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 Unexpected Meetings [Alexei]

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PostSubject: Unexpected Meetings [Alexei]   Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:29 pm

Summer was not a good season for Elektra. Most people would disagree with her, insisting that Summer was, by far, the best season, but for the Greek Pureblood witch, this was a total nightmare. People in Europe could not understand how difficult summers were in Greece. The heat was, most of the time, too much to handle and for someone like her, wearing clothes that would allow her to move freely was not a choice. A Pureblood lady knew better than to expose skin. She had to be careful with her every move, but with the sun scorching every inch of her skin, it was getting harder and harder for the young woman to stay calm.

The dress that adorned her body was one of the few pieces she could wear in town, without people thinking she was crazy. All of her dresses were long and elegant and definitely not something you would wear in a summer morning.

The town of Chania was busy that Saturday evening. Tourists for all over the world were visiting the island once again, mostly Muggles, but wizards could be found if you looked closer enough. The Venizelos family had always been there to provide for the Wizarding community of Greece, but after the Clements had taken control of their country, the Venizelos were simply... following. Like lost puppies. Of course, they still remained the most powerful Greek family, but they did, in one way or another, belong to the Clements, now.

With her brother, Odysseas, leaving home, doing only Merlin knows what, Elektra was left to deal with all the social events of the summer. Her parents had insisted upon throwing a Ball, in attempts to show that Greece had not yet fallen. That their power was still there, and that the Venizelos would always be there to help and support everyone. And of course, it was Elektra who had to get things going.

And that was how she found herself walking into one of the most expensive  clothing shops in Chania, in hopes she would find the appropriate dress for the upcoming event. "Lady Elektra, such a pleasure!" The owner of the shop, Danae, spoke as she approached Elektra with a big smile. "How may I help you?"

"I need a gown, Danae. Preferably something dark. I got tired of all the bright colored ones."
Elektra said, watching as the woman rushed along to find her what she wanted, her staff following right after. Turning to the two men escorting her --because no Pureblood Lady could be seen wandering alone-- Elektra ordered. "You may wait in the car." And without another word, the young witch started looking around, busying herself whilst waiting for the first dress she would be trying.
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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Meetings [Alexei]   Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:03 pm

Greece was a beautiful sight to behold during the Summer seasons; at least that's what the rumours were saying. And Alexei couldn't help but agree that it was the truth. The town of Chania was filled to the brim with tourists and not even the scorching heat of the sun could deter the hundreds of tourists from wandering about. Alexei was no different though. He had arrived in Chania that morning from Britain and he had slept most of the morning and afternoon away; jetlag was even worse when you took an international portkey then flying by airplane.

After a full lunch, Alexei had questioned the receptionist at the front desk of the hotel what places were the best visit and she had passed him over a brochure with a smile and a suggestion that he should slowly take the sights in and enjoy himself. And that's what he did.

Leaving the hotel by foot, Alexei had been eager to get his fill of the sights and despite the late afternoon, early evening hours, the sun was still high up in the sky and the heat made the male of twenty think on when he was a child in Italy, spending all his summers in the swimming pool when he wasn't expected by his father to train till he dropped.

A fancy clothes shop, clearly for the wealthy, caught his eye; the displays were fancy and clearly put in such a way to display the wealth of the shop. The Hogwarts graduate arched a brow and shrugged, stepping inside; no-one said you weren't allowed to look even if you weren't buying.

Brushing back his hair from his forehead -that stuck to it due to the sweat- he absently dried his hands with a wandless drying charm as he made his way over to the handful of suits that the shop seemed to have. He wasn't really a suits kind of guy but one always needed a suit on hand; even a person like Alexei who rarely wore one.

The lost feeling must've shown on his face as Alexei found himself approached by a young lady who smiled. "Good evening, you seem a bit lost there. I'm Chloe, is there anything I can help you with?"

"Alexei." The raven-haired male nodded curtly. "I'm just browsing for now, thank you. I'll call you over though if I'll need anything."

Chloe, clearly disappointed, nodded her head, her smile never disappearing as she walked back to where she had been standing by the counter only to be quickly put to work by an older looking lady who approached a young woman that just stepped inside the room.

"Lady Elektra, such a pleasure!"

Alexei's keen ears picked up the words as he went about browsing for a suit, his lips pursing and brows furrowing. Where had he heard that name before? It certainly sounded familiar and the young woman certainly looked familiar.
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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Meetings [Alexei]   Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:25 pm

A moment passed, maybe two, before Danae came back, followed by her staff. In their arms, a beautiful green gown that caught Elektra's eyes immediately. Green was one of the colors that the young witch had never had the chance to wear, and even though it looked beautiful, she still wasn't sure if it would be one of the gowns that would suit her.

"Would you like to try this on, my Lady? I am sure it will look amazing on you!" The compliments were expected, and all Elektra did was smile kindly as she had been taught to do in situations like these. Danae was not a bad person no, but she certainly knew who was powerful enough and took advantage of that. By keeping the Venizelos happy, she knew that her shop would remain on the top.

"I'd like to try it on, thank you." Elektra spoke, making her way to the dressing rooms, followed by a couple of ladies who would help her with the dress. A few minutes later, the witch walked out, wearing the emerald gown and headed towards the floor length mirrors. Once her eyes landed on her reflection, Elektra frowned, shaking her head and turning to Danae, who was waiting for a reaction. "This looks terrible on me, find me something else."

