadn't discovered her magic just yet. But she then remembers the day that her parents told her that she was going to be a big sister. She was only five years old. And that meant that she had to be a role model. Which at that point she had no idea what that was. But she didn't care because she was going to finally have a sibling. Her brother Chase Alan was born in July. Everybody was glad that they baby was healthy. And Nova was glad that she didn't have to share the spotlight. Because she knew things were about to change. And it wasn't all about her.

Growing up with Chase wasn't all that bad. As she was trying to be the best big sister that anybody could want. Since her parents only wanted only two. It was the perfect number and gave them both all the love. They would always hear stories of when their father went to Hogwarts. And that someday they would be getting their letter too. But first, they had to show their signs of magic. Even though there was no pressure. Ethan would love both of them even if they weren't magical. But he always wanted his children to go to Hogwarts and enjoy the school as much as he did.

The day came when Nova finally showed a sign of magic. It was a day to celebrate but she was telling Chase that he would show signs soon. As he was five years younger than Nova. And she was ten when this happened. When she was eleven she finally got her letter to Hogwarts. So the whole summer her parents were getting her ready for her first year.

Which she was sent off with an owl. It was hard for her since she wasn't going to get to see her parents till Christmas break. But she was told that they would write and send her packages.

But she was also excited because she was looking at this as a new adventure. And thinking of all the friends that she could make at school. It was a way to make Nova smile. She then went through crossing the lake, like every other first year ahead of her. It seemed like this was the first thing that they would remember. Seeing Hogwarts for the first time. It was just like her father's story. She then listened how the first years would be sorted into their houses.

And how they were the homes now. This only excited Nova. Wondering what house she would be in. Her father told her that there was no wrong house. But he did tell her that Slytherin house was used to turning up dark wizards. But he was told that wasn't true now. And he didn't care what house that Nova would be in.

As she was placed in Gryffindor. As she knew that her father was a Slytherin. Now she was in her house she knew the older Gryffindor students would help make sure that her first year was a good one. As she was know thrown into her classes. As she knew that she had to get good marks. Because she wanted to make both of her parents happy. Even though her parents would be happy with whatever she did.

And it seemed like Nova's years at Hogwarts went smoothly. She made sure to keep up with all of her studies. But she was always rooting for Gryffidnor when they had their quidditch match. When she was in her 5th year her brother came to Hogwarts. And she was excited when he was sorted into Slytherin. So at least one kid would be in their father's house. Even though he loved Nova no matter what. Even though she was studying for her OWLS. Nova made time for her brother. Since he was her only brother that she would have. And the family was important to her.

School and getting good marks was what she was focused on. Even though she would make time for her friends and housemate. She was told to make sure that she made all of her time counts at Hogwarts. When she was home she found the internet, thanks to her mother. And that when she discovered Youtube. And how there was a place where she could listen to music. Even though she couldn't have the same muggle technology at Hogwarts. And it was because it didn't work at the school. It was something that she didn't really understand. Btu she did as she was told.

It seemed like her last years went really smooth. As in her seventh year, she had to worry about NEWTS. And the name said it all as she hated them. But this test was setting her up for whatever she wanted to do. Which she knew that she wanted to go to university. But she wasn't sure what she wanted to study.

Because it seemed like she was all over the place with her choices. Because she knew that she could be anything that she wanted. Thanks to her good marks in school. Even though they weren't all perfect. She was proud of all of them. Now she was ready to start the next adventure in her life. Having no idea what was in store for her. But she knew that she was ready for anything that was thrown at her way.

Name: Elizabeth Black
Living or Deceased:Living
Blood type or Species: Muggle
Occupation: Homemaker

Name: Ethan Black
Living or Deceased:Living
Blood type or Species: Pureblood

Name:Chase Black
Living or Deceased:[/bLiving
Blood type or Species:Half blood
Occupation: student

Living or Deceased:
Blood type or Species:

Living or Deceased:
Blood type or Species:

Name: Candy Cane
Age: 9 months
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species:Ferret

Ethan is a son of the Black family. Even though he has to explain it a million times, he is not relation to the Black family that was famous for the wizarding war. It was something that he was going to have to deal with. But he didn't mind because that meant that he could educate people. Just because you have the same last name. It doesn't mean that you are related to them. And it was always fun to watch their faces as they soon realized it. Since his family is a pureblood one.

Elizabeth is the daughter of Rose and Edward Williams. Since she was a muggleborn she had a normal life. There was no magic but she didn't know what she was missing. As she never attended Hogwarts. As when she met Ethan in a muggle pub. That was when they started to chat. But later she found out that he was a wizard. Which at first was a shock, but she learned to live with it. And she learned more about the world that he came from. Since he came from a pureblood family. And she was a muggle, so they came from different families.

At first, Ethan's parents did not approve of Elizabeth. Since she was a muggle but she wasn't letting that stop her from being with Ethan. As their love only grew stronger. It was like the story of Romeo and Juliet. Because soon Ethan had asked Elizabeth to marry him. Even though his family was against it. He knew that wasn't going to stand in the way of him being happy. As one day they became Mrs. and Mr. Black. Which put them over the moon with happiness.

But they then found out that Elizabeth was pregnant. This made everything better to Ethan because he could finally have the family he wanted. He didn't want his offspring to grow up hating others. As he wanted to teach them to love someone because who they were. Not what their blood status was. Because he was a pureblood and Elizabeth was a muggle. That would have been something that was unheard of. Soon they found out that they were having a girl.Which this was special for them since both families were always having boys.

Somehow Ethan's parents found out about the baby. And that was when they were ready to put everything behind them and accept. Since this was the first girl. And she was bridging old with the new ways of life. So that made her very special. Elizabeth then slowly started to get along with Ethan's mother just for him. At first, she didn't like the idea. But she knew that this was a time for joy. So she was ready to mend fences.

When Nova was born, it was a time to celebrate. As she was the first girl in many generations. In both of her families. As it seems like the women were always giving birth to boys. So when they heard she would be a girl, she was going to be spoiled. And she knew that she would never have to worry about anything. Even though her parents wanted to make sure that she wasn't going to turn into a spoiled brat.

She would be an only child for five years. Until she was going to be a big sister. Because her mother was pregnant with her second and last child. She didn't want to know what she was having until she was giving birth. Because she wanted it to be a surprise for everyone. Even though people would ask what she was having. She would just grin and tell them that they had to wait till he or she came into the world. Lucky in July she gave birth to a healthy son.

Which she really didn't care what she had. Just as long as he or she was healthy. But it seemed like she known had one of each. And wasn't planning on having any more children. As now she just wanted to be the best mother that she could be.

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PostSubject: Re: Nova Black   Mon May 01, 2017 12:08 pm

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Nova Black
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