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 Nicholas Hellridge

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PostSubject: Nicholas Hellridge   Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:13 pm


Full Name: Nicholas James Hellridge
Age: 39
Date of birth: 15, June, 1975
Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland
Current home: London
Blood Status: Halfblood
Sexual Alignment: Bisexual
Wand type: 14 inches, Dogwood with a Dragon Heartstring


Hair colour and style: Blonde, often spiked or combed back
Eye colour: Bright blue, hooded
Height: 6' and about 170 lbs
Body type: Slim but muscled
Dress sense: Professional casual. Button up shirts with suit jackets and nice jeans or slacks. Rarely ever a tie.

Birthmarks: None he would care to tell.
Tattoos: Regrettably, there is one. Though he's reluctant to tell me where, I've been informed it is an image of a butterfly.
Scars: A knife scar between his fourth and fifth ribs on his right side.
Piercings: None


Likes: Puzzles, Puppies, Pie, and Purple
Dislikes: Yellow, Rodents, and Cake
Strengths: Charms, Nonverbal spells, and Cooking
Weaknesses: Injured animals, Pie of any kind (but mostly apple), and Divination
Positive traits: Determined, Passionate, Resourceful
Negative traits: Harsh, Blunt, and very very Demanding.


Nicholas was born barely five minutes before his twin, one fine day in June. Growing up, they were an inseparable pair of trouble makers. Their parents adored them, and bought them nearly anything they wanted. They showed their powers the same day, at almost the exact same time, while fighting over their one, shared broom. Nick was sorted, rather easily, into Slytherin, followed by Markus who deliberated for a few minutes before joining. He was a star student, maintaining above average if not excellent marks in all his classes and deciding on a job by the age of 14.

Despite his first impression of being a good, studious student, Nick was often talked about in whispers and referred to as ‘Hellspawn’ behind his back. He brushed off the rumors of his birth with spectacular nonchalance and scoffed at those who kept their distance. Unfortunately, his unsociable and often cruel nature didn’t garner him any friends, and he was left feeling quite alone in the vast school. Only his brother bothered to spare him time, really.

When his parents were killed, he vowed to have every Death Eater brought to justice.


Mother: Martha Hellridge (Formerly Jameson) / Deceased / Halfblood
Father: John Hellridge / Deceased / Halfblood
Siblings: Markus Hellridge / 39 / Living / Halfblood

Spouse: None
Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Partner: None
Children: None
Pets: One Eagle Owl named Gaston

Family Background

John and Martha were part of an arranged marriage, and only met twice prior to their wedding. However, the pair were fairly amicable, becoming good friends over time. John was a man who smiled often, and was prone to purchasing gifts on a whim. Not that his spending habits mattered as they were both wealthy in their own right. Martha was the cliche good housewife, staying home to keep the estate clean and have dinner ready for when John returned from work. She liked it though, and their simple, if extravagant, life suited them.

They never really planned on children, but they weren’t doing much to prevent them, and weren’t much surprised when Martha announced her pregnancy some eight years into their marriage. It came as a slight shock to find they would be having twins, but they took the information in stride and prepared accordingly. When Martha was 27 and John 29, they had twin boys, Nicholas and Markus.

Nick was the technical firstborn of the pair, and he liked to hold his status over his younger brother. Markus was much gentler, and softly spoken, but no less firm in his beliefs. As brothers, they had their fair share of fights, but they still remain civil and often exchange friendly banter when they cross paths to this day.

John and Martha were hit with killing curses while visiting an elderly Muggle woman, an old friend they helped care for. Nick and Markus were only 13 at the time. After that, they went to live with a family friend while they finished school.
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PostSubject: Re: Nicholas Hellridge   Sun Dec 20, 2015 1:28 pm

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Nicholas Hellridge
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