"Of course, my Lady. Right away!" The older woman exclaimed, disappearing once again. Elektra sighed, her eyes going back to the mirror. Instead of the dress, though, her eyes caught something --or more like someone-- else. A man that she could swear looked very familiar, yet she was positive wasn't from Crete. His name was not one she could recall either and that was something Elektra didn't like. Knowledge was power, and Elektra had to be in control of everything.

"Have we met before?" Elektra called out, staring at the man through the mirror. The only way to learn, was to ask.
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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Meetings [Alexei]   Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:43 pm

It wasn't until the lady in question called out to him did Alexei put a face to the name, his eyes widening in surprise as he spun around to face the woman. Elektra Venizelos, a daughter of the Venizelos family from Greece, leaders in their own right. They had gone to Durmstrang together, at least for the first few years before Alexei had been forced to transfer to Hogwarts. How could he have forgotten that one of his former classmates lived in Crete, Chania in particular?!

"We went to Durmstrang together Lady Venizelos," Alexei replied to the question only mere moments after the question had been voiced; the shock had settled in and now only that frightful disbelief coursed through him. How had he forgotten that Elektra and her family lived in Chaine? Then again it's not like he kept in contact with anyone from Durmstrang after he moved to Britain with Marcus. He couldn't be blamed for forgetting the details of where people lived or where they came from. "Alexei, Alexei Corvanelo. It's nice to see you again Lady Venizelos. You look even more stunning then you did six years ago."
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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Meetings [Alexei]   Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:03 am

The surprise that took over the man's features could mean two things. One, that Elektra was wrong, and that she had never truly met the man, or, she had indeed met him in the past, but found it unable to recall when, where and why. Thankfully for her, though, the male seemed to recover quite quickly, and instead of fleeing, or telling that she had been mistaking him for someone else, he reminded Elektra exactly why they knew each other.

"We went to Durmstrang together Lady Venizelos,"

At that, Elektra slowly turned around, her eyes finally finding his as a small smile touched her lips. So, they had attended school together, though Elektra still found it hard to place him. Had they been hanging out? The witch doubted that, since staying alone with boys was not something she usually did. And, after all, she was positive that she would remember him, if they had spoken before.

"Alexei, Alexei Corvanelo. It's nice to see you again Lady Venizelos. You look even more stunning then you did six years ago."

The smile turned into a smirk in a matter of seconds, yet Elektra didn't make a  move to approach Alexei. Her eyes raked over his form, taking in every single detail of his face. He was a charmer, that was obvious, yet there was something more behind that look in his eyes. Something that intrigued the young woman. "I wish I could say the same for you, Mister Corvanelo. Sadly, I can not remember how you looked six years ago. It was, perhaps, not worth remembering." Elektra answered, her smirk widening. Was she pushing the man, why yes, of course. Because Elektra had to know what made him tick.

Because, in order to be able to control someone, you must be able to find his weaknesses.

And what better way than test someone's limits?
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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Meetings [Alexei]   Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:21 am

"I wish I could say the same for you, Mister Corvanelo. Sadly, I can not remember how you looked six years ago. It was, perhaps, not worth remembering."

Alexei wasn't that surprised that Elektra didn't remember him; they were in different houses after all and spent time surrounded by different people but with Elektra's family name everyone and their mother knew who their classmate had been. Her charming looks and personality, as well as her smarts, endeared her to everyone, Alexei, fortunately, hadn't been brought into her sphear and instead he kept to himself, staying on the sidelines.

"I was but a normal student my lady, not worth remembering at all." Alexei's own lips quirked into a smirk, eyes lit up with amusement; this lady knew how to play the manipulating game, of that the former Durmstrang student was sure of. How good she knew it though would remain to be seen though. The Venizelos were like the Greek kings and queens, their wealth had been exceptional and still was. He didn't know much about them and he dared not finding out more, who knew what he would chance upon if he dared to delve deeper into families that he shouldn't look into.
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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Meetings [Alexei]   Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:49 am

"I was but a normal student my lady, not worth remembering at all."

A soft laugh escaped Elektra's lips at Alexei's response. He was intelligent, that was for sure, but there was a fine line between intelligence and plain stupidity, and most people had no idea when they were crossing it. As of now, Alexei was still playing safe, and that was the smart thing to do, after all. Especially, if he didn't really know much about her. Even though that was highly unlikely. Especially when Odysseas Venizelos, her brother, had become one of the top students Durmstrang ever had the chance to house.

Before Elektra had a chance to say anything else, though, Danae came back, this time holding a burgundy gown. "My Lady, this is one of our most beautiful pieces!" Danae exclaimed, making her way over to the younger witch. Though once she spotted the man, the older woman froze, her eyes finding Elektra's who, in turn, gave her a nod. No one had to know about the mysterious man.

"Thank you, Danae." Elektra said with a smirk, going back to the changing room, the ladies following along. As the witch changed out of the green gown and into the new one, she allowed herself some time to think. Alexei used to be on of her classmates, yet she couldn't recall a single thing about him, something that Elektra didn't really like. But was it safe to allow herself to learn more about him? Definitely no. At least... not patently. No, if she wanted to keep any sort of contact with the man, it had to be secretly.

Once the gown was on, Elektra came back out, placing herself in front of the mirror, and smiling. Finally, a dress that didn't look that bad. "Is this better?" Danae asked, causing Elektra to give her a small smile. "Well, let's see!" Elektra exclaimed, turning to look at Alexei, who was obviously not giving a single care about them. Yet. "What do you think, Mister Corvanelo? Does burgundy suit me better than green? Or should I try another color?"
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PostSubject: Re: Unexpected Meetings [Alexei]   

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Unexpected Meetings [Alexei]
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