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 Gwendolynn Bethanne Piper

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PostSubject: Gwendolynn Bethanne Piper   Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:52 am


Full Name: Gwendolynn Bethanne Piper
Date of birth: March 26
Birthplace: New Castle, England
Current home: New Castle, England
Blood Status: Halfblood
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Wand type: 6 inches, Ebony, Unicorn hair


Hair colour and style: Gwen has long black hair, with pink highlights
Eye colour: Hazel
Height: 5'2
Body type: thin
Dress sense: Gwen is going threw a rebellious stage, and is wearing all black.


Scars: Had heart surgery when she was young, has a scar going down her chest.

Piercings: Pierced ears



Breaking the rules
Animal rights
Standing up for herself and others


Being told what to do
People using her for her money
People in general


Use of Vocabulary



Positive traits:
Out spoken

Negative traits:

Voices own opinion ALL the time
Very talkative
Tends to trust people too easily.

(3 minimum)


The Pipers, back in the day, where a rich family. They made their money by discovering treasure that a person would read about in history books. They took their adventures to great lengths, and some even died trying. That was how young Paul Piper became orphaned at 16. His parents went scooping around to find a treasure, and there was a mud slide, trapping them in a cave killing them instantly. But, they where buried with the treasure, so at least they died doing what they loved.

Paul felt that the treasure hunting business was ridiculous, so he decided to do something more practical, like ghost hunting. He became rather famous, and is known for solving mysteries all over London. He also opened his own museum of haunted artifacts that people can go and visit every single day.

Mary-Ellen Stroder worked as a diner girl most of her life, barley making ends meet to pay her bills, and raise her daughter from her first marriage, Penelope. The Stroder family lived on a farm, and were very caring and giving people. What money they didn't use on food for their own family, they gave to churches, and homless shelters and people in need. They worked for what they earned, and where very proud of the fact. They raised one daughter whom grew up to be as kind hearted as they came, Mary-Ellen. It was unfortunate when she became pregnant by a man who was in a band and planned "on making it" so he left right after, and didn't even know that Mary-Ellen was pregnant with Penelope.

Mary-Ellen and Paul met at a bar where Mary-Ellen was bartending. The attraction was of course physical on both ends, and later, the two grew to love each other and eventually married. Paul adopted Penelope as his own, and treats her like he treats his other five blood daughters even though she's not magical, and lives a normal life like Mary-Ellen.

Paul was an orphaned boy at the young age of 16. He inherited his parents large fortune when he turned 17. His grandparents raised him after that. His father had taught him to save every penny he owned. Paul was wise and listened to both his father, and grandfather and was very rich by the time he was 21. At that age, he spotted a muggle woman at a bar. He learned her name to be Mary-Ellen Stroder. She was a simple girl, having to have worked for everything she had. But when Paul promised her the world, she fell madly in love with him. Later, they married and had 5 daughters. The youngest of them being Gwendolynn Bethanne.

Gwendolynn was the problem child. Having almost died when she was young with open heart surgery, meant that Gwen had the world at her fingertips. This made her sisters very jealous, and Gwen knew it. Gwen could break all the rules, and easily blame somebody else for doing it, and never get caught. She's very intelligent with covering her own trails, and learns from other's mistakes. Mary-Ellen had no problem with their daughters being special. She liked the fact that through out the year some of them would go off to learn how to control their special magic, but she always resented them that they were more like their father than she was. Gwendolynn most of all, because she has his personality.


Mother: Mary-Ellen (Nee: Stroder) Piper / Age:45 / Living / Muggle
Father: Paul Piper/ Age:46 / Living / Half-blood
Penelope Stroder-Piper/ Age: 31/ Living/ Muggle
Helen Piper / Age: 29 / Living / half-blood
Elizabeth Piper/ Age: 28/ Living/ Half-blood
Jane Piper/ Age: 26/ Living/Half-blood
Joy Piper/ Age: 26/ Living/ Half-blood


Name: Poopy / Age:3 / Living / Horse
Name: Olive/ Age: 5/Living/ White Cat
Name: Oscar/ Age: 5/living/dog
Name: Hopper/ Age: 2/ Living/ Rabbit
Name: Cassandra/ Age: 4/ Living/ Barn Owl

Family Background

*see background*
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PostSubject: Re: Gwendolynn Bethanne Piper   Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:03 am

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PostSubject: Re: Gwendolynn Bethanne Piper   Sat Mar 05, 2016 9:48 am

Everyone was done with Gwen. She just didn't know when to stop pranking and always went too far. That's what got her kicked out of Hogwarts. The ice on the floor was just too much. But that was what Gwen wanted. She didn't mind working in a shop for the rest of her life. She had thought about getting a job at Honeydukes because it would provide her with all her pranking necessities. But her parents surprised her with saying they were going to send her to her Great Grandmas in America.

Her great grandma ran a society for young ladies club and they thought it would teach her to be a proper young lady. She was going to learn how to eat properly, not to belch at the table, to not pick her nose in front of cute boys. Everything a young lady of 15 should know how to do. But Gwendolynn was up for the challenge.

Her great grandmother didn't understand what she was up against. This was the girl who just got kicked out of the wizarding school that endured the Weasleys. She smiled as she road the plane to America. But the ocean was the last thing she saw when the plane went down. There were no survivors.
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PostSubject: Re: Gwendolynn Bethanne Piper   

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Gwendolynn Bethanne Piper
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