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 Some dreams will come true one day ( Open )

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PostSubject: Some dreams will come true one day ( Open )   Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:43 am

Ever since Ryder had came to Hogwarts, one thought remained in his mind and that was one day being able to play Quidditch and perhaps even one day becoming a professional Quidditch player since no one was ever too young to dream. The only way that dream could become a reality would be when Ryder would become a second year and he knew that very well.

The eleven year old had walked down to the Quidditch pitch to simply look around and wonder what he would experience in his second year when he was allowed to try out. Since his uncle had promised that over the summer he would buy Ryder training equipment and hire someone to help him more.

The only problem was Ryder had no clue what position he wanted to play, since he had been gifted at many types of things perhaps he could be a chaser or maybe even a beater. The young boy had ideas roaming throughout his head.

Since no one was ever too young to have a dream come true and then soon he looked around watching people practice and continued dreaming.
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PostSubject: Re: Some dreams will come true one day ( Open )   Thu Mar 10, 2016 7:02 am

It was one of those days when even the dance room felt suffocating for Lyra. She often used the room to do some stretches and occasionally, dance ballet, but today, she felt more like going for a walk around the Hogwarts grounds. After all, the weather was nice outside, and Lyra figured she could use the fresh air.

Away from the muggle word, the reality of being unable to become a prima ballerina felt even more real to her. At most, she could still be a coryphée, the leader of the corps de ballet, but she could only be the leader of the backdrops and never Giselle, Kitri or Swanhilda.

If she hadn't fallen off the stairs at seven years old, Merlin only knows where she could be now—she doubted she would have gone to Hogwarts, since the school did not appreciate the sophistication of ballet as much as Beauxbatons did. Her parents wouldn't be overly protective towards her, and she'd be the object of every danseuse's envy.

It was thoughts like this that made Lyra decide to watch the ongoing Quidditch practice. Though the rival Houses rarely practiced with one another, the non-rival ones sometimes practiced together. Blue and red shot through the sky as the Seekers dodged the Bludgers and the Chasers tried to score with the Quaffle. The hard work they put into their practice reminded Lyra of the days when she would dance nonstop, overworking herself just to be praised by her ballet masters.

The Hogwarts Quidditch players, too, must dream of competing in international tournaments someday, of the crowds below them screaming their names and waving charmed banners.

Spotting a fellow first year amidst the small audience, Lyra took a seat beside him. She could tell from the way he watched the game that he loved Quidditch with all his heart, probably as much as her love for ballet. Smiling, she turned to him. 'The Gryffindor Keeper is good, isn't she?'
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PostSubject: Re: Some dreams will come true one day ( Open )   Fri Mar 11, 2016 1:54 am

Ryder had sat back in the audience watching the game observing closely at what the players were doing, and there tactics so he knew what to do when it has come time to try out and what the captains expected. Even though his rebellious ways would sure get him kicked off at some point, even though he would not let that get in the way of his dream.

The eleven year old had continued watching the players until someone came up and distracted his train of thought and said to him that the Gryffindor keeper was good and Ryder looked at her and he said.

" Yeah she is very good, I am hoping to be like them when I try out. " smiled Ryder. Since ever since he had learned about Quidditch he had wanted to try out and maybe one day become a professional Quidditch player. He soon looked up at the girl and he smiled and he said.

" My name is Ryder by the way." as he let out his hand.
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PostSubject: Re: Some dreams will come true one day ( Open )   Sat Mar 12, 2016 4:25 am

'Lyra.' She shook Ryder's hand, glad to know that he was indeed a dreamer like himself. Though she could never get into Quidditch herself, she understood the passion people can have for the sport. Dreams and passion, after all, were things she lived for. Nothing, not even the terrible injuries she had sustained, could take that away from her.

Though the Gryffindor team was doing well, her House's team wasn't doing too badly themselves. Their Keeper was just as good as the Gryffindor girl. She enjoyed watching the Seekers in particular—they were always on the lookout for the snitch, and though Lyra had never bothered to play Quidditch herself, she could understand very well how it was like to wait for something and want it so badly.

Muggle doctors and nurses could never properly heal her, but maybe, just maybe, the doctors over at St. Mungo's could. Maybe, just maybe, she could still be a prima ballerina, still be Odette or Swanhilda.

She had to keep her hopes up, otherwise, she could spiral—and such a fall is worse than falling down the stairs.

'What position will you be trying out for, if I may ask?' Despite the pensive thoughts running through her head, Lyra's tone was light and friendly. Normally, she wasn't one to approach people randomly and make friends, but today, she felt like having a conversation with a stranger. Anything to keep her deep yearning for ballet from clawing at her insides.
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PostSubject: Re: Some dreams will come true one day ( Open )   

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Some dreams will come true one day ( Open )
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