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 Lux Heather Bailey

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PostSubject: Lux Heather Bailey   Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:22 pm


Full Name: Lux Heather Bailey
Age: 14
Date of birth: 26 January 2002
Birthplace: Sitka, Alaska
Current home: Hogwarts
Blood Status: Halfblood
Sexual Alignment: Straight
Wand type: (10½ inches, Phoenix Feather, Yew)


Hair colour and style: Long, dark brown, with blonde, pink, blue, green or purple front highlights depending on her mood.
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5’ 3”
Body type: Slim
Dress sense: Slightly gothic but fashionable. Anything dark themed. Favours combat boots


Birthmarks: -
Tattoos: Rebel star tattoo on underside of right forearm
Scars: -
Piercings: One on her left eyebrow and one on the nose


Likes: Scissors, being scary, coffee, getting revenge, horror themes, being alone
Dislikes: Anything happy, when girls wear skirts over jeans, birthdays (except her own), milk
Strengths: Problem solving skills, getting out of sticky situations, quick-thinking, accomplishing goals
Weaknesses: Her hidden insecurities, her image and reputation, her past
Positive traits: Intelligence, loyal, creative, hardworking, independent
Negative traits:  Extremely rebellious, trust issues, revengeful, intensely stubborn


Lux grew up in a large orphanage with a few hundred other girls. She never knew her birth parents or the reason why they left her at the doorsteps of the orphanage in the middle of a harsh winter. None of the kids there got the love and attention they needed and craved. Lux grew up in an environment where she had to look out for herself or suffer the consequences.  One mistake of trusting another girl made her build tough walls around herself, not letting anyone close enough to know her. She became the girl that the rest looked up to for being independent and unafraid and became the unofficial leader.

She was adopted multiple times and had a total of thirty-two foster homes, staying anywhere between three days and four months at each home. In between homes, she stayed at the orphanage. When she turned ten, the adoptions grinded to a halt. No one wanted to adopt her after hearing stories of the mischief and trouble she caused at every home. She was even indirectly responsible for making one of her foster parents get a divorce.

Although she was the tough girl that the rest obeyed and no one dared cross, Lux just wanted a place to belong. Her magical abilities surfaced when she was six years old when she inadvertently summoned a set of keys across the living room of the foster home she was trying to escape in the middle of the night. Ever since then, she tried to find out the extent of her abilities and when they worked, disappointed to realise she couldn’t use them when she wanted and they only surfaced when her emotions were high and she wasn’t consciously trying to use it.

She kept her magic relatively hidden in the orphanage, her foster homes and her kindergarten and primary school. When she turned eleven and a member of the local wizarding school came to the principle of the orphanage with her acceptance letter, Lux was beyond thrilled and ecstatic and chose to go to Hogwarts. She had no problem leaving the orphanage, having not made any close connections with the other girls though she knew most of them looked up to her. Hogwarts provided some stability in her life which helped her greatly.


Mother: Name: Unknown/ Age: Unknown/ Living or Deceased: Unknown/ Blood type or Species: Squib
Father: Name: Unknown/ Age: Unknokwn/ Living or Deceased: Unknown/ Blood type or Species: Muggle

Family Background

Nothing is known about Lux’s parents or if she has any family since no one came to claim her after she appeared on muggle news. She was about a month old and left on the orphanage doorstep wrapped in a thin blanket. The principle of the orphanage gave her a name picked from a list. Since there was no information given along with the baby, the principle assigned Lux a birthdate a month back from the day she was found.

Lux was placed in many foster homes. She stayed with the Carter family the longest – four months. She was seven years old and though she caused a lot of trouble with her rebellious attitude, the foster parents – who had no children of their own – were very patient with her. Just as she was starting to like them (and their dog), they were killed in a car crash when a drunk lorry driver collided head on. Lux was sent back to the orphanage where she determined to never let herself care for anyone ever again.

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PostSubject: Re: Lux Heather Bailey   Sun Dec 20, 2015 8:33 pm

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PostSubject: It's the Hard Knock Life (sort of AU one-shot)   Tue Mar 15, 2016 6:52 pm

Nine year old Lux


Lux hitched her backpack higher over her shoulders. School had just let out and she was grudgingly making her way back to the orphanage. She’d had a fun day, managing to prank Mr. Solufus, the history teacher, into walking around with nothing but his boxers and singlet on. It had been hilarious and her best one yet. Needless to say, the whole fourth grade class did not learn any history for the day. Of course, she managed to escape detention too because that was just how awesome she was. She grinned, remembering the looks on the other teachers’ faces when they saw Mr. Solufus. Even the kids in the older grades looked at her with admiration.

A group of girls from her class ran by her, screaming gleefully and exorbitantly happy that school was over for the day and chatting about what they were going to do next. She narrowed her eyes at them. Perfect pathetic girls. She knew a majority of the students in the public school couldn’t wait to get home once classes were done but the opposite was true for her. She loved school and hated it when the end of the day came and she had to go back to the hell hole that was the orphanage. School was a fun place, a place where she could do whatever she liked and get away with it, a place where she didn’t have to survive.

