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 School Job Claim

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The Administrator


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PostSubject: School Job Claim   Wed Dec 30, 2015 11:45 am

To those who wish to take up a position at the school, please fill in the following code for us to consider. We hope to make it fair in saying only one student character can have a role such as prefect or a Head position per handler. Please complete the code below to claim:


If you're applying to become a professor, you will need to look at this information first.

Prefects and the position of Head Girl & Head Boy will be decided by the Admins at the start of each school year. Please do not apply for the positions as you won't be considered. 

Head TeacherDaniel Jameson
Deputy Head Teacher
Astronomy ProfessorEros Vitali
Alchemy ProfessorScarlett Waters
Arithmancy Professor
Ancient Runes Professor
Care of Magical Creatures ProfessorMackenzie Faucette
CaretakerSavannah Lopez
Charms ProfessorSean Lucas Vasquez
Defence Against the Dark Arts ProfessorJake Newbury
Dueling Professor
Divination Professor
Flying Instructor
Grounds Keeper
Head Boy
Head Girl
Herbology ProfessorCaspar Loverin
Magical History ProfessorBethany Locke
Muggle Studies ProfessorBlake Mason
Potions MasterJames Balan
School Nurse/HealerCirce Mayer
Transfiguration Professor

Head of Gryffindor
Head of Hufflepuff
Head of Ravenclaw
Head of Slytherin
Gryffindor Prefect (1)Primrose Seele
Gryffindor Prefect (2)Maximillian Hollingberry
Hufflepuff Prefect (1)
Hufflepuff Prefect (2)
Ravenclaw Prefect (1)Carlotta de Santis
Ravenclaw Prefect (2)
Slytherin Prefect (1)Corbin Henderson
Slytherin Prefect (2)Lucy Waters
Gryffindor Quidditch Captain
Hufflepuff Quidditch CaptainMathew Howard
Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain
Slytherin Quidditch CaptainBriella-Ashley Myers

KeeperJoshua Abbott
(Seventh Year)
Avalon Anderson-McCarrel
(Fifth Year)
Chaser 1Primrose Seele
(Fifth Year)
Oliver Goulding
(Fourth Year)
Taylor Wilkes
(Fifth Year)
Chaser 2Martin Wright
(Fourth Year)
Chaser 3
Beater 1Mathew Howard
(Fifth Year)
Beater 2Violet Lynch
(Seventh Year)
SeekerDanny Sinclair
(Sixth Year)
Roxanne Förstner
(Fifth Year)
Briella-Ashley Myers
(Fifth Year)

Last edited by The Administrator on Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:20 am; edited 5 times in total
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Zephyr Averell

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PostSubject: Re: School Job Claim   Fri Jun 02, 2017 12:49 am

Name: Zephyr Averell
Position: Head of Slytherin
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School Job Claim
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