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 Cooper Eddison Fawkes

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PostSubject: Cooper Eddison Fawkes   Mon Nov 02, 2015 2:15 am

Full Name: Cooper Eddison Fawkes
Age: 13
Date of birth: April 8th
Birthplace: London, England
Current home: London, England
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Sexual Alignment: Straight
Wand type: Dragon Heart String, Alder wood, 10 inches

Hair colour and style: Blond and straight
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 4 feet 11 inches
Body type: Slim
Dress sense: He likes t-shirts and jeans, mostly

Likes: Dogs (except small ones), Alfie, using magic, mangoes, magical creatures, sports (especially football), pranks, Halloween, Christmas, Cold weather (most specifically - October/November)
Dislikes: Being away from Alfie (though he won’t cry about it), watermelon (allergic), runes, maths, Shakespeare, being told what to do without authority, lettuce, being understimated, being manipulated/blackmailed, being seen as a "brainless pretty boy"
Strengths:  Open-minded, not school, getting himself into bad situations, sports, public speaking, making conversation, knows what he wants, lives to carpe diem, nature-lover, adventurer, defensive magic, charms, and herbology.
Weaknesses: Reading (He's a really slow reader), Potions, speaks before thinking, aggressive when angered, easily distracted, time-keeping, vengeful, compulsive, spelling. 

David and Margaret Fawkes where very simple people. David works as a plumber, and makes a decent income, and his wife Margaret works as a nurse. To find that they were pregnant was a big shocker to the Fawkes family. The two never planned on having kids, and Margaret was more scared than David, who was trying to be the optimistic of the situation. Right after the twins were born, Margaret left David without a warning. She disappeared off the face of the earth, leaving David to raise the twins by himself.

David quit his job as a plumber as he had enough money saved up to last them a little while. When the boys were 2, he started his own business, and sold stuff online. His market escalated, and he made decent money, almost enough for two incomes. He was a stay at home dad with two twins and had no idea what he was doing. He knew his kids were different from other kids, and tried to exploit them as a part of a secret talent he had as a magician. That failed, obviously, as the kids didn’t want to do what they normally did at home in front of a large crowd. Normally, the two beasts made lamps explode, and once they made a doe appear out of nowhere. David was truly impressed and even more when he got their Hogwarts letters, entailing there was a special place for special children like his.

The boys grew different personalities, and David missed them terribly when they were away. Every time they came and went to school, David noticed his boys were growing up and starting new lives. He noticed Alfie being more into books, and knowledge, and Cooper being the exact opposite. He was glad they were becoming their own persons.  Margaret never contacted the boys, or David ever again, and has no idea how special her boys are.

Mother: Margaret Fawkes, 34, Location unknown, Muggle
Father: David Fawkes, 35, Muggle
Siblings: Alfred Fawkes, 13, Muggleborn

Family Background
There’s nothing really to say about the Fawkes family. They weren’t smart, or overly dumb. They are just average muggles living average muggle lives trying to make a living. David’s side of the family was everything from shop clerk workers, to plumbers, to dumpster divers, were as Margaret’s side expected the most from her and was disappointed when she decided to marry a Fawkes. They were average everyday people trying to make a living off of what they could. Nobody knew who they were as they weren’t famous, they didn’t get high ranks in the fields they went into, and nobody really paid them any attention.
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PostSubject: Re: Cooper Eddison Fawkes   Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:40 pm

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Cooper Eddison Fawkes
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