The orphanage was a nightmare in comparison. No. It wasn’t just a nightmare. It was a prison, a dungeon. It was hell. It was easy enough for the younger kids, the ones who didn’t go to school and who weren’t old enough to do chores. They were the ones who were most frequently adopted because they were cute and adorable and parents didn’t want older kids; they preferred babies and toddlers. She had been to thirty different foster homes and three orphanages. Her first orphanage was in Sitka, Alaska but when that got to full, she was dumped at another one and then finally this one in Ireland. She was always the first to be transferred, the one that everyone wanted to get rid off.

Sure, Lux understood she was hard to handle but she didn’t think it fair that the people of the world only loved the cute, innocent, boring kids. So what if she was rebellious and independent and edgier than the other kids. She made herself who she wanted to be and wasn’t about to change that. She stood up for herself, refused to be treated like a slave at the orphanage, retaliated so that the supervisors knew she wasn’t to be bullied by them and because of that, people didn’t want her? It made no sense. But she’d made up her mind. Since people didn’t want her, she would make herself ‘unwantable’.

The looming black spikes that surrounded the dilapidated orphanage came into view. It was situated in an unsavoury part of town, a slum area that none but the bravest ventured into. There was no sound of child-like laughter, and nothing but the sign that read “Bellamy’s Orphanage for GIrls” gave a hint that behind the mouldy walls were hundreds of girls. She could already spy two eight-year olds shoveling the snow off the driveway and spotted a few faces cleaning the windows from the inside. She sighed. No doubt, Bellamy had a list of chores for her to do as well.


The high-pitched cry caught her ears and she inadvertently smiled at the rose-cheeked face pressed against the black rails. Annabelle, or better known as Annie had stuck to her ever since she came to the orphanage at two years of age. Lux had tried every single trick in the book to scare the girl off but nothing worked so she resigned herself to the girl five-year-old girl that became her shadow. She waited by the gate every single day rain or shine for Lux to return from school and never left her side, refusing to sleep in any other bed but Lux’s.

“Hey, Annie,” Lux greeted as she pushed opened the gate and entered the compound, letting out a small chuckle as the little girl wrapped herself around Lux’s leg and squeezed. Lux picked her up and carried her inside, out of the cold.

She made her way up three floors to the long dim room that seventy girls slept in at night. She put Annie down, shrugged off her backpack and changed into her work clothes. Yes, she was rebellious, yes, she hated being told what to do and yes, she found pleasure in domineering the other kids so that everyone obeyed her but she wasn’t one to watch her fellow orphanies suffer through the chores and the harshness of the supervisors. Orphanies had to stick together if they wanted to survive and Lux was the only one allowed to bully the kids. If any of the other adults so much as lifted a finger against the children (which they were prone to doing) they had Lux’s wrath to face and it wasn’t pleasant.

Today she was put on diaper duty. There weren’t very many babies in the orphanage. They were always the first ones to be adopted so, at any given time, the most she had to change was five diapers. This lasted throughout the day and when the babies didn’t need diaper changing, Lux was put on laundry duty. That meant washing bed sheets, pillowcases and blankets, hanging them out to dry and putting new sheets on the bed. And there were at least three hundred beds in the orphanage. Besides that, laundry meant doing the girls’ clothes too. This part wasn’t that difficult since each girl only had three changes of clothes on average.

Through all this, five year old Annie stuck by her side, helping whenever she could until Lux had to force her to stay inside when she tried to help hang out the bedsheets in the freezing cold. Water and winter did not mix. Not for five year old girls. The last thing Lux needed on her hands was a sick toddler. But then the day was done and Lux was lying in bed, Annie snuggled into her side.


“Yes,” Lux whispered back. She’d thought the girl was fast asleep but apparently not.

“I don’t want to be here.”

“Me too, bunny. Me too.”

“They’re mean, Lux. Really mean.”

Just that day, Lux caught one of the supervisors caning a six year old girl for not wiping the tables cleanly enough. If Lux hadn’t been there, nobody would have stopped the supervisor. She’d already planned a punishment for the woman and teach her a lesson to never treat kids that way.

“I know. But I won’t let anything happen to you. I promise.”

The sound of giggling girls caught her attention and they looked out the window to see a group of kids with their parents buying hot chocolate from a stall and laughing easily. Three of them began a game of tag and the rest soon joined in.

“Why can’t we be like that?” Annie asked.

Lux grimaced. “It’s the hard knock life for us.”


“Because we’re special, Annie and normal people like them don’t know how to deal with special people like us,” Lux said.

“I don’t understand.”

“It’s like this,” Lux paused for a second to gather her thoughts.

“It’s the hard knock life, for us,” she began singing softly. “It’s the hard knock life for us. ‘Steada treated, we get tricked. ‘Steada kisses we get kicked. It’s the hard knock life.”

“I still don’t understand.”

“Got no folks to speak of, so it’s the hard knock life we hoe. Cotton blankets ‘steada wool, empty bellies, ‘steada full, it’s the hard knock life,” Lux continued. “No one’s there when your dreams at night get creepy. No one cares if you grow or if you shrink. No one cries when your eyes get wet and weepy. Santa Claus we never see..

“Who’s Santa Claus?”

“No one cares for you a smidge when you’re in an orphanage. It’s the hard knock life.”

“I sort of understand, now.”

Lux pulled Annie closer and dropped a kiss on her head. “Don’t worry about it, bunny. I’ll always be here for you.”

[OOC: Link to a version of the song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS6WVxKtVIk]]
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PostSubject: Re: Lux Heather Bailey   

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Lux Heather Bailey
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