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 Wrong Turns (Elleon)

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PostSubject: Wrong Turns (Elleon)    Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:08 am

Aiko scratched the temple of her forehead nervously, her brows furrowing as she rubbed her tummy. She felt unbelievably full from the meal the Chee Wye had prepared for her, it left her wobbly as she left the Hospital Wing. Wobbly but also refreshed and nourished properly. She figured she could take the day off from studying, just this once, what with all the extra time she'd been putting into the library and the tutoring she was signed up for with Finley. It wouldn't hurt, she thought as she continued to rub her totally full tummy, to just take a nap on the couch instead of climbing upstairs. So she settled instead for a journey to the Common Room. She decided against staying in the Hospital Wing when she saw a kid that looked deathly ill sitting in a chair instead of resting in a bed. She was just being stupid about taking care of herself, she wasn't going to die if she did it again. So after eating, she headed towards the Slytherin Common Room.

Only to find that the nap really should have been taken in the bed.

As she was walking she found herself leaning up against the walls and the railings with one hand on a form of support and the other slithered around her waist like a belt. It was more out of comfort than pain, but she was so delightfully full... She wanted to fall into a food coma immediately. However, she needed to find a safe place first. Sleeping anywhere was dangerous even in the 'safest place on Earth'. There was a forest of man-eating spiders not even an hour walk from the Institution with shifting and changing staircases, and an actual statistic for the rates of decapitation. Whoever advertised Hogwarts to fresh young minds of magic was a true genius that was for sure.

As she started to walk again, she noticed that the hallways looked less familiar and less dreary. Her brows furrowed, and not caring too much about ranking or class she called out.

"Hello, can you help me please?" She asked as she leaned herself up against a wall.
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PostSubject: Re: Wrong Turns (Elleon)    Wed Mar 30, 2016 3:30 pm

He was such a scatterbrained klutz. This wasn't the first time Elleon had left something somewhere, panicked when he couldn't find it, only to have Jelena point out that he'd left it behind. Unfortunately for him, this time round it was his precious sketchbook. The thing that was almost like a diary. Sure, not many people would understand the art on each page and the story behind it like they would understand words of a diary, but that sketchbook held some pretty personal things.

Brushing off Jelena's offer to accompany him, he left his dorm and walked as fast as he could without actually sprinting down the hallways. There was only one thing on his mind. Get that sketchbook back. He reached the dungeons where the Hufflepuff common room was located and managed to retrieve it. Flipping through the pages, he breathed out a sigh of relief as he found his art untouched and still in perfect condition. More than once, he'd had bullies vandalize his art, turning what was once a beautiful story full of emotion and expression into something that could not be rectified.

With his precious item clutched - almost cradled - in his hands, Elleon exited the common room and made his way through the dungeons - his least favourite part of the castle. But as he walked - taking a different route as a short cut - he spotted a Slytherin standing funnily. Was she...leaning on the wall? Without a second thought, Elleon turned his back on her, his heart pounding in his chest. If there was one thing Elleon was more afraid of than having his sketchbook destroyed, it was a Slytherin. They - and sometimes the Gryffindors - were the ones who usually bullied him.

Hoping to Merlin that the girl hadn't spotted him yet, he began to walk away very slowly, trying not to catch her attention with any fast movements. Totally should have taken Jelena up on her offer. Oh, dear Merlin!
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PostSubject: Re: Wrong Turns (Elleon)    Thu Mar 31, 2016 5:19 pm

Aiko didn’t suffer this much nutrition wise outside of Hogwarts; in the real world she never had any issues with eating. Usually her father was the one to keep her dietary necessities present; sometimes with protein bars, shakes, or actual meals. If not her mother would should off plenty of angry texts to remind him that she needed to eat. She’d never fainted either because of a workload, but then again that probably came with the whole ‘everything’s new!’ factor of Hogwarts and the Wizarding World in general. There were plenty of factors that went into her stress, though. She hadn’t grown up with this world. She didn’t know magic, just knew the way it felt under her fingers. Knew how whenever she got angry she saw colors surrounding her, felt energy cackling inside her, like filling a cup to the brim and then some threatening to spill over if she ever got too upset. When it finally did go off, it seemed, there was an explanation. She thanked her lucky stars she had a mentor to lend her a helping hand in Saffavina. It was hard to think that she could have grown up surrounded by magic or magical beings and she never would’ve known it if fate hadn’t led Saffa to her.

Then there was the schooling factor.

Aiko was smart, but that had to do with the one on one teaching she received with her tutor. She didn’t have to compete with hundreds, thousands, of other students. She had help and extra help at the touch of her fingers and she didn’t need to work as hard. That was a great shift in schedule. It was why she hadn’t made many friends in the three years since she’d started Hogwarts; she didn’t have time. But with the visits to the Hospital Wing and eventually the visit from Chee Wye she knew she needed to start looking out for herself if she really wanted to achieve the goals she had planned out for her.

Hey!” She shouted when the figure started to move away, more than a little at being ignored, she groaned and felt her legs give out from underneath her. She winced and snarled when her bum hit the ground, “a little help now, if you’d so please.” She snarled loudly as she closed her eyes and let out a smaller whimper at the thunderbolts of pain shooting through her legs and bum. Cripes, she thought as she let out a little exhale, should’ve stayed in the stupid Hospital Wing. She sent a silent prayer to whomever was listening that she’d get some help, whether it was the little kid that was running from her or someone else.
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PostSubject: Re: Wrong Turns (Elleon)    

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Wrong Turns (Elleon)
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