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 Rush of Energy (Open)

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PostSubject: Rush of Energy (Open)   Mon May 01, 2017 1:41 am

Lana was excited to be back at Hogwarts for a second year, of course being back at Hogwarts meant summer was over and that meant that it'd be another year before she'd have the chance to visit Hawaii again but it also meant more magic and more friendships. Lana supposed she could give up her home for that. After all, adventures was what she lived for.

The year, the girl had managed to snag a cheap broom, feeling that after failing at flying lessons her first year, she should try to fly on her own. It probably wasn't one of her better decisions.

The dark sinned beauty raced down to the Quidditch Pitch, broom in hand and laid it on the ground telling it up. It would quiver and shake and rise and drop and she was quickly getting discouraged. How would she ever fly if she couldn't even get the broom into her hand? The girl let out a huff and took a small break, sitting her petite body on the grass of the Pitch, soaking in the sunrays. This would be so much easier if someone was nice enough to dedicate some time and teach her one on one, after all she could become a famous Quidditch star and bring them fame for coaching her!
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PostSubject: Re: Rush of Energy (Open)   Sun May 07, 2017 12:04 pm

It wasn't actually a practice session today, but Oliver couldn't help but feel he needed to get back on a broom before their first training session. Being Muggleborn he did not have the luxury of being able to play over the holidays, and that was definitely going to be a disadvantage if he wasn't up to speed before the first game of the season.

So, with his broom - which was not a very new model - slung over his shoulder, Oliver made his way down to the pitch. A smile on his face now that he was much happier now that he was back at the school, he'd definitely missed it.

Stepping on to the pitch, he noticed another and gave the girl a small wave as he mounted up on his broom and took to the skies effortlessly. Oliver was not, by any stretch of the imagination, the best flyer in the world, but he was good enough.
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Rush of Energy (Open)